Eco-Friendly, Stylish Abode 1950s Home Remodeling

naturally fresh sitting nook furnished with contemporary accessories
Aren't you fascinated having a home that is worth to be praised for? Today we are featuring a home that takes aesthetic into higher level and embracing a person's lifetime with contemporary and modern designs. Today's featured design goes to Komal Sheth of Spaces Designed, in which the project is remodeling a home into an Eco-friendly, stylish abode. One of Spaces Designed's project was the award winning Oak-Ridge Residence, a zen infused abode with bold patterns, amusing textures, and contemporary light fixtures. The project was to completely update the 1950s ranch house with a French country interior, which was remodeled into a haven with eco-friendly materials. From this enticing, inviting entryway, let's have a closer look to this abode.
an attractive house entryway with various statues mounted on custom built rack
Smashing color entryway really invites you inside, while wall cutouts create a unique way of presenting beauty and value, the Asian inspired details on display. In addition to that, unique wall finish and mosaic plastered chair. These gives clue of the owner's personal style as well as the zen of the entire house.
a small modern bathroom design with attractive tiles and a wide window viewing the outside
This bathroom is filled with natural lights, thanks to the window. In addition to the already impressive lighting scheme, the wooden accents and mosaic tiles creates interesting focal points. Clean black lines define a modern look to the space and works great against the light hues wall.
contemporary bedroom with some details and flower curtains to ties them all beautifully
This bedroom interior features a dark light contrast and amusing transition in between. A mirrored cabinet and dark wooden furniture ties in beautifully with the sexy red settee. To complete the aesthetic, natural looks on the carpet and exclusive curtains really compliment the spaces together.
the overview of the open plan living reveals a fresh family room with a view to the garden
A stunning display of entryway takes our next step into this natural accent living room. Contemporary comfort with various of luxurious seating options provides feast for senses and beauty all the while you are embraced by beautiful lighting compositions. Fusing the natural accents including its Eco-friendly materials, this family room is filled with nature view. Glass window above the electronics calm the modernity with greens, while visual and physical access to the garden really entertain the spirit.
a beautiful scheme of a dining revealing natural accent in its neutral creamy color palette
Unique custom wall provide a space to highlight contemporary pieces that reflects the owner's personality style. Once again, maximize natural accent is presented by leaf-like dining table centerpiece and accent candles that focus your attraction to the space.
a stylish bathroom in big size includes luxury fixtures and stunning animal skin carpet
This bathroom has it all in beauty: luxury bathtub with candles, unique decorations, as well as beautiful lighting ambiance. Not to mention, the wooden cabinetry and patterned tiles.
a modern kitchen occupying one wall side completes with a kitchen island
A home transformation is a great opportunity to rebirth the house into the latest, updated space to soothe the entire family. This 1950s ranch house has taken a journey what was French interior, into the contemporary home with eco-friendly design that reflects the personality of the owner. If you are looking for another inspirational designs, you can always look for our reviews on home remodeling project.

Vibrant and Youthful Chilmark Home by Gil Walsh Interiors

lively living room design combining fun cushion patterns and attractive furniture and accessories
Another way of having fun in one's very own home has been clued before us. Using splash and pops of color can dramatically transform the space, and creating rich vibes inside home. Brought into life, these inspirational home designs are guaranteed to amuse your soul with their unique way of designing the interiors. Each of these are unique, but they have one thing in common. That is, comprised in contemporary and transitional styles with smashing use of color. Hope you enjoy.
traditional living room design with wood wall panel and exposed red ceiling
Classic interior styles are also taken into account while designing these. Client's wishes are collaborated with the Gil Walsh Interiors design uniqueness. Thus, successfully created a vibrant room scheme. Dark wood and classic black coffee table seems to fit each other while the light hues upholstery works great with abundant light.
vibrant open plan living room in white filled with fun pops of color and unique accessories and details
As if fun will never end, this open living room area looks vibrant and youthful simply by inventing with colors and space. White serve as if the canvass, while striking color makes plenty of interesting focal points. As it seem, contemporary home design beautifully ties with the classic style in this lovely family room. 
natural accents and unique contemporary dark wood chair and table
Closer look to the lounge area in the corner reveals a soothing spot perfect for a casual conversation. Not to mention, the unique wood chair design! Animal silhouette in blue and fresh yellow and green completes this beautiful living room.
beuatiful traditional style kitchen in black and white with enormous natural lights
This is where classic style in the generally contemporary home design is revealed so obviously. Abundant light and wide ways encourages great cooking experience. Complete with plenty of storage and high-end appliances, this kitchen could be what you want for your dream house. That is, if you don't mind with the mix of classic and modern, all at once!

traditional multifunction cupboard to store antiques beautiful contemporary details
Using a classic cupboard to display contemporary accessories can changes up the space into fun yet a little bit of cool. Rich patterns and colors has once again transform that corner into an inspirational home design.

Inspirational Dream House by Benning Design

this wide landscape garden is benning design exterior
If you want to have your own dream house, this one might be what you have in mind. Having an inviting house entrance, as well as rejuvenating fun rooms, these are at best depend on what you really love and passionate about. Lucky for us, today we are taking a closer look at the Rio Bonito remodel project. As we said earlier, this house has the "dream house" illustration all over. Having modern and contemporary style with lively splash of color, we are sure you'd love it too.
fresh and lively living room design with attractive wall art in this contemporary home design
Fun and entertainment is far from impossible if you have this living area. Contemporary style is applied in another level with the colorful wall art, gorgeous living area layout, and big pillows rich in colors.
open plan space covering black circular lounge by the fireplace, white lounge area and view to the lush garden
Exclusive and modern, this lounge area offers you another way of spending time in the house. The design shows it all when it comes to aesthetic, ranging from beautiful lush view, wide and free movement around, and of course, tempting living room design with some details. 
light hues bathroom having cool elegant vanities with large glass mirror wall and cool animal skin rug
Have a bath in style with this Rio Bonito contemporary bathroom. Mirrors really open up the space while contrast colors against the light hues create seamless boundary. Not to mention, the adorable animal skin rug in the center. We are sure this can be one inspirational bathroom design that you want to see for your dream house design.
contemporary kitchen design occupying wide space area having stylish marble counter top and stainless steel appliances
How about a dream kitchen design? Custom built, this contemporary kitchen occupy enough space that encourage free movement while cooking and fresh air circulation around the area. Gorgeous marble material counter top shows its exclusive look, which look as daring as the stainless steel appliances. And of course, TV for entertainment.
wide spaces that offer the view to the pool area filled with contemporary accessories
People would think of a dream house differently from another. From Benning Design, a dream house is one which fulfill the passion as well as enjoyment being around. Contemporary design illustrates the free, flowing movement of expressions, and thus it is becoming more and more popular. Abstract pieces and different way of space make-use and its uniqueness is the essence of contemporary style.
contemporary entertainment area with groovy ceiling attractive entertainment wall and racks as well as comfortable floor mounted sofa
This Rio Bonito design focuses not only on function, yet rather to style and act 'perfectionist' to aesthetics. Using maximum use of every space, including ceiling, has successfully makes a relaxing feel. Don't take our word for it. Just have a look at that gorgeous family room design. Is that a mini bar in the corner?

Eclectic and Contemporary Home Design

contemporary furniture in the cozy lounge area
We love it when we come up with inspirational interior design and can't wait to invite you to have a look! From Chicago interior designer, Erica Lugbill of Lugbill Design has invented a great idea in collaborating spaces, visuals, as well as elements in interior. With reasonably experiences in designs, Erica Lugbill has made quite a remarkable Chicago loft into a home with personality. We are interested in this loft design for its incorporating of many styles, yet still on cohesive in the entire house. So, let's take a closer look.
beautiful living room design with arts, attractive cushions and muted wall scheme
This living room have artworks as well as photography that makes interesting focal points. The contemporary table here is custom built and looks daringly great with the grey carpet. Meanwhile, the living room area is characterized by the fun cushions.
elegant bedroom in light hues accent
 A style curtain works great with light hues in the area to make a soothing resting experience. Warm and inviting, the bed is made of ivory silk and added with custom pillows and throws.
unique greek table and attractive green pendant table lamp
Closer look to the bed side reveals a Greek golden framed table and attractive details below. The textured pattern create an accent, while green table lamp makes a perfect company for the bed.
modern and warm small kitchen design
With a rather rustic style, this modern kitchen design stands out differently in the way the elements joined altogether. Wood makes a warm environment, in contrast with the stainless steel appliance. and are tied together by mosaic neutral tiles.
exposed brick wall and wood kitchen furnitures with exposed ceiling home design
A great way of presenting warm room interior is by using plenty of wood materials and this time is added with some contrasts to make an even warmer feel. Exposed brick walls shows a smashing look of rustic, transitioning smoothly with the wooden furniture. Reflective and shiny accents are then, inserted here and there for a modern twists. Each of these home interiors have one thing in common. And we'd love to call these an eclectic and contemporary home design.

An Invigorating House Interior Mixing Contemporary with Pops of Colors

cool and stylish living room with artistic details and vibrant pops of color
 A contemporary home that is more than meets the eye. This one deserve that compliments as it combines successfully several different elements and styles into a beautiful house design. Thanks to Busybee Design, before us displayed an invigorating house interior. Known as successfully having repertoire of ever 60 fully designed homes, the company projects take us into another level of providing satisfaction for home owners as well as infusing their character interior into homes.
closer look to the attractive colorful cushions and some beautiful accessories
Closer look to the corner of the family room reveals attractive colorful cushions and some contemporary details.
contemporary lamp makes a gorgeous display and futuristic center point
Fresh orange carpet makes quite a daring contrast to the darker color palette, while contemporary lamp makes a futuristic center point.
low bed design with cool black leather upholstery shows a contemporary bedroom design with unique wall decor
 Complimenting each others, calm color tones and dim lights works great in creating a serene and soothing bedroom scheme. To avoid being plain bedroom design, patterns and textures style up the area.
Another angle of the bedroom reveals a fun rug above dramatic black floor and cool mirror as well as drawers. A beautiful round pendant light soothe the precise in its dim fluorescent.

cool and classy drawer and mirror design in line with traditional flower wall pictures and contemporary details
Cool and classy drawer and mirror design and contemporary details
elegant and classy black dining with reflective accents
Cool and classy dining experience as done by the dramatic look on the white and black dining room area.
modern bedroom design with attractive green rugs and pops of colors
Just like the rest of the house, this Busybee Design project smooths the combination between the contemporary pieces with striking color. Creating a fun twist as well as creating a lovely home environment. Mirrors also added to the space for an illusion of wide area, while showing style in simplicity.

Mid Century Home Combining Rigid Modern Elements with Smooth Touches

orange makes a refreshing look to the pale muted wood materials
Here we go again, design enthusiast! We have featured many mid centuries home design, and this time, we come up with a rather unique mid century home design. Combining rigid modern elements with smooth touches, this home interiors have in fact turns out gorgeous and enviable to have. Clean lines, fresh and lively colors, enormous natural lights collaborates to compliment the space altogether while a smooth boundary between the modern and traditional infusion creates a rich textures to the home interiors. Take your time and let these photograph unfold their own stories. Hope you enjoy.
green adds a beautiful combination to the stoney room and supports the nature beautifully 
Stone-like floor look makes a daring impression on the entire house, with its reflective surface create a stunning bright room. Natural lights coming from the floor to ceiling windows compliment the elements and even this area has turned into an interesting one with its pops of green and silver. Imitates the naturals, while making a modern home interior.
beautiful color combination inside the kids bedroom and a hammock for baby
Carboard Chocolate create a traditional look, while fresh white and green works great for a simple and modern bedroom. Precise in function, a little hammock is added for a fun twist.
rigid look on clean lines with beautiful contemporary lights makes an interestingly unique family area
Clean lines supported by cute round details shows a simplicity. Smooth transition separating the dining area is done beautifully by soft wood flooring. ThHe illusion of wide space, then, works great in this actually one room made one with the rest of the living room area.
unique tilted wall in this neutral stone palette relaxing area in minimalist style furniture
Closer look to the living room area looks rather different from common living room area. It gives a certain unique sensation, with its grey and raw look on the entire area. This mid century home design makes quite a contrast with the common one, in the way the building structure made. The tilting wall sure make a lot of differences to make this house a one of a kind house design.

Inspirational Open Plan that brings out Modernity in Style

luxurious nook perfect for reading, shone by enormous light and beautiful scenery outside seen
Simplicity and beauty, are what one may expect from a modern home design. In addition to that, a home that serves more than a home -- a home that fulfill both physical and psychological. 3 Fold Design Studio have a more precise idea -- a sustainable home that is universal and modern -- to completes the two concept. That is, creating an inspirational open plan that brings out modernity in style. This latest 3 Fold Studio Design promotes modern style with a refreshing color, and inserting clean lines with Eco-friendly materials. So, let's take a closer look!
an open plan space conveyed with landscape wall art and glass wall
The illusion of open space is brought by the landscape painting and glass wall that reveals the scenery of the real nature outside. The raw wood materials create a slight difference to the one outside, thus makes a natural feel inside. Exposed beamed ceiling creates a sense of precise modern and works great with the rough stone wall. To complete the modern, lovely thin white dining chairs for the dining and lovely table centerpiece make interesting focal points.
natural wood furniture, exposed white brick makes an elegant and soothing dining area
Another angle of the dining area shows the open plan --  smooth transition between the dining area and the family room. And look at that stunning two dimension fireplace!
rectangular neutral tone tiles tie together the dark and light tones in this modern kitchen
Rectangular neutral tone tiles tie together the dark and light tones in this modern kitchen.

simple living room promoting comfort and well balanced room proportion
Living in a modern house with such a beautiful spacial look then, makes a comfortable living scheme. Or in this case, a happy and healthy psychological. Complimented by enormous wide space as done by the concept and the open view outside, as well as filled with luxury furniture to provide the comfort. Not just that, a sense of comfortableness is fulfilled when one have their personal style applied in their own home decoration.
refreshing environment brought out by the ample natural sun lights and comfortable furnishing and a view
Lively and rejuvenating, this area is the favorite area for the family for happy chit and chat.
stunning meets of different materials inside living room area in contemporary style
See the beautiful elements proportion meets in this area -- wood, stone, steel and glass -- added with fresh greens to complete the aesthetics.

A Remarkable Home Interiors with a Personality

 modern and stylish living room promoting nude arts mirror
 The idea of inserting personality into home interior has been unquestionably most of people would want for their home design. Just like this time, we can't wait to show this remarkable home interiors that brings out just that. Be inspired by this great work of Mar Silver, in which her style and love for design has leave us breathless and stunned. This gorgeous display you're about to see is her own house in Westport. Known for her ability to mix various textures, neutral earth tones, and finishes, Mar's home is a complete and natural reflection of her own personality and sense of aesthetic. So, let's take a closer look.
cool and gentleman style area with illusionary visuals
The moment you walk inside the room is when your visual and focus caught by these gorgeous art displays. Muted color palette surrounding is barely noticeable by pieces in this room, creating a focused eyes contact for them. This stylish room scheme shows her interest in art pieces and high level of aesthetics, just like the rest of the home decoration.
dining room with a style, displaying remarable picture perfect scene in silvery colors
 Mysterious woman painting, contemporary painting, and antique jar blurs elegantly integrates together with the rest of the other elements here. Modern furnishings make a contrast look to these art pieces and thus showing the beautiful mix of Mar's home interiors.
elegant and cool white master bedroom with beautiful focal point

gorgeous display of a waiting room
luxurious and natural master bathroom
 This master bathroom shows yet another way Mar presenting the aesthetic. Cohesive along the entire house interior, a stunning bathroom is designed in blur combination that join together in this modern and natural bathroom scheme.
modern chic kitchen design with clean lines and reflective surfaces for a premier look
 Simplicity and modernistic, these are the two main concept when it comes to creating a rather luxurious look into home interior and Mar knows how to make it. This modern and simple kitchen design have clean lines elements that is grounded by the round elements found in the custom windows. Wood furnishings create a distinct contrast against the counters. This make this contemporary kitchen design a one of a kind.
sitting room full of artistics contemporary chairs and table accompanied by unique silvery wall decoration
Mar put her heart and passion into every area in the house, including this waiting room. She greets her guest with a sensational wall decoration. Having both modern and traditional style, this is where she deserve the compliment of having a remarkable home interiors with a personality.