Closer look to Grandview Farm, an Eco-friendly House Design by Cushman Design Group

a beautiful scheme of the house's landscape which look so wide and greens with forest behind
What can be more rejuvenating than to have fresh nature view all around the house? That is the benefit when having a home located by the mountain or forest. The idea of healthy living style and maintaining an eco-friendly house is too hard to reject. And that is why Interiornity select this farm house into your inspiration. Thanks to Vermont interior design firm Cushman Design Group, we can review this Grandview Farm. Environmentally friendly, the house design is functional, efficient as well as providing the client's expectation to be close to nature within their home design.
Cushman Design Group's design is extraordinarily Eco-friendly, using environmental quality which are long lasting, durable, and recyclable materials. Gorgeous and solid, both the exterior and interior maintain a traditional farm style which details make it a complete, beautiful home. Exposed beamed ceiling, along with its iron creates a solid and bold home design, which doubles as an extra uniqueness inside. In addition to that, exposed stone fireplace make a natural look to the space. Wooden floor and chocolate furnishings then calm the rough effect beautifully.
The entryway is simple and traditional, showing the original barn door.
This stunning kitchen and dining scheme is done wonderfully by the combination of strong wood accents, traditional chair upholstery, and unique lighting fixtures. Warm hues provide a relaxing setting for a country breakfast. In addition to that, note the industrial lighting fixtures that adds a rustic charisma to the space.
Stainless steel and granite counter top provide a great addition to the traditional style and at the same time boost the mood for cooking.
Yet another rustic style in this home design comes before us. This steam punk inspired powder bathroom is boasted by modern lights and accent candle light. Notice how the details make an attractive, smashing design in this bathroom.
An Eco-friendly home basically is the idea of reassuring happy life that is full of natural enjoyment. Cushman Design Group knows exactly how to do it. Beside all the environmental quality invented to the interior, the firm select the best angle to view the nature and this balcony has all the awe-inspiring nature view. If you are still craving for more inspiration for home improvement, feel free to browse or even contact us. Every comments are encouraged, so please feel free to give your insights and opinion on our posts.

Vanessa DeLeon Associates brings Simple, Modern Home Design

a bright, stunning entryway that boasts fun pattern play and elegance in its soft color hues and minimal furnishings
We love it when simplicity in home meets personality. Some details to make it complete, that's the true idea of a complete, yet uncluttered home design. That is exactly what we are highlighting today, on today's Interiornity featured design. All hail goes to Vanessa DeLeon Associates, whose designs have leave us breathless. For a hint, you may have seen her amazing work on television shows namely HGTV's Generation Renovation, Back for your Buck, Designer's Challenge and even Design Star. Years of professional international design experience has lead Vanessa into specializing on Art Deco. That's what we're going to reveal today. With such an attractive spaces, it's easy to notice her style for minimalism and classic details. Here comes, Vanessa's work on this home in Edgewater, NJ:
a scheme of the living area includes the kitchen-dining and lounge area with accent wallpaper and purple carpet
An overview of the living area shows how the space is divided into several areas including the lounge, dining, and kitchen. Subtle wallpaper and glamorous purple carpet brings them together. In addition to that, lighting fixtures creates a simple luxury to the space while wood floor source a warm environment.
another angle of the living area reveals a simple entertainment media and kitchen in the corner of the house
From this angle, our focus is directed to the sexy orange chair that is the prominent color in the area. For a surprise element, duo silver contemporary chairs makes the look even more attractive without being too fussy.
closer look to the orange chair over the lounge area
Behind the chair is the kitchen area, designed to re insure simplicity and this time, even look elegant and classy. Beautiful contemporary lights hover above the dining area makes all the look dashing and modern. All the while, notice the calm color hues on the wall and the furnishings. Calm and simple, yet works great to let the rest of the elements to pops.
Round dining table can fit up to four people for a dining in style with a modern chandelier hovering above it

a simple kitchen design yet luxury with granite counter top and juxtaposed big fridge between cabinetry on the corner

classic bedroom design with beautiful thin curtains revealing windows and balcony with a city view
The bedroom reveals yet another style to the house, which is classic style. Black furnishings here make a rather Gothic bedroom design. Beauty and glamorous, the look alone makes a modern space with personality. For a finishing touch, details such as accent table lamps, throws, and classic candle pieces to style up the bedroom.
a feminine study with butterfly accent silver desk, Eiffel painting, and abstract accent carpet.
You can see Vanessa's gift in Art Deco here, especially. This study is stunning with feminine silver desk, Eiffel painting and abstract accent purple carpet. In addition to this already impressive room, wide windows reveal the city view. If you are still wondering for more inspiration, you can always check Interiornity's featured gallery. Hope you find what you are looking for, and we are please to hear some insights from you.

Unbelivably Beautiful European Inspired Home Interiors

viewing the main living room area having comfy sofas  centered to the stone exposed fireplace and beautiful chandelier
If you are searching for ideas for home improvement, we have lots of them here, in Interiornity. Here comes, a wonderful customized home by the work of VM Concept Interior Design Studio. This is not just a home with a style, but even more that it has an European architecture and design all over. Known to be luxurious, this kind of sophisticated design has been the roots of Valerie Marcus' 20 years of international design experiences.
a rectangular sofa for three decorated with four contemporary wall arts
Valerie's remarkable experience and client's expectation has been collaborated altogether into a fully customized, European inspired space that boasts luxury and glamorous style. Soft contemporary style brings relaxing and elegant uniqueness into the space, while every details have been considered thoroughly. We love how Valerie's home interior manage to combines the old and new, clean and emboss, as well as classic and traditional.
a scheme of the entire living room area shows a wooden accent and luxury
Contemporary wall arts, classic furnishings, and lighting fixtures really pops up to make elegant living room scheme. This Mediterranean style living room has gorgeous textures and luxury with custom built wood furniture. Earthly hues stretch throughout the home through textured floor while shining wood makes a wonderful contrast. In addition to those, exposed beamed ceiling above provides a strong look to the space.
dramatic dining area scheme in soft elements
Silver chairs' upholstery looks dashing under hovering light candles while checkerboard patterns provides a complete room scheme.

unique and rather gothic powder room decorated with curtains and soft plastered wall
This glamorous powder area is furnished wonderfully by accent curtains, traditional drawers, and vivid green glass wash basin.
custom built black carvings on the kitchen exhaust ventilator
A carved kitchen exhaust ventilator, juxtaposed Mediterranean inspired cabinetry and stainless steel unifies traditional style with modern features.
a workspace with strong wood accent in every furniture it has including the exposed
This stunning wood display boasts on warm and comfortable scheme, as supported with lighting fixtures. Masculine and gorgeous, this workspace is furnished with fine wooden furniture and stunning ceiling.
a special big room is utilized into a private home theater that occupies six comfy theater seatings and extra mini bar behind them
How about your own home theater? This comfortable entertainment space includes warm lighting effects, special theater seating, and a fully-equipped bar.
Thanks for reading today's Interiornity featured home interior. If you are looking for more ideas on home improvement, feel free to browse our web. And please, every opinions are much appreciated. Feel free to comments on our posts. Have a blast day!

Experiencing Life through Functional Spaces and History : Inspirational Home Design

the backyard of the house is a big rectangle pool complete with outdoor firepit
Today, we are excited to have the opportunity to share our finding into a beautiful East Hampton home. Our latest featured inspirational home design is located in the seaside district of East Hampton, a gorgeous house that has a historical value. Chango & Co. had the challenge of maintaining the historical value of the house while providing an interior that boasted the functionality wide space and its great architecture. This house underwent major transformation as many of its walls have been demolished or merged to create an uncluttered wide space. Thus, a beautiful landscape comes to join the house's exterior and looks smashing in front:
the house is surrounded by green lush garden which boasts up the white house clearly

a big round dining table that fit up to ten people is decorated with bell chime-like lamps
A dining that fits many as well as rejuvenating to see, this one has a Chango & Co. character in it, in giving the area an alternate space's arrangement. Magnificent pendant lights over the dining room, exposed white ceiling, and the open plan space are combined to make a fine, relaxing dining experience. 
an almost all-white master bedroom furnished in ambiance
An almost all-white master bedroom is furnished in ambiance with soft filtered natural lights.
creamy bedroom accent becomes attractive with pops of color on the bed
Welcoming and comforting for every guest, this creamy hues bedroom has a fresh vibrant colors.
white kitchen occupying the length of the area complete with an additional of kitchen island
The white kitchen occupies the length of the area complete with an additional of kitchen island. Natural lights works great for a soothing dining area.
the open plan design of the living room is provided by floor to ceiling big windows
We absolutely love it when Chango & Co. play tricks to the invent the spaces, and never disappointing. This main living room area is positioned perfectly to fit the outdoor area with pool. Contemporary patterns is highlighted by the all white furniture in the area. The house remodeling project has been set from the beginning to re insure the historical value, thus comes the display of custom table lamp along with its rustic table and wood floor.
a fresh scheme of an open plan living room with airy feels and natural light

from inside, the main entry of the house is glass windows and doors with white wood frame decorated with curtains
Thank you for joining our tour today. And if you're still finding a home design that suit your style and taste, you can always browse Interiornity web. Showing you magnificent interior designer, we are also looking forward for more and more inspirational home interior designs.

De Meza + Architecture Transforms late 1800s Victorian Tower House

a custom built rounded sofa offers you a cozy converstation and city view
Today, Interiornity has a pleasure of bringing you a featured design from the city of California. Well known for their incredible architectural designs around the world, De Meza + Architecture has transformed the Daly Mansion into a gorgeous home that is full of modern accents and pops of color. Originally an 1895 Victorian Tower House, the project is focusing on transforming 2.000 footage of attic space. Underwent a major transformation, the home is now boasts stunning view of the bay and city skyline. Tour through the space and note the pops of color and the serenity of the zen home:
a bed looks beautiful with round dim lights and complete with abstract wall mounted painting
Ambiance lighting makes a great deal to highlight the wooden bed along with its minimalist design. We are taken aback by a wonder of home transformation and this time illustrated by free abstract wall art. Along with that, eye-catchy bed upholstery to ties them all up.
in front of the bed is contemporary cells and wood furniture in the corner for private office
Another angle reveals attractive pillows on the bed and the hard to miss contemporary wall art that promotes freshness and free flowing spirit. We love how De Meza is determined to create a home style that is clean, modern, and functional. Stretching wooden cabinetry clues the natural accent to provides another level of functionality. That is, a home office completes with racks to display unique pieces to show the owner's personality.
closer look to the home office reveals clean line, beautiful wood texture and modernity
Closer look to the home office reveals clean line, beautiful wood texture and some sexy reds.
minimalist bathroom in white and light hues furnished with big mirrors to open up the space
The minimalist bathroom features fantastic lighting for bathing, showering, and morning prep. A view to the mirror spoil the eyes for his and hers perfect morning routine.
clean lines on the kitchen and dining furniture works great with pops of color
One of the challenge that De Meza had to face was the invention through space while considering its complexity. With such level of difficulties, however, De Meza has successfully created a home that is filled with natural lights, and embraced by the city view. With various angles and walls, each space must be carefully designed to make the most of it. Thanks for reading our review today, and if you're looking for more home remodeling inspiration, you can always browse Interiornity's former and latest featured design. Have a blast week!

Sophisticated in Black brings Gentleman Style Interior Design

cozy grey sofa lounge inside the open plan living home office
Good day, design enthusiast! Today, Interiornity presents you yet another beautiful residence located in the towers of Sundance Square. That's right, this time's inspirational interior design takes our focus into this lovely gentleman abode. Designed by Dorothy Greenlee with countless experiences for the past thirteen years, this residence provides simplicity in style and comfort. The concept of open plan living makes this residence offers various relaxation and precise functions that is seems to fit the life of young gentleman. Have a look and see for yourself.
open plan living viewing the entire area providing cozy lounge, meeting area, and inviting wood kitchen
The simplicity in design clarifies a modern style, promoting clean lines and less fussy environment. This make it suitable for a young and fast paced people. Designed with a small office and meeting area, this condo really has it all when it comes to provide relaxing working space. We also love the pops of orange that gives the living room a refreshing vibe.
inviting wood and marble kitchen materials
The kitchen in this condo features a wood cabinetry with a granite finish on the counter top. Simple, elegant, yet still modern. This kitchen is open to the rest of the entire area, makes it accessible easily. The transitional appearance make it less empowering in the entire living room.
modern and classy black table and exclusive chairs in this home office
This small office is relaxing and free from clutter. Simplicity in design is featured here, as well as beauty as provided with the beautiful view outside. Focus on the plan as well as to work is very important to working businessman, therefore the color black is a great idea when designing a home office. Bringing gentleman style, the sophisticated in black also represents a determined self to finish a task quickly with best performance.
classy kitchenin white and marble materials inside the home office design for gentleman
Apparently not focused only for a gentleman or businessman. This condo has three bedrooms and two baths, which is quite reasonable for a small family to have. An extra space is also available besides than the main room. That is, the less strict and home office-like spaces. This kitchen, for example, brings compact appliances and storage in another level. Beside than the sophisticated black stools, the rest of the kitchen is furnished in white. Granite counter top ties them all together.
exclusive black and white rectangle tiles ties up the white and creamy wall painting for this classy kitchen design
Exclusive black and white rectangle tiles ties up the white and creamy wall painting for this classy kitchen design.
If you want to have an addition of working space in your home, you can always look for inspiration in our other posts. Some are made elegantly as an addition of a bedroom, some are fused into the living room corner, and some are even occupying only small space that is previously not used. These home office designs are ranging in flexibility and level of functions. We hope you can find your dream home office. Nonetheless, you can always look for inspirations from our daily, Interiornity's featured interior design.