Vanessa DeLeon Associates brings Simple, Modern Home Design

a bright, stunning entryway that boasts fun pattern play and elegance in its soft color hues and minimal furnishings
We love it when simplicity in home meets personality. Some details to make it complete, that's the true idea of a complete, yet uncluttered home design. That is exactly what we are highlighting today, on today's Interiornity featured design. All hail goes to Vanessa DeLeon Associates, whose designs have leave us breathless. For a hint, you may have seen her amazing work on television shows namely HGTV's Generation Renovation, Back for your Buck, Designer's Challenge and even Design Star. Years of professional international design experience has lead Vanessa into specializing on Art Deco. That's what we're going to reveal today. With such an attractive spaces, it's easy to notice her style for minimalism and classic details. Here comes, Vanessa's work on this home in Edgewater, NJ:
a scheme of the living area includes the kitchen-dining and lounge area with accent wallpaper and purple carpet
An overview of the living area shows how the space is divided into several areas including the lounge, dining, and kitchen. Subtle wallpaper and glamorous purple carpet brings them together. In addition to that, lighting fixtures creates a simple luxury to the space while wood floor source a warm environment.
another angle of the living area reveals a simple entertainment media and kitchen in the corner of the house
From this angle, our focus is directed to the sexy orange chair that is the prominent color in the area. For a surprise element, duo silver contemporary chairs makes the look even more attractive without being too fussy.
closer look to the orange chair over the lounge area
Behind the chair is the kitchen area, designed to re insure simplicity and this time, even look elegant and classy. Beautiful contemporary lights hover above the dining area makes all the look dashing and modern. All the while, notice the calm color hues on the wall and the furnishings. Calm and simple, yet works great to let the rest of the elements to pops.
Round dining table can fit up to four people for a dining in style with a modern chandelier hovering above it

a simple kitchen design yet luxury with granite counter top and juxtaposed big fridge between cabinetry on the corner

classic bedroom design with beautiful thin curtains revealing windows and balcony with a city view
The bedroom reveals yet another style to the house, which is classic style. Black furnishings here make a rather Gothic bedroom design. Beauty and glamorous, the look alone makes a modern space with personality. For a finishing touch, details such as accent table lamps, throws, and classic candle pieces to style up the bedroom.
a feminine study with butterfly accent silver desk, Eiffel painting, and abstract accent carpet.
You can see Vanessa's gift in Art Deco here, especially. This study is stunning with feminine silver desk, Eiffel painting and abstract accent purple carpet. In addition to this already impressive room, wide windows reveal the city view. If you are still wondering for more inspiration, you can always check Interiornity's featured gallery. Hope you find what you are looking for, and we are please to hear some insights from you.

Experiencing Life through Functional Spaces and History : Inspirational Home Design

the backyard of the house is a big rectangle pool complete with outdoor firepit
Today, we are excited to have the opportunity to share our finding into a beautiful East Hampton home. Our latest featured inspirational home design is located in the seaside district of East Hampton, a gorgeous house that has a historical value. Chango & Co. had the challenge of maintaining the historical value of the house while providing an interior that boasted the functionality wide space and its great architecture. This house underwent major transformation as many of its walls have been demolished or merged to create an uncluttered wide space. Thus, a beautiful landscape comes to join the house's exterior and looks smashing in front:
the house is surrounded by green lush garden which boasts up the white house clearly

a big round dining table that fit up to ten people is decorated with bell chime-like lamps
A dining that fits many as well as rejuvenating to see, this one has a Chango & Co. character in it, in giving the area an alternate space's arrangement. Magnificent pendant lights over the dining room, exposed white ceiling, and the open plan space are combined to make a fine, relaxing dining experience. 
an almost all-white master bedroom furnished in ambiance
An almost all-white master bedroom is furnished in ambiance with soft filtered natural lights.
creamy bedroom accent becomes attractive with pops of color on the bed
Welcoming and comforting for every guest, this creamy hues bedroom has a fresh vibrant colors.
white kitchen occupying the length of the area complete with an additional of kitchen island
The white kitchen occupies the length of the area complete with an additional of kitchen island. Natural lights works great for a soothing dining area.
the open plan design of the living room is provided by floor to ceiling big windows
We absolutely love it when Chango & Co. play tricks to the invent the spaces, and never disappointing. This main living room area is positioned perfectly to fit the outdoor area with pool. Contemporary patterns is highlighted by the all white furniture in the area. The house remodeling project has been set from the beginning to re insure the historical value, thus comes the display of custom table lamp along with its rustic table and wood floor.
a fresh scheme of an open plan living room with airy feels and natural light

from inside, the main entry of the house is glass windows and doors with white wood frame decorated with curtains
Thank you for joining our tour today. And if you're still finding a home design that suit your style and taste, you can always browse Interiornity web. Showing you magnificent interior designer, we are also looking forward for more and more inspirational home interior designs.

Eclectic and Contemporary Home Design

contemporary furniture in the cozy lounge area
We love it when we come up with inspirational interior design and can't wait to invite you to have a look! From Chicago interior designer, Erica Lugbill of Lugbill Design has invented a great idea in collaborating spaces, visuals, as well as elements in interior. With reasonably experiences in designs, Erica Lugbill has made quite a remarkable Chicago loft into a home with personality. We are interested in this loft design for its incorporating of many styles, yet still on cohesive in the entire house. So, let's take a closer look.
beautiful living room design with arts, attractive cushions and muted wall scheme
This living room have artworks as well as photography that makes interesting focal points. The contemporary table here is custom built and looks daringly great with the grey carpet. Meanwhile, the living room area is characterized by the fun cushions.
elegant bedroom in light hues accent
 A style curtain works great with light hues in the area to make a soothing resting experience. Warm and inviting, the bed is made of ivory silk and added with custom pillows and throws.
unique greek table and attractive green pendant table lamp
Closer look to the bed side reveals a Greek golden framed table and attractive details below. The textured pattern create an accent, while green table lamp makes a perfect company for the bed.
modern and warm small kitchen design
With a rather rustic style, this modern kitchen design stands out differently in the way the elements joined altogether. Wood makes a warm environment, in contrast with the stainless steel appliance. and are tied together by mosaic neutral tiles.
exposed brick wall and wood kitchen furnitures with exposed ceiling home design
A great way of presenting warm room interior is by using plenty of wood materials and this time is added with some contrasts to make an even warmer feel. Exposed brick walls shows a smashing look of rustic, transitioning smoothly with the wooden furniture. Reflective and shiny accents are then, inserted here and there for a modern twists. Each of these home interiors have one thing in common. And we'd love to call these an eclectic and contemporary home design.

Promoting Culture into Home Interiors

luxury and unique cultural infused living room scheme in blue and white
A house is where the owner heart is. Or in this case, a house that shows the personality of the house owner and habitant. Don't hesitate to browse till the end of the page, for we are bringing you this culture infused home, designed by Sherrill Canet Interiors, LTD. Determined to present the unique and identity of home interior, the company has the basic idea of promoting culture into home interior.
classy cupboard on the living room accomodating beautiful asian gucci vases
Closer look to the classy cupboard shows antique gucci vasses above and looks beautiful in various styles.
classy and antique carved door handles

luxury foyer design look striking with its wood patterned desk and serene details
As you enter the house, you are welcomed by a stunning foyer. Gorgeous foyer desk in patterned wood material works great with beautiful artistic details. Meanwhile, modern blue and white carpet ties the area together.
unusual coffee table design showing a blue glass patterned surface

luxury dining room design with a unique futuristic chandelier
Thanks to the gorgeous dining area, this regal look combined by the light and visual elements. Reflective wood dining table shows a remarkably modern look, while the light is calmed by the whites in this area. What make this dining room design is unique can be seen from the futuristic chandelier. It center the rest of the modern as well as classic of the area. Thus, creating a picture perfect look when being photographed.
chinese line pattern and modern abstract painting makes a beautiful room scheme
This is what we meant earlier by promoting the culture. Unique Chinese never-ending line patterns in this area shows it all. It is believed to have a deep meaning when it comes to the luck, joy and blessing. Sherrill Canet Interiors, LTD. made no mistake when they present the patterns, serving both serene living scheme and of course, meeting the client's request.
soothing bedroom design in blue and white with atractive sun shaped center
Blue and white color palette works great to create a relaxing and serene room environment. It is unquestionably true to serve good purpose for psychology as well as aesthetics, all at once. The bedroom is not lacking in style, yet rather more proud to promote the personal taste of the home owner. Luxury blue and white bed placed between duo objects center the attention to the bed. Meanwhile, stunning -- and probably expensive -- blue carpet complete what this bedroom need. That is, comfort and warmness.

Incredible Beach House Interiors

How would you feel as you enter a house as welcoming as this foyer? Splashes of color ranging from lime, cool blue and golden are just the clue of what you're going to see from the rest of the house interiors. ERREZ Design Inc. are the one behind this gorgeous interior display, this time they're featuring a beach house with stunning prints, patterns, and cute details. Feel free to browse through this page if you're curious.
Dark wood dining table and the striking rugs make a wonderful contrast to the white in this area. Meanwhile, pops of colors gives more variation and life to the room.
An incredibly beautiful white bathroom, featuring clean and clear surfaces all round the area.
This master bathroom is what you need for inspiration. Mirrored display, marble vanity top, and abundant lights are perfect combination between space here. Every single things here are carefully selected to create this luxurious bathroom design. The use of reflective sources make a wider space illusion. Thus, the clean and soothing environment here makes an inspirational bathroom. Hey, is that the awesome photographer who took all these gorgeous images?
This stunning family room is filled with blue turquoise accessories, unique prints, and classy Morrocan lighting.
What is quite striking to the beautiful living scheme is the sea themed curtain. Blue is perfect to complete the theme, and works great with various fun motifs on the cushions. Not to mention that gorgeous antique lamp, don't you think they surprisingly suitable to each other?
These patterns and motives creates a cheerful yet soothing with its proportional balance between the dark and light in the room.
A contemporary bedroom with personal taste added to it is what everybody would long for. This one has a extra comfortable pillar bed, classic end tables and unique animal skull accessories. Stretching windows above the head bed invite warm sunlight in, while allowing fresh air at night. 
I'm sure you won't let this spot being disadvantaged on. Making this one a hangout place with friends is indeed a great idea.
Once again, beautiful wall prints has not been forgotten to decorate this classy terrace. What we may want as classy is shown by the color selection, as well as the outdoor furniture design. Beautiful carpet that suitable for the sofa and round tables are also showing cool motifs, which at the same time ties them all together.

House Remodeling Project: A Stunning House with a Personal Style

a perfect combination between space and spatial illusion to create a modern living room
If you are one to search for an inspirational house remodeling project, then you won't miss this stunning house. Built in Lakeway, Texas, by Van Wicklen design, this house takes your heart away with its stunning details, the combination between classic and modern touches, and unique home accessories selections. A muted color scheme as well as creamy colored tone sets a warm nuance, which is comfortable for living.
Even the guest bedroom is not lack in taste, with muted color scheme and interesting pillows add a personal style.
built home in Lakeway, Texas is one to
Dark wood materials sets an even warm tone, while dark furniture stand gorgeously against the light colored furniture, including those turquoise details. With thin framed glass windows and door which occupy wide space of the wall, this room has the benefit of natural sun light and dramatic with the lighting. Different textures complete the scheme, and works great with the shiny surfaces all around the house.
beautiful and striking kitchen and dining design with a mix of classic and modern style
Wood details warm up this white dining area, and the concept of open floor plan gives of an even bigger space.
That stunning chandeliers above and up the dining table showed the classic, as well as the chairs and some of the accessories in this room. This dining area, however, have the infusion of modern twist by the existence of high end kitchen appliances. The open floor plan is perfect for satisfying bigger illusion as well as displaying the entire area gorgeously.
fine kitchen island which doubles as breakfast table
High end appliances fit perfectly with the kitchen counters and racks, while kitchen island doubles as breakfast table makes a beautiful modern kitchen scheme.
Sets on the corner of the entire kitchen and dining area, this stunning little kitchen gourmet have its own unique style with the visible old wood door on the back.
stylish bedroom with dramatic lighting for maximum sleeping comfort
This magnificent master bedroom sets the soul of the house, with carefully chosen accessories, just like in any other rooms in the house.
Turquoise is apparently pops here and there in the house, including this master bedroom. With the rest of unique pieces seen, it can be said every details are carefully planned and every accessories are considered before filling the rooms. In this master bedroom, the accessories are chosen to create an elegant bedroom design, rich in taste and fashionable at once.
double bathroom design centered in round rugs
Double arrangements in balanced proportion, circle rug and a gorgeous bathtub makes this master bathroom a sanctuary of peace and relaxation.
The house remodeling project also shown major success in creating a room with Feng Shui, especially creating a warm living scheme for a peaceful and comfortable living space. Balanced proportion between elements are what the essence of the world of interior design tried to say, and this time successfully carried out by the Van Wicklen Design.

enviable outdoor livings that is complete with grills and high-end fire pit and electronic media
Comfortable seating, stunning fireplace and of course, grilling appliances. This haven is perfect for outdoor activities, and that big plasma is quite entertaining too!
Exposed brick walls makes a suitable outdoor look, mirrored with the fireplace inside. This modern house design makes no mistake in room proportion, as well as maximizing for a happy and loving house inside and out.

Stylish Modern Home Design by the Famous Nina Garcia

stylish modern living room design
We can't wait to feature one of the famous fashion director of Marie Claire and well-known for her reputation as an international style icon, Nina Garcia. This project was finished by the help of Carlos Aparacio, showing a successful modern living scheme filled with beauty and arts. So, join us as we take a peak into this stylish modern home design
calm living room scheme, modern living room design
Luxurious silk sweeping curtains in neutral tone embrace the large windows. The pale blue walls cool up the space and looks as magnificent as the modern beige furniture
Calm living room scheme can't get more cooler with the pale blue wall paint, which serve like a painting canvass in this modern living room design. The neutral silk curtains embrace the windows, which almost occupy the height of the wall. The greens and the lovely flowers sweeten the nuance and works harmoniously with the beige furniture.
mid century modern dining room, gorgeous dining room design, multifunction dining
The large Swedish rug creates a luxurious dining room. The art wall decoration cheer up the dining room into a casual dining.
The Swedish traditional rug show the sense of traditional culture to this mid century modern dining room, while the modern essence exist in the area infuse the balance amount for tranquility. This dining room can also be great for meeting. This casual dining room holds multiple functions to get work done, as well as serving hospitality.
serene and unfussy living scheme by Nina Garcia
amazing master bedroom design with striking accessories
This grey and blue bedroom states the master bedroom in the house with its entirely carpet cover, sculptures, grey cashmere curtainsand of course, calming wall art decorations and details.
See this amazing master bedroom design, which is more than a room to end the day. The sculpture details create a modern and luxurious bedroom scheme, works great for this grey and blue bedroom. Avoid the fussy everyday routine and rest in this perfect slumber.
Nina Garcia on commenting the special spot she want
Nina Garcia closet designs full of stylish and famous brands
beautiful white bathroom design as a clear place for inspiration and mood booster
This white bathroom clarify one's mind when needed and inspirational at once. Those lovely accessories works great against the pale white scheme.
White bathroom scheme is perfect for anyone who wants a clear place for inspiration, for a great mood booster to be prepared for the day. Any color added to the room is fine, and yellow is selected, lovely with all the brown color in this modern white bathroom design.