Ultraspace's One of a Kind Beach House Design

 stunning house structure showing exposed brick pillars and huge glass windows, art pieces by the main dining area
Inventing with spacial in home design to make a fresh, vibrant, and wide living area and that's exactly Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace Interiors know how to make it. Open plan living scheme then, just the right room arrangement to have when it comes to make that concept of spatial home design. In order to support the already impressive home structure, more attention to little details covering furniture and decoration are needed. That's why today we are presenting this unique beach house full of twists and attractive details.
luxurious outdoor with firepit in elegant color palette complete with stunning light effects
Elegant and luxury, this outdoor area is designed to provides fun as well as a great place to unwind in. Stone color palette shows quite the elegance while far from rigid look by the way the lights inserted into the seating. See also the outrageous home entry heading to the dining area, which outstanding by the design of the entrance.
attractive house main entry showing wood path ways, ship shapped roof and cool shallow pool in front
This unique main entry of the house gives a hint of ship inspired home design, with amusing shallow pool to make it one of a kind beach house design. This lush green entrance is welcoming with its exposed brick wall and a eye-catchy roof top. Not to mention, that see-trough wood and glass door.
gorgeous and luxurious kitchen and dining area with vibrant lights and stunning furnitures
Not your common idea of a luxurious kitchen and dining. This extravagant area have the benefit of the small harbor view as well as luxurious surrounding as done by the wood textured flooring and wall, unique yellow light breakfast table and wide open entry to the backyard. The circular elements and straight lines are collaborated to make this modern look. And those stretching and central lighting are just too impressive not to notice.
incredible entertainment room layout with plenty of glass windows
Lively entertainment area having the benefit of plenty windows arrangement. And of course, mini bar to enjoy the view outside.
luxurious master bedroom having contemporary design with its ship-shapped ceiling and open to the beach view
The extra joy of ending the days is provided by the king size bed with lighting, adorable balcony, and of course the extra wide look of the outside.

Incredible Beach House Interiors

How would you feel as you enter a house as welcoming as this foyer? Splashes of color ranging from lime, cool blue and golden are just the clue of what you're going to see from the rest of the house interiors. ERREZ Design Inc. are the one behind this gorgeous interior display, this time they're featuring a beach house with stunning prints, patterns, and cute details. Feel free to browse through this page if you're curious.
Dark wood dining table and the striking rugs make a wonderful contrast to the white in this area. Meanwhile, pops of colors gives more variation and life to the room.
An incredibly beautiful white bathroom, featuring clean and clear surfaces all round the area.
This master bathroom is what you need for inspiration. Mirrored display, marble vanity top, and abundant lights are perfect combination between space here. Every single things here are carefully selected to create this luxurious bathroom design. The use of reflective sources make a wider space illusion. Thus, the clean and soothing environment here makes an inspirational bathroom. Hey, is that the awesome photographer who took all these gorgeous images?
This stunning family room is filled with blue turquoise accessories, unique prints, and classy Morrocan lighting.
What is quite striking to the beautiful living scheme is the sea themed curtain. Blue is perfect to complete the theme, and works great with various fun motifs on the cushions. Not to mention that gorgeous antique lamp, don't you think they surprisingly suitable to each other?
These patterns and motives creates a cheerful yet soothing with its proportional balance between the dark and light in the room.
A contemporary bedroom with personal taste added to it is what everybody would long for. This one has a extra comfortable pillar bed, classic end tables and unique animal skull accessories. Stretching windows above the head bed invite warm sunlight in, while allowing fresh air at night. 
I'm sure you won't let this spot being disadvantaged on. Making this one a hangout place with friends is indeed a great idea.
Once again, beautiful wall prints has not been forgotten to decorate this classy terrace. What we may want as classy is shown by the color selection, as well as the outdoor furniture design. Beautiful carpet that suitable for the sofa and round tables are also showing cool motifs, which at the same time ties them all together.

Striking Coastal Penthouse Featuring the Coastal Warmth

lively living room scheme with pops of red and greens and also having the benefit of direct access to the balcony for the ocean view

Nowadays coastal penthouse are not just a house by the sea. The location is one thing, but when it comes to the interior design, it's the reflection of visual and nuance into home decoration. Now we are showcasing a striking coastal penthouse which has the warmth, the benefit, as well as the modern addition to the coasts.
modern electronic devices are combined with religious buddha statues that creates tranquil room scheme
How about a stunnning combination between the modern and traditional?

Maite Granda, Inc. is the one should take the credit of successfully inventing this gorgeous coastal house, featuring the striking view to the ocean with its floor to ceiling windows. When you enter the home, you are welcomed by warm textured wood doors and gorgeous entryway setting showcasing bright light, stunning floors and art abstract pieces. Hope you enjoy.
beautiful wood textured door in this lovely foyer with abstract painting
Heart-warming welcoming entryway attracts your eyes with its wood textured door, abstract paintings and stylish floor.
floor to ceiling glass door promotes a beautiful living room scheme filled with attractive accessories
Another angle of the living rooms centering the abstract red pendant light center the rest of the modern room interior.
Creamy brown palette serve the basic of warmth, while dim light setting helps just as well. This main living room is facing directly to the ocean, and the Maite Granda Inc. built the simple yet awesome balcony setting. Meanwhile, abstract pieces are scattered in the area, including sweet flowers to complete the natural environment.
lively greens for a beautiful home accessories
lively greens for a beautiful home accessories
abstract pendant light that is well suited for a contemporary house interior
Abstract pendant light that is well suited for a contemporary house interior
classic white dining room with stripes of gold and attractive wood wall decoration
In line with the rest of the stunning home interiors, this apartment provide a classic dining room in white color and elegant style.
This coastal house really is far from being called a 'typical coastal house' when it comes to the interiors. Classic white dining room serves an elegant dining along with unique wall decoration. This adds a twist to the rest of the house interior. Reflective surfaces in this area works in harmony with the stunning round pendant lights is the center beauty of this dining.
another angle of the classic white dining room reveals attractive mirror piece and another view to the harbor
Another angle of the classic white dining room reveals attractive mirror piece and another view to the harbor.
a classy nook with a view perfect with large surrounding glass windows
View to the harbor can be seen from this simple nook, which looks great day or night.
Who can resist the beauty view to be not taken advantage of? Have an epic view as well as fun snacking moments in this special nook. Modern white chairs and table and of course, someone to accompany, would be a perfect combination!
soothe and warm bedroom scheme with classy choice of furniture
The bedroom is not lacking from the warmth of the sea coast, cleverly set in chocolatey pops and added with pillows and throws for style.
Last but not least, have the ultimate rest as you end the day. You are comforted by warm nuance, thanks to the gorgeous pendant lights. Variation of patterns and brown in this area works together to create a soothing and warming environment, perfect to calm you before sleep. And if you like, you can have your own romantic spot, that is the private balcony with striking ocean view. So, what do you think?

Uniquely Oregon Coastal Interior Design

bright living room with attractive furnishings and floor to ceiling windows
Get ready for the next unforgettable journey through interior design, this time we'll take your attention to the coast of Oregon. If you want a perfect getaway, you may want to consider this beach house as one that completes your holiday. Warm room scheme, fresh air and the voices of sea breeze, the ultimate pleasure all round the house. Come and join us, into this unique coastal interior design. And it is by the talent of the one and only, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.
Jessica Helgerson Interior Desig
Jessica Helgerson Interior Desig

Wide windows allow sunlight to enter the room just enough, with the angle of the wall slightly tilted. With pops of colorful patterns and different textures, this makes a lively reading room. Especially when green livings are added to the area.
dream bedroom design with direct access to the balcony
A beautiful bedroom is now themed up and propelling with handpicked accessories, side by side to a gorgeous balcony showing the awe inspiring sea view.
This white bed faced its back against the sun, great for a nice slumber. This beautiful bedroom has direct access to the balcony, separated only by a sliding glass door. Also, notice some unique accessories in this room, ranging from cute lamp and boat paddle. These makes out the coastal theme in a fun way!
fun and relaxing balcony with unique outdoor patio to enjoy the coast
Natural colored patio, including the wood floor and wood stumps makes this coastal house made one with the nature.
Enjoying the sun bath doesn't require you to have your eyes sprinkled with sands. Instead, have it on this private balcony, who serve nothing but the best for visual pleasure. The natural colored patio allowed to aside your focal point to the breath taking ocean view, the Oregon coast.
desirable hanging day bed inside the main living area
This wonderful bed is made into a daybed that hanged from the ceiling.
This unique addition to the house is designed specially for the owner. Placed on the central area, this elegant white bed is looked as daringly gorgeous with the rest of the naturals scheme in this room. The L sofa design is meant to have one face the exposed brick walls or the amazing ocean view outside.
dining room with interesting centerpieces surrounded by enormous light
Natural color tones adorned the beautiful chandeliers, which reflects the beauty of the view inside.
Flat and straight minimalist dinner table allows light travels maximally and creates a healthy and fresh air circulation throughout the area. The coastal theme doesn't missed in this room with the available view accessible while dining. Glass and plenty of windows free eyes from obstruction when enjoying the sea view outside, as well allowing fresh air inside.
relaxing hammock and camp site with fire pit and unique outdoor seatings
Hammocks and fire pit are just the things to complete your outdoor activities.
Having outdoor activities can't be more complete with these, the sweet white hammock and a fire pit complete with natural wood-chopped seating. This coastal house design is just the thing for a perfect getaway, don't you think?

Gorgeous Beach House by Tim Clarke Interior Design

beach style living room beautiful in simple style
 This time we can't wait to invite you on a tour to see yet another gorgeous house design by the Tim Clarke Interior Design. Their experiences and pioneer as the pioneer in coastal design has been undoubted as this time's featured gorgeous beach house design! Let's have a look.

Filling the room with wood furniture, this beach house is not only your everyday sensation of the coast, it's also where you'd like to spend your holiday in. Raw wood materials are meant to make a humble, and rather attractive look on the living room scheme.
sea themed furniture, Tim Clarke room design
A representation of the ocean and its beaches, displaying sea shell lamp and blue color bedroom scheme.
Dark color tone works great against the sea themed furniture as well as the entire room design. Pale and dark blue is added to the area to make cooler living scheme as well as representing the ocean and its beaches. Warm sun lights are just the thing to light up this blue color bedroom, joining the cool air visual as well.
beautiful and comfortable coastal characteristic with living greens
A beautiful and comfortable coastal characteristic is not complete without a nice addition of living greens as well as warming brick exposed fireplace.
coastal theme design, rustic beach style furnishings
Locally sourced materials and objects of the coast is filling the inside of the interiors, cherished by vintage pieces as well.
Creamy colored wall is great for a fresh and lively space, added with high cellar for maximum air circulation. The round elements are presented with the big circle ceiling wall above. The exposed bricks is also painted with resembling color to the wall and still manage to catch visual attraction. Undoubtedly, living greens are popped here and there in suitable proportion. Promoting the coastal theme design, rustic style can also be seen on the raw wood material and the vintage look of that blue cupboard.

modern stainless appliances, coastal home interiors
Stainless Steel appliances works great for any home, including this one, which looks great on this modern coastal home interiors.
Here is another way of representing the ocean. Instead of showing the rustic style in the room, this contemporary kitchen design is focused on creating a cool room scheme. Stainless steel appliances works gorgeously with the wood floor, while marble counter top create a modern twist to it. Shiny and mirrored surfaces are just the thing to carry out the coastal theme, especially in blue.
Tim Clarke Design upon commenting about the essence of a perfect beach house
palm trees and bamboo inside the house interiors
Palm trees and bamboo inside this modern house creates a refreshing green visuals as well as mentally boast moods.
What more can be more propelling than to add these beautiful trees inside? They attract and entertain your visual and even more, psychologically. Place it by the living room area, and you can feel the sensation of laying down on the beach and shadowed by the palm tree. Another way works great too, when this interior design team put a bamboo tree inside the also-themed bathroom. Added with that unique round window and stoned wall design, for your soothing bathroom experience.
dream balcony to enjoy the sea breeze sound of the wave and awe inspiring sea view
Enjoy the sea breeze, the sound of the wave, as well as the awe inspiring sea view.
This one can't be missed, a place to relax and enjoy the ocean scheme! With another clever way of arranging the patio, a private time to calm down from stress or escape life's reality for a moment. So, what do you think?