Subtle Traditional Style Blends with Modern Touches

neutral living room color palette that includes piano for entertainment
 How would you go about creating your own dream house? If you're careful enough not to make a costly mistake and wasted energy, you might be delaying your plan for home renovation. Well, lucky for us to have this chance to take a closer look to today's Interiornity spotlighted design, the Van Wicklen Design. As an Austin Interior designer, Jeanette Van Wicklen of Van Wicklen design has the technique and keen eye for details to create this subtle traditional style that smoothly blends with modern touches. This house is located on Harbor Hill, displaying Jeanette's gift for mixing modern and classic style into the home interior. The clients have their wishes fulfilled, and even way beyond their expectation:
comfortable powder room with seatings and its accent throws, filled with unique decorations
 This is not your a common rest room. Fully equipped with comfy bench and lovely environment, this rest room can really provide relaxing sensation. With modern furnishings and unique accessories, we can say this is a one of a kind powder room. Sandy hues reflects the beach which is quite nearby to have.
a classic study room includes cool wood desk, animal inspired furnishings, and classic chandelier hovering above the desk
 Note the collaboration and smooth mix of modern into this traditional style space. Dark wood accents make a calm earthly tone, while allowing another elements to fill in. Classic chandelier and modern silver chairs enrich the space feast with their presence to draw attention. Also, we can't help but notice the stag head and cowhide rug that blends yet another style into the space -- that is rustic style.
the guest bedroom has double single beds and wide windows for natural lights
The guest bedroom has double single beds and wide windows for natural lights and unforgettable night.
traditional and ocean inspired dining room with unique wooden pendant lights
This dining room combines modern accents with countryside details. Rattan chairs, natural fibers, weathered wood finish, and an animal hide rug creates a wonderful mix within the space.
room for creativity, this one has a wide white desk to provide the art creating and a special minimalist rack for storage
This room is meant to surround you with country feels when being inside. Note how the center of focus is the modern minimalist table, while weathered furnishings and natural fibers works great with the table.
a wide kitchen area for easy movement is furnished with stainless steel and gorgeous granite counter top, while further by the window is the dining
This modern kitchen is completely in a mix with the traditional. Stainless steel create a modern look, while contrasting with the traditional wooden cabinetry. Some unique rustic styles is inserted to the space with that locally sourced material table. Lighting fixtures compliments them into a wonderful, bright room that enhance mood in cooking.
We have featured this firm before on Interiornity. If you want to see how Van Wicklen Design  remodeling house project that turns out with a personal style, this is our Review. Tell us what you think on the comments below.

Contemporary Pieces Bring Florida Residence a Muted Beauty

a scheme of unique foyer featuring a contemporary woman painting, custom wooden table and attractive carpet
Defined spaces that boasts a soothing life experiences while presenting the owner's taste and style. The foyer above clue the rest of today's featured Debra J Interiors, bringing style and uniqueness in every customized space and what the clients desire to have their dream home. Join us as we take a closer look to this dream home, filled with contemporary pieces:
dining room area having contemporary painting
"Muted beauty through designs and spaces" is what this modern house has underwent. Rattan chairs, pine cones and bamboo blinds enhance the organic, natural feel to the dining room. Creamy hues achieve an ambiance of comfort and custom contemporary painting ties the elements together.
wall art in smashing purple accent decorates the neutral hues living room
The neutral seating area speaks beauty in calm and earthly tone, giving the client a relaxing spot for a fine time. The purple wall art then, is a surprise element to the space, enhancing sparks of spirit and energy. To ties them together is when a calmer purple color coffee table and cushions come together.
minimalist wooden cabinet along with bamboo containers and sexy Marilynn Monroe face painting
Minimalist wooden cabinet along with bamboo containers and sexy Marilynn Monroe face painting brings life to this muted scheme. Contemporary details in the house construct a muted, non-speaking beauty that only speaks for themselves in a form of visual attraction.
modern wooden dining table and chairs with a chandelier and beautiful flower centerpiece
A chandelier hovers above the dining is an elegant style, while silver in the center adds platinum look to the space. Wooden accent on the dining table and chairs works great with soft filtered natural lights. Abstract color paintings brings energy and refresh the space while ties the rest of the elements.
modern white pillar bed that fit two is elegant in all white upholstery
Modern white pillar bed is elegant in all white upholstery and dark wood materials make a dashing contrast and successfully make an interesting focal point in the bedroom.

Transitional Natural Beauty Home Interiors by Lisa Ferguson

a cozy sofa and ottoman for a great reading experience shone by abundant light and beautiful pieces
Enhancing natural aesthetics and combine it into home interiors, are the ultimate goal of Toronto designer Lisa Ferguson, when she created this personalized dream home. Formerly a great combination between the client's lifestyle and tastes, Lisa and her team strive to enhance the way each clients wants to live. Translating it into a transitional design that boasts natural beauty, customized furnishings and elements provides a personalized feel while making the best of each spaces. Have a tour on this transitional home design:
a custom golden rack having asian style shape and contemporary wood chairs beside it
A custom contemporary brass shelf along with unique white table promotes aesthetic feel to the space. Furnished in golden palette, the combination with wood lounge chair creates rich textures and balanced at once. Just like the rest of the house, no space is left unfurnished and escape natural beauty that reflects the client's taste.
asian inspired drawer mounting contemporary accessories
This transitional home has soft and seamless boundary in combining various elements. In this case, an Asian inspired drawer made one beautifully in this Eastern inspired vignette. A sense of originality and in this house has been done remarkably by contemporary details to enhance the beauty. To complete this space, a brass lamp join elements just as well.
viewing the entire dining area reveals two traditional chairs in each ends of the rectangular table
Natural lights give this dining a vibrant feel, while a sparkling chandelier above enhance luxury, day and night. Against the warm wood accent, are life greens to attract visuals. Fit up to ten people, this dining provides beauty as well as comfort as done by the tufted dining chairs, two unique wooden chairs to show uniqueness.
one side of the dining area is a lovely combination between life greens and flower themed painting
An abstract floral painting brings the springtime feel to the space, while fuse beautifully with the life greens mounted on cute vases. The walnut table and sideboard are custom made, and so as the linen tufted chairs.
Across the flower themed wall painting is some framed pictures and writings
The wall hosts many frames and pictures of various sizes and shapes, with each frames customized in style.
full and complete family room for entertainment in modern style

This contemporary home is designed to invent a beautiful combination between spaces with styles. This living room boasts a custom built in book shelf, ottoman, exposed stony fireplace, and furnishings. Displayed photographs of the client personify the people living in this house.
a warm chocolate sofa and a minimalist rack for books and decorations
Custom built book shelf are on each sides of the fireplace, gives a slightly different feel.
cool and classic style made into one in this family room
The brass coffee table, fresh landscape painting, and custom wood sofa are a feast for the senses.

Sophisticated in Black brings Gentleman Style Interior Design

cozy grey sofa lounge inside the open plan living home office
Good day, design enthusiast! Today, Interiornity presents you yet another beautiful residence located in the towers of Sundance Square. That's right, this time's inspirational interior design takes our focus into this lovely gentleman abode. Designed by Dorothy Greenlee with countless experiences for the past thirteen years, this residence provides simplicity in style and comfort. The concept of open plan living makes this residence offers various relaxation and precise functions that is seems to fit the life of young gentleman. Have a look and see for yourself.
open plan living viewing the entire area providing cozy lounge, meeting area, and inviting wood kitchen
The simplicity in design clarifies a modern style, promoting clean lines and less fussy environment. This make it suitable for a young and fast paced people. Designed with a small office and meeting area, this condo really has it all when it comes to provide relaxing working space. We also love the pops of orange that gives the living room a refreshing vibe.
inviting wood and marble kitchen materials
The kitchen in this condo features a wood cabinetry with a granite finish on the counter top. Simple, elegant, yet still modern. This kitchen is open to the rest of the entire area, makes it accessible easily. The transitional appearance make it less empowering in the entire living room.
modern and classy black table and exclusive chairs in this home office
This small office is relaxing and free from clutter. Simplicity in design is featured here, as well as beauty as provided with the beautiful view outside. Focus on the plan as well as to work is very important to working businessman, therefore the color black is a great idea when designing a home office. Bringing gentleman style, the sophisticated in black also represents a determined self to finish a task quickly with best performance.
classy kitchenin white and marble materials inside the home office design for gentleman
Apparently not focused only for a gentleman or businessman. This condo has three bedrooms and two baths, which is quite reasonable for a small family to have. An extra space is also available besides than the main room. That is, the less strict and home office-like spaces. This kitchen, for example, brings compact appliances and storage in another level. Beside than the sophisticated black stools, the rest of the kitchen is furnished in white. Granite counter top ties them all together.
exclusive black and white rectangle tiles ties up the white and creamy wall painting for this classy kitchen design
Exclusive black and white rectangle tiles ties up the white and creamy wall painting for this classy kitchen design.
If you want to have an addition of working space in your home, you can always look for inspiration in our other posts. Some are made elegantly as an addition of a bedroom, some are fused into the living room corner, and some are even occupying only small space that is previously not used. These home office designs are ranging in flexibility and level of functions. We hope you can find your dream home office. Nonetheless, you can always look for inspirations from our daily, Interiornity's featured interior design.

Inspirational Dream House by Benning Design

this wide landscape garden is benning design exterior
If you want to have your own dream house, this one might be what you have in mind. Having an inviting house entrance, as well as rejuvenating fun rooms, these are at best depend on what you really love and passionate about. Lucky for us, today we are taking a closer look at the Rio Bonito remodel project. As we said earlier, this house has the "dream house" illustration all over. Having modern and contemporary style with lively splash of color, we are sure you'd love it too.
fresh and lively living room design with attractive wall art in this contemporary home design
Fun and entertainment is far from impossible if you have this living area. Contemporary style is applied in another level with the colorful wall art, gorgeous living area layout, and big pillows rich in colors.
open plan space covering black circular lounge by the fireplace, white lounge area and view to the lush garden
Exclusive and modern, this lounge area offers you another way of spending time in the house. The design shows it all when it comes to aesthetic, ranging from beautiful lush view, wide and free movement around, and of course, tempting living room design with some details. 
light hues bathroom having cool elegant vanities with large glass mirror wall and cool animal skin rug
Have a bath in style with this Rio Bonito contemporary bathroom. Mirrors really open up the space while contrast colors against the light hues create seamless boundary. Not to mention, the adorable animal skin rug in the center. We are sure this can be one inspirational bathroom design that you want to see for your dream house design.
contemporary kitchen design occupying wide space area having stylish marble counter top and stainless steel appliances
How about a dream kitchen design? Custom built, this contemporary kitchen occupy enough space that encourage free movement while cooking and fresh air circulation around the area. Gorgeous marble material counter top shows its exclusive look, which look as daring as the stainless steel appliances. And of course, TV for entertainment.
wide spaces that offer the view to the pool area filled with contemporary accessories
People would think of a dream house differently from another. From Benning Design, a dream house is one which fulfill the passion as well as enjoyment being around. Contemporary design illustrates the free, flowing movement of expressions, and thus it is becoming more and more popular. Abstract pieces and different way of space make-use and its uniqueness is the essence of contemporary style.
contemporary entertainment area with groovy ceiling attractive entertainment wall and racks as well as comfortable floor mounted sofa
This Rio Bonito design focuses not only on function, yet rather to style and act 'perfectionist' to aesthetics. Using maximum use of every space, including ceiling, has successfully makes a relaxing feel. Don't take our word for it. Just have a look at that gorgeous family room design. Is that a mini bar in the corner?