Regal Palace Style Home by Yawn Design Studio

view from the garden filled with vivid flora and clues a palace style home design
Elegance, before our eyes, has surpassed our expectation when it comes to a private home. Living inside a home that provides luxury way beyond the ordinary. We have the opportunity today to show you this magnificent work by Yawn Design Studio. Established in 2003 combining both Shanan and Bruce's gift, they have created a design that is brought to life and tell each character and story of the clients ever since. This recent project brings The Tillinghast Estate in Florida into luxury and classy living style, combining both gorgeous interior details and the client's personal request. Join the tour in this subtle palace style home:
unbelievably beautiful house house interior in white with stunning details on the furnishings, pillars and ceiling
We are taken aback by this pure beauty, probably we say the word pure because of its elegance and clue the most origin state of all. White furnishings have undoubfully created this wonderful scheme. Ranging from muted furnishings, accent pillars, and intricately made ceiling, these are the best. To provide even more awe-inspiring space, that's when the wooden flooring play comes in hand.
a wonderful white and wooden finish stairs with luxury chandelier hovering above
Another steps take our steps into yet another elegant home interior. That is what this stairs give a hint for. Its design is already impressive and looks complete with big luxury chandelier and big ventilation for a natural light. Not to mention, the wooden paneling is customized for the space.
modern white bathroom with beautiful vanity counter and big windows that provides natural lights and view
a cozy lounge and dining area open to the garden have white accent and rattan furniture
Every details are already accounted for by Yawn Design Studio when they created this casual lounge area. Perfect to treat any guests, rattan furniture and its upholstery make a unique and suitable accent for the garden. Light hues flooring with pattern enrich the space as well as ties the entire interior together.
the kitchen is also furnished in white and light hues in simple and elegance style
The kitchen is also furnished in white and light hues in simple and elegance style.

Vibrant and Youthful Chilmark Home by Gil Walsh Interiors

lively living room design combining fun cushion patterns and attractive furniture and accessories
Another way of having fun in one's very own home has been clued before us. Using splash and pops of color can dramatically transform the space, and creating rich vibes inside home. Brought into life, these inspirational home designs are guaranteed to amuse your soul with their unique way of designing the interiors. Each of these are unique, but they have one thing in common. That is, comprised in contemporary and transitional styles with smashing use of color. Hope you enjoy.
traditional living room design with wood wall panel and exposed red ceiling
Classic interior styles are also taken into account while designing these. Client's wishes are collaborated with the Gil Walsh Interiors design uniqueness. Thus, successfully created a vibrant room scheme. Dark wood and classic black coffee table seems to fit each other while the light hues upholstery works great with abundant light.
vibrant open plan living room in white filled with fun pops of color and unique accessories and details
As if fun will never end, this open living room area looks vibrant and youthful simply by inventing with colors and space. White serve as if the canvass, while striking color makes plenty of interesting focal points. As it seem, contemporary home design beautifully ties with the classic style in this lovely family room. 
natural accents and unique contemporary dark wood chair and table
Closer look to the lounge area in the corner reveals a soothing spot perfect for a casual conversation. Not to mention, the unique wood chair design! Animal silhouette in blue and fresh yellow and green completes this beautiful living room.
beuatiful traditional style kitchen in black and white with enormous natural lights
This is where classic style in the generally contemporary home design is revealed so obviously. Abundant light and wide ways encourages great cooking experience. Complete with plenty of storage and high-end appliances, this kitchen could be what you want for your dream house. That is, if you don't mind with the mix of classic and modern, all at once!

traditional multifunction cupboard to store antiques beautiful contemporary details
Using a classic cupboard to display contemporary accessories can changes up the space into fun yet a little bit of cool. Rich patterns and colors has once again transform that corner into an inspirational home design.

Makeover 1960's Home Transformation into Full Indoor and Outdoor Living Experience

an addition of pool area, green garden to the house renovation , and the overview of the new house design from outside
A dream house that ensure you living experiences that goes beyond its function. Refreshing mind and rejuvenating energy as well as providing more satisfaction than you already get from your home. Introducing, a 1960's house which went through a tremendous transformation from the outdated home design into a house that provides full indoor and outdoor living experience. Roshington Architecture is the mind master behind the home renovation project, creating a brand new home that has an East Coast feel, an open space plan and stunning landscape design to provide the clients both indoor and outdoor experiences.
attractive curving entry way to the house
Attractive curving entry way to the house shows a welcoming sensation.
gorgeous display of a kitchen and dining area in modern style filled with high end appliances, beautiful furniture, and lamps
Not your everyday kind of modern kitchen, this one have you surrounded by calm lighting arrangement in line with the natural lights. Modern white kitchen furniture in the area makes just as soothing look, great for cooking or simply just the place to hang out with the family.
master bedroom in bright light thanks to the glass roof on the center of the room
Keeping with the rest of the house, this bathroom has a neutral color hues, simple clean lines on the design, and natural sun lights filling the area. Marble counter top makes a modern look, while giving a slight combination to the neutral tone color. Coming from at least two different directions, the light makes this bathroom an interesting scheme.
modern outdoor patio design with beautiful furniture and gorgeous fireplace
This great outdoor lounge area must be your favorite too, cause we just can't resist the charm of this area. The landscape view is amazing, and the fireplace is too good to be missed when having family gathering or a party. Modern patio also looks perfect with its materials and color to mix blend with the rest of the garden.
special room for the grand piano
Even this area is not lacking in inviting look. Wood floor creates a warm and comfortable scene, in contrast with the neutral wall. Calm lights as provided by the round lamp makes the grand piano focused in visual. Elegant and gorgeous, the exclusive area carpet completes the aesthetics.

Fusing Classic and Contemporary : Hotel Interior Design

cool gentleman living room with stunning fireplace in the center and beautiful modern chandelier
Are you seeing a house interior right now as you read this? Or did you not believe the title? Be stunned, because this time we are presenting a hotel interior design. What makes you rather sidetrack is because this hotel is in fact designed by Philippe Ho, the founder of Studio 8, who this time explore his vision into a hotel scheme that feels like a home.
beautiful and classy in white foyer with interesting crest table style and stunning white chandelier
As we walk into this hotel, we can't help but notice this beautiful foyer. Black looks daringly cool against the rest of the classy modern accessories here. In case you haven't notice, the mix of classic and contemporary is done by the antique crest lock against the objects it contains. Not to mention, the dark wood frame of the big mirror.

classic and modern minimalist small workspace with pops of color
This hotel is suitable also for business gentleman, in the way it provides a soothing and private work space. Beautiful pieces are placed here and there but not too fussy that it can be distracting. In addition to cool room atmosphere, the pops of color adds lively nuance for comfort.
classy and elegant luxury bedroom design promoting beautiful dim lights and warm room environment
Luxurious bedroom design is complete by the addition of art pieces, in which they are classic as shown by the painting and contemporary as reflected by the silver wall decoration. Beautiful pendant light create a serene resting room with their dim light.
classy and luxury bathroom having marble counter top and gorgeous duo green plants
Who can resist this gorgeous bathroom? Luxury marble counter top works great with the interiors in this room. That is, creamy orange palette. The contemporary color painting complete this bathroom aesthetic with its calming look.
cool and classy in black and cream white living room with classy glass accessories
Gorgeous living area design that resembles a home. This living room design also looks perfect for a gentleman.
cosmopolitan inspired dining room with stunning city wall pictures
Cosmopolitan wall decoration creates an illusion of luxury dining with a city view.

Lively but Elegant Rooms Scheme

Studio C living room design -- optimizing warm color tone to create a comfortable living space.
Who would have a doubt that a home is where your heart at? This saying goes with everybody, or at least, mostly are. What we call as a home is where we live at and see every single day. That’s why people are trying to have the most comfortable, not only beautiful, home interior design.
Creamy colored furniture works great with rough stone fireplace. Meanwhile, calm red in the room creates energy, finished with the lights from the windows.
 I used to live in a house where things go smooth, but later on I found myself leapt as I feel calming room scheme at my friend’s house. Besides soothing and calming, I can feel the cheerfulness of the room as well as the fancy high-end living style there. So, what makes a home room scheme become lively, yet elegant at the same time? 
The overall of the room is a combination between clean lines and circular elements. Flat color blocks are avoided with the various patterns.
Have a look at this beautiful interior design, known as the Studio C interiors. Feel the ease of being inside the living room area, for example. Soft green relaxes physical as well as mental, which is perfect for living room color scheme. Eclectic accessories with mosaic’s pattern adds twist to the space and attract fun impressions. 
Magnificent sculpture, expensive Gucci, and wide spread scenery paintings creates quite the impressive kitchen and dining room.
I’m sure you are interested to the dining area, which simply to say, welcome you with its stunning dining room design. Warm nuance is helped by the beautiful pendant lights hanging low and supported by fancy wood flooring. Whether it’s the lovely accessories arrangement, modern kitchen layout design, or the unity of the entire kitchen and dining space, you can always find this lovely area as your second favorite room in the house. 
A cool color palette, mirrored accents, and windows create a calming atmosphere.
After having a look at the previous rooms, I can see a little bit of an alternate regarding the room design. The living room, specifically, shows a great work of interior art design. The combination between the soft and the a-little-bit-rough surfaces as well as the plain and the patterned fabrics stimulates our buoys emotions. Lovely soft reds on the cushions and sofa pops the soul of the room, while easy natural lights reach the interior gorgeously through the thin curtains.
Pillow and textures in different colors and patterns, abstract wall decoration makes a complete living room soothing.
If you take a look on the entire house generally, you can see how smart the rooms are combining traditional and contemporary style. Each arrangement, style, including the accessories is set in a clever way for maximum comfort on the physical and psychological. So, it is fair to say this stunning interior design is done by one of the most professional interior designer, the Studio C.