Trendy Girls Transitional Rooms and Stylish Gentleman Abode Inspirational Designs

trendy girls bedroom design with lovely white furniture and cute pink details
It is reasonably fair to say that we all want a home that have a sense of art, a little show of passion, as well as interior design to make it beautiful. Boston interior decorator Bridget Desroches has the approaches just that. Ranging from girls transitional rooms into stylish gentleman abode, these inspirational interior designs translates the youth, as well as transferring personality into their appearances.
lovely pink wall painting surrounding creamy color furniture and fun polkadot pattern curtains
Creamy color tones, warm wood materials, as well as fun patterns create quite a trendy girls bedroom design. Soft touches are barely noticeable in creating this lovely scheme. In addition to soft color palette, rounded corners make a beautiful visual composition with fun polka dot patterns.
serene and soothing corner for beautiful creamy baby cribs accompanied with polkadot curtains
A soothing girls bedroom, that is apparent even more perfect for baby girl. A comfortable sofa also works great when accompanying the little one. A room that reflects love and passion, who wouldn't want that!
warm living room environment with plenty of natural accents and classy decorations
This inviting living room scheme surrounds you with cohesive element within the space. While covered in soft and neutral accent, the sectional rug ties them all together, while shiny chopper accessories makes a contemporary living scheme.
elegant bedroom design with classy chandelier and beautiful mirror as well as stylish wood furniture
This elegant neutral hues bedroom design works beautifully with dark furnishings and glamorous crystal chandelier and round mirror.
soothing lounge area inside the elegant bedroom looks special
From another angle, this wide bedroom leave spaces used for cozy lounge area. The comfortable open lounge space creates a relaxing seating area accompanied with natural lights.
elegant and classy bedroom design with creamy color palettes
This ample bedroom is done gorgeously in style by dark furnishings in contrast with the neutral hues. White bed makes an elegant and catch your focus the moment you walk inside this stylish room.
classy dining room black furniture and modern upholstered chairs ties together by zig zag rug
Classy dining room with dark furniture and modern upholstered chairs ties together by zig zag rug.

A Remarkable Home Interiors with a Personality

 modern and stylish living room promoting nude arts mirror
 The idea of inserting personality into home interior has been unquestionably most of people would want for their home design. Just like this time, we can't wait to show this remarkable home interiors that brings out just that. Be inspired by this great work of Mar Silver, in which her style and love for design has leave us breathless and stunned. This gorgeous display you're about to see is her own house in Westport. Known for her ability to mix various textures, neutral earth tones, and finishes, Mar's home is a complete and natural reflection of her own personality and sense of aesthetic. So, let's take a closer look.
cool and gentleman style area with illusionary visuals
The moment you walk inside the room is when your visual and focus caught by these gorgeous art displays. Muted color palette surrounding is barely noticeable by pieces in this room, creating a focused eyes contact for them. This stylish room scheme shows her interest in art pieces and high level of aesthetics, just like the rest of the home decoration.
dining room with a style, displaying remarable picture perfect scene in silvery colors
 Mysterious woman painting, contemporary painting, and antique jar blurs elegantly integrates together with the rest of the other elements here. Modern furnishings make a contrast look to these art pieces and thus showing the beautiful mix of Mar's home interiors.
elegant and cool white master bedroom with beautiful focal point

gorgeous display of a waiting room
luxurious and natural master bathroom
 This master bathroom shows yet another way Mar presenting the aesthetic. Cohesive along the entire house interior, a stunning bathroom is designed in blur combination that join together in this modern and natural bathroom scheme.
modern chic kitchen design with clean lines and reflective surfaces for a premier look
 Simplicity and modernistic, these are the two main concept when it comes to creating a rather luxurious look into home interior and Mar knows how to make it. This modern and simple kitchen design have clean lines elements that is grounded by the round elements found in the custom windows. Wood furnishings create a distinct contrast against the counters. This make this contemporary kitchen design a one of a kind.
sitting room full of artistics contemporary chairs and table accompanied by unique silvery wall decoration
Mar put her heart and passion into every area in the house, including this waiting room. She greets her guest with a sensational wall decoration. Having both modern and traditional style, this is where she deserve the compliment of having a remarkable home interiors with a personality.

Fall Fashion Trends 2013 Brought into Life by Interior Design

celine brought into soothing feminine living room
Have a blast, fashion enthusiast! For today, we are showing you the wonder of interior design invention. These well-known fashion design brands have been translated into a beautiful home that are unquestionably stylish and shows a little more or less of the owner personal taste. In addition to inserting personality, these fashion and interior design creates quite an achievement in rated high on 2013 fall trends.
chanel brought into emebellished black office interiors
Black makes a basic for the cool and gorgeous room interior, while golden in the room makes quite a quick approach into visual attraction. Circular elements is shown on the fashion design, then translated as beautiful modern wall decoration. While futuristic table lamp reflects the round elements of upper level of the model, patterned wallpaper resembles just as well. Reflective leather surfaces are looking similar to the trendy high boots, while silver chains brought into furniture edges.
Dior brought into elegant black and white workspace
Elegant and feminine work space is just suitable for working lady with a high taste of style. Introducing the Christian Dior Fall trends into this beatiful work desk. White and black makes a simple yet stunning details are carefully planted into the furniture shapes.
jason wu winter design brought into white and black room and beautiful on the furry white sofa
Furry white sofa makes the obvious statement of beauty in style, surrounded by black wall that resembles the catwalk of the fashion show. Black also significant in making the gorgeous look, making the white took many compliments when seen. Elegant and contemporary accessories are added to make more variation to this already impressive area.
stella mccartney brought into plaid home office in simple and rather traditional style
Plaid patterns applied as the home office carpet, while black and white makes a basic of the traditional style. Simple and stylish, is this time's Stella McCartney's fashion brought into life by home interior theme.
theyskens theory brought into a home interior that is masculine yet beauty and stylish

Have a beauty in every corner, the well known brand Theyskens' Theory seems like too good to be true when fashion brought into life by interior design. Black provide a soothing room for reading, adorned by natural color palette.

Fusing Classic and Contemporary : Hotel Interior Design

cool gentleman living room with stunning fireplace in the center and beautiful modern chandelier
Are you seeing a house interior right now as you read this? Or did you not believe the title? Be stunned, because this time we are presenting a hotel interior design. What makes you rather sidetrack is because this hotel is in fact designed by Philippe Ho, the founder of Studio 8, who this time explore his vision into a hotel scheme that feels like a home.
beautiful and classy in white foyer with interesting crest table style and stunning white chandelier
As we walk into this hotel, we can't help but notice this beautiful foyer. Black looks daringly cool against the rest of the classy modern accessories here. In case you haven't notice, the mix of classic and contemporary is done by the antique crest lock against the objects it contains. Not to mention, the dark wood frame of the big mirror.

classic and modern minimalist small workspace with pops of color
This hotel is suitable also for business gentleman, in the way it provides a soothing and private work space. Beautiful pieces are placed here and there but not too fussy that it can be distracting. In addition to cool room atmosphere, the pops of color adds lively nuance for comfort.
classy and elegant luxury bedroom design promoting beautiful dim lights and warm room environment
Luxurious bedroom design is complete by the addition of art pieces, in which they are classic as shown by the painting and contemporary as reflected by the silver wall decoration. Beautiful pendant light create a serene resting room with their dim light.
classy and luxury bathroom having marble counter top and gorgeous duo green plants
Who can resist this gorgeous bathroom? Luxury marble counter top works great with the interiors in this room. That is, creamy orange palette. The contemporary color painting complete this bathroom aesthetic with its calming look.
cool and classy in black and cream white living room with classy glass accessories
Gorgeous living area design that resembles a home. This living room design also looks perfect for a gentleman.
cosmopolitan inspired dining room with stunning city wall pictures
Cosmopolitan wall decoration creates an illusion of luxury dining with a city view.