Contemporary Pieces Bring Florida Residence a Muted Beauty

a scheme of unique foyer featuring a contemporary woman painting, custom wooden table and attractive carpet
Defined spaces that boasts a soothing life experiences while presenting the owner's taste and style. The foyer above clue the rest of today's featured Debra J Interiors, bringing style and uniqueness in every customized space and what the clients desire to have their dream home. Join us as we take a closer look to this dream home, filled with contemporary pieces:
dining room area having contemporary painting
"Muted beauty through designs and spaces" is what this modern house has underwent. Rattan chairs, pine cones and bamboo blinds enhance the organic, natural feel to the dining room. Creamy hues achieve an ambiance of comfort and custom contemporary painting ties the elements together.
wall art in smashing purple accent decorates the neutral hues living room
The neutral seating area speaks beauty in calm and earthly tone, giving the client a relaxing spot for a fine time. The purple wall art then, is a surprise element to the space, enhancing sparks of spirit and energy. To ties them together is when a calmer purple color coffee table and cushions come together.
minimalist wooden cabinet along with bamboo containers and sexy Marilynn Monroe face painting
Minimalist wooden cabinet along with bamboo containers and sexy Marilynn Monroe face painting brings life to this muted scheme. Contemporary details in the house construct a muted, non-speaking beauty that only speaks for themselves in a form of visual attraction.
modern wooden dining table and chairs with a chandelier and beautiful flower centerpiece
A chandelier hovers above the dining is an elegant style, while silver in the center adds platinum look to the space. Wooden accent on the dining table and chairs works great with soft filtered natural lights. Abstract color paintings brings energy and refresh the space while ties the rest of the elements.
modern white pillar bed that fit two is elegant in all white upholstery
Modern white pillar bed is elegant in all white upholstery and dark wood materials make a dashing contrast and successfully make an interesting focal point in the bedroom.

A Remarkable Home Interiors with a Personality

 modern and stylish living room promoting nude arts mirror
 The idea of inserting personality into home interior has been unquestionably most of people would want for their home design. Just like this time, we can't wait to show this remarkable home interiors that brings out just that. Be inspired by this great work of Mar Silver, in which her style and love for design has leave us breathless and stunned. This gorgeous display you're about to see is her own house in Westport. Known for her ability to mix various textures, neutral earth tones, and finishes, Mar's home is a complete and natural reflection of her own personality and sense of aesthetic. So, let's take a closer look.
cool and gentleman style area with illusionary visuals
The moment you walk inside the room is when your visual and focus caught by these gorgeous art displays. Muted color palette surrounding is barely noticeable by pieces in this room, creating a focused eyes contact for them. This stylish room scheme shows her interest in art pieces and high level of aesthetics, just like the rest of the home decoration.
dining room with a style, displaying remarable picture perfect scene in silvery colors
 Mysterious woman painting, contemporary painting, and antique jar blurs elegantly integrates together with the rest of the other elements here. Modern furnishings make a contrast look to these art pieces and thus showing the beautiful mix of Mar's home interiors.
elegant and cool white master bedroom with beautiful focal point

gorgeous display of a waiting room
luxurious and natural master bathroom
 This master bathroom shows yet another way Mar presenting the aesthetic. Cohesive along the entire house interior, a stunning bathroom is designed in blur combination that join together in this modern and natural bathroom scheme.
modern chic kitchen design with clean lines and reflective surfaces for a premier look
 Simplicity and modernistic, these are the two main concept when it comes to creating a rather luxurious look into home interior and Mar knows how to make it. This modern and simple kitchen design have clean lines elements that is grounded by the round elements found in the custom windows. Wood furnishings create a distinct contrast against the counters. This make this contemporary kitchen design a one of a kind.
sitting room full of artistics contemporary chairs and table accompanied by unique silvery wall decoration
Mar put her heart and passion into every area in the house, including this waiting room. She greets her guest with a sensational wall decoration. Having both modern and traditional style, this is where she deserve the compliment of having a remarkable home interiors with a personality.

Contemporary Pieces into Luxurious Home Interior

closer look to the living room area shows a cool blue peacock above exposed brick fireplace
A scheme of tranquil room promoting comfortable environment as well as high level of aesthetics. Who would reject that idea when it comes to house interior design? This gorgeous living room scheme is just a hint of the high level aesthetic, designed by Cole Barnett Interiors. Presenting, the San Marcos, San Diego Remodel into your inspiration. Have a look.
fresh and tranquil living room area with sectional sofa, fireplace view from upstairs
This one of a kind house design combines contemporary pieces into luxurious home interior. Dark purple palette creates a soothing nuance, and set the base for attractive pieces here. The beautiful peacock painting, golden framed mirror, as well as fireplace are attractive focal points here. All together, the combination makes a comfortable living scheme.
traditional wooden panel coffee table in the living room
Pale grey sectional sofa and modern rug makes a contrast to the dark purple floor without empowering the living room area. However, closer look to the sofa area shows an antique and rather traditional coffee table. Far from boring and attract eyes to attractive focal point in fact is the main idea.
attractive patterns and unique decoration in the family living room
Contemporary patterns and unique centerpiece decoration makes this area a great place to relax. The combination of pale color tone and striking color palette works just as great to the rest of the area. Meanwhile, navy blue wall is perfect for the foundation of black and white arts.
 cool and tranquil bedroom in calm purple and blue
Tranquility is also made by the beautiful combination inside this house interior. In psychology, blue makes a cool visual that helps in comforting and soothing to have around. The right proportion of blue gives a benefit starting from the way the vision is attracted to these pops of color. That's when the presence of striking or resembling color came in, to make these blue attractive and easy for eyes to have.
attractive round mirror and contemporary table decoration mounted on modern drawer
No corner should be left unused by the aesthetic to involved inside this house. Almost every possible corner is filled with attractive furniture and contemporary decoration, like the scheme above. However, the interior designer is careful enough not to make a fussy room. That is, not filling too many or less decoration. And also, mirrors that works great to open up more space.