Stylish Modern Home Design by the Famous Nina Garcia

stylish modern living room design
We can't wait to feature one of the famous fashion director of Marie Claire and well-known for her reputation as an international style icon, Nina Garcia. This project was finished by the help of Carlos Aparacio, showing a successful modern living scheme filled with beauty and arts. So, join us as we take a peak into this stylish modern home design
calm living room scheme, modern living room design
Luxurious silk sweeping curtains in neutral tone embrace the large windows. The pale blue walls cool up the space and looks as magnificent as the modern beige furniture
Calm living room scheme can't get more cooler with the pale blue wall paint, which serve like a painting canvass in this modern living room design. The neutral silk curtains embrace the windows, which almost occupy the height of the wall. The greens and the lovely flowers sweeten the nuance and works harmoniously with the beige furniture.
mid century modern dining room, gorgeous dining room design, multifunction dining
The large Swedish rug creates a luxurious dining room. The art wall decoration cheer up the dining room into a casual dining.
The Swedish traditional rug show the sense of traditional culture to this mid century modern dining room, while the modern essence exist in the area infuse the balance amount for tranquility. This dining room can also be great for meeting. This casual dining room holds multiple functions to get work done, as well as serving hospitality.
serene and unfussy living scheme by Nina Garcia
amazing master bedroom design with striking accessories
This grey and blue bedroom states the master bedroom in the house with its entirely carpet cover, sculptures, grey cashmere curtainsand of course, calming wall art decorations and details.
See this amazing master bedroom design, which is more than a room to end the day. The sculpture details create a modern and luxurious bedroom scheme, works great for this grey and blue bedroom. Avoid the fussy everyday routine and rest in this perfect slumber.
Nina Garcia on commenting the special spot she want
Nina Garcia closet designs full of stylish and famous brands
beautiful white bathroom design as a clear place for inspiration and mood booster
This white bathroom clarify one's mind when needed and inspirational at once. Those lovely accessories works great against the pale white scheme.
White bathroom scheme is perfect for anyone who wants a clear place for inspiration, for a great mood booster to be prepared for the day. Any color added to the room is fine, and yellow is selected, lovely with all the brown color in this modern white bathroom design.

Breathtaking Journey through Venice: Aman Canal Grande Hotel Resort

wonderful dining experience with view to the canal surrounded by venetian details
Venice is quoted as “a popular Italian travel destination and one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy”. There are much more quotes to say the beauty of the city, and I might believe that it’s okay to say this city is the most romantic city in the Europe. But traveling around the city alone, won’t be complete without really feel the culture or knowing the culture. So, what do you think if you can enjoy the ultimate fun while feeling the culture itself?
a bedroom having charming interiors with celestial themes
Something you can't miss in this master bedroom -- the Celestial themes, which are carved on the ceilings and depicting the sky and the Heavenly creatures like an angel.
The Aman Canal Grande Resort, located in this very lovely city of Venice, can give you the extra joy of historical traveling. This beautiful Venetian hotel can represent what you’d expect as you travel the city. See the majestic building design, romantic interiors, as well as charming architecture from this hotel and take a moment staring down these heavenly rooms on the hotel. Find yourself in a tour of the most romantic city.
a romantic gondola ride as the unforgettable travel through Venice
Hear the local venetian music as you walk inside the hotel. Gazing at the architectural structure of the hotel can give you a clear hint of the maximum beauty. Common Venetian interior design is featured by the Celestial themes, which portrays the higher power than man can do. The bedroom has this value as carved ceiling which depicts angels and clouds. 
having the real taste of journey in the city of Venice
Venetian interior design in the dining area having the awe-inspiring view of the Venetia city
Something you can't miss in this master bedroom -- the Celestial themes, which are carved on the ceilings and depicting the sky and the Heavenly creatures like an angel.
Another way of saying the Venetian d├ęcor is by the use of gold, silver, or metallics. They show a true character of Venetian interior design and showcased perfectly in this hotel. Without too much of a variation, the chandeliers on the dining area is nicely appear hand in hand with the golden on the wall. You can have a lunch with a view to the city. The passing boat on the canal, walking citizens, as well as night views of city lights can make your dine more pleasing and even romantic. 
modern bathroom with a view to the Venetia canal
Even a bathroom can spoil your eyes. Just look at the canal view outside and relax on that magnificent bathtub. This is not just an ordinary luxurious bathroom design you find everyday.
another way of enjoying the romantic Venetian city by relaxing on the balcony
The common traits of Venetian furniture -- clean white in contrast with darker color palette.
If you want different sensations of Venice, get upstairs and sit back to relax at the amazing city view accompanied by your loved ones. And I’m sure you won’t miss the trip through the winding canal to get a taste of Venice.

luxury library to get the taste of Venetian through words and literature
With locally made bookcase materials shows a traditional and vintage design, modern white sofa is there for your comfort. Meanwhile, you can't possibly miss the beautiful carved wall embraced with large windows and lit romantically.

You can’t miss these unique accessories, including chandeliers and thrifts in this hotel’s interior. These interesting items are at best to catch your focal point and amuse you with its historical value.