Marc-Michaels Interior Design invites Charming Old World into Abode

the work space invites charming elegance in strong wood accent while contemporary lighting gives a stunning twist
 Good day, Interiornity readers! It seems like the old world charm inside interior design has become the new norm in presenting elegance and high life style. So, today Interiornity highlights Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc. spaces. This full service interior design company uses their specialty in creating spaces that suits the clients desire for luxury spaces. Through their innovation of wide range of styles, the firm exudes brilliance in every details, visualizing the client's fine taste in their abode.
One of Marc-Michaels' project is a private Florida residences visually represents a fine finished furnishing in collaboration within a rustic space. This project invites charming old world charm into abode:
ample living room in neutral color with striking old world charm
Huge classic fireplace proposed the rough edges and surface of stones, while its exposed wood beam is supported calmly by the existence of muted color furniture and even more stronger wood accents.
classic pantry elements makes a rustic kitchen look
 This kitchen features classic pantry elements to brings out the best in traditional kitchen style. Meanwhile, accent lighting fixtures joins them with modern twist.
greek column and regal arches highlight the focal points in this joined room
 The Greek column blends the space easily with its refined furnish and act as the room divider. The soft and shiny wood surfaces in the space shows a classic yet still kept at best in its luxurious look. This ample modern home also showcase regal arches holding up the ceiling, making a solid and strong features of the heritage of styles inside space.
stone detailing on the wall and classic light chandelier celebrates the ancient history in this lounge area
Stone detailing on the wall and classic light chandelier celebrates the ancient history in this lounge area.
two spherical chandelier and track line lighting exudes the old style charm inside this classic kitchen
Two spherical chandelier and track line lighting exudes the old style charm inside this classic kitchen.
tuscan influenced kitchen interior teams up with exposed brickwork and stony textures by marc-Michaels
Tuscan influenced kitchen interior teams up with exposed brickwork and stony textures by Marc-Michaels Interior Design.
stunning exterior design with a decorative pool and green garden

Extravagant Style Feast in Marie Burgos Design Revealed

 Our initial impression of someone is essentially their way of presenting themselves, especially what we literally see on them. That includes the way they represent their personal space. That is why interior designer are perched to understand and visualize what their client wants and personality. Marie Burgos interior design is one of designers that specializes in luxurious spaces that combines elegance and harmony together. Founded in 2007, Marie Burgos has been certified as a Feng Shui designer. One of her famous award was being chosen individually by HGTV to design "The Unsellables".
Today Interiornity are spotlighting some of our favorites on Marie Burgos' design. These spaces have one thing in common. That is the idea of luxurious meet the elements of rich complexions. Note that they are also unique as each tells a different story about the owner of the space itself.
vintage as the center of visual pleasure in this space. a painting of a happy woman is placed on the living room, while the cushions matching color to it. 

canvass white interior is styled up by sparks of purple inside this modern living area

blue gives a calm atmosphere for a nice sleep. This bedroom is simple with mostly white and blue color tones

penthouse kitchen and dining room design by marie burgos design

tropical home design in fresh vibrant ambiance

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc. Embrace House with Inspirational Outdoor Environments

beautiful scenery of the backyard area with infinity pool
The first impression we give comes from our first glance. This house has it all when it comes to beautiful landscape and stunning view, at once from its exterior. This time our house tour set our feet to this wonderful home designed on its exterior by AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc. Working primarily with clients in Orange County, California, the firm teams up with architects, civil engineers, soil scientists and other professionals to create a unique and creative environments.

The AMS Landscape Design Studios have created this amazing first impression, that just surprise us. From infinity pool, lively feast of live greens, and high-level of outdoor living pleasure, these are the extension of the homeowner's taste and lifestyle:

the infinity pool has greens all around the side
AMS provide this house exterior with expert gardeners, landscape maintenance firms, and arborists to reassure healthy environment. And even more than expectation, a beautiful plantings to complete the exterior.
a fine addition to the outdoor activity in the house is infinity jacuzzi and casual hanging out dining
A various options to enjoy the outdoor living experiences includes infinity jacuzzi and casual lounges for dining or hanging out. This landscape encourage the homeowner with beautiful natural environment and means to enjoy it. This is what we love to call as inspirational outdoor environments.
nice relaxing outdoor daybed facing the pool
Square steps maintain the health of the carpet landscape while creating a neat, modern style to the garden. The plantings are also carefully maintained tidy, creating a rich yet not fussy environment. A special elevated  platform highlight the function as relaxing outdoor daybed.
dramatic transitional infinity pool become one to the ocean
This house has Mediterranean style, elaborated by row of columns and huge vases to make it appeal. Natural sun lights make a dramatic look on the tiles. Also, see how gorgeous the view from this point of view. Transitional infinity pool looks as if it become one with the ocean.
So, interested to decorate your own home with beauty and natural? How about this transitional indoor and outdoor home? Well, Interiornity still have more!

Urrutia Design Promotes Wonderful Natural into Spaces

the living room is filled with natural lights and looks gorgeous with its black and white theme
Happy weekend! If you start the day searching for inspiration or if you have a plan to redecorate your house, this is the perfect timing for us to give you even more designs! Today, we're highlighting the wonderful work of Urrutia Design. With over 15 years of experience in the field of home renovation, Urrutia Design has worked on numerous projects in California and San Fransisco. The company has given their magic in renovation ranging from 1845 historical house until building up new homes from scratch. The firm has specialties in magnifying details and precises, creating a beautiful and comfortable house to live for.

Let's take a closer look to this lovely home located in Greenbra, CA. This is definitely one of our favorite designed by Urrutia Design, a lovely home that promotes wonderful natural environment in every spaces inside:
modern kitchen islands that doubles as preparation and breakfast table
This Au-natural kitchen includes black and white furnishing to stand out the branch decor and wood materials here. Stainless steel pops up the modern style, while as supportive as the cool black cabinetry here for a style.
closer look to the kitchen island that doubles as breakfast table
Closer look to the breakfast table shows astounding details of material and textures as seen from the chairs.
the work space provides a room for working as well as big mirror in its backdrop to open up more space
Urrutia Design make the best of every space in the house. This workspace, for example, is one to note about with its clear function that able to mount computer and office work. Eclectic table lamp is a fine addition to the space, just as the green to refresh the area. With a textured wall, mirror is just the right thing to have in opening up space and providing quick rejuvenation when working.
extra cabinetry with style that provides more storage spaces for the kitchen
An extra storage space that contains all the kitchen essentials. It's wonderful in black and simple in design. Not to mention that built-in wine refrigerator!
a comfy single sofa for reading
A lovely sunny day outside enhance this nook into a great spot for reading. With a beautiful pieces and that stainless light, both reading during day and night can really amuse your soul from words and literature.
close look to the coffee table in the living room revealing its wood details
Urrutia Design have a specialization in details and that's what exactly to note for. This wood console table match wonderfully to the beige rug. With accents, both enhance wonderful natural environment in the house.
wonderful vanity with dark wood material and granite vanity top
The bathroom features a zebra wallpaper and beautiful marble vanity top. And of course, greens to add even more naturals!
Well, tell us what you like from this design. Reading this post, you may even want to make your home a renovation project. Ready for the next design?

Contemporary Chic and Stylish Home by John Robert Wiltgen Design, Inc

outstanding round dining with hovering contemporary lighting above and city view by the glass walls
What would you think if you can have a magnificent collaboration of architecture, art and design? That is exactly what John Robert Wiltgen Design, Inc. have in their vision of creating beautiful interiors. The approach is applied on "a residence being designed from the ground up, the ingenious restyling and updating of an existing home and the selection and installation of finishes and furnishings". Known for its reputation for excellence and quality, the principal designer claim their work as "dramatic" and work their best to incorporate residence that is unique for each clients.
contemporary space layout design by john robert wiltgen design
Contemporary style is highly adorned by unique architectural, surprising combination of colors, and modern furnishings in the interior. The kitchen is an area that enhance the high-end luxury style with its stunning lighting fixtures, one of a kind layout and clean designs.
cool black accent wall and sofa to contrast beautifully with yellow rugs and white furniture and accessories
The contrasting yellow and black gives this space a relaxing and cool zen. In addition to the already astounding combination, white tree, yellow rug and accent pillows adds rich textures and touchable elements.
inviting entryway with abstract art and luring view by the glass windows on the end of the space
The entryway itself is artistic, daring you to take another steps further inside. Not to mention, the beautiful city lights and skyscrapers by the glass walls.
chic and cool study room in modern style embraced by pops of color
A fine home that is stylish and artistic. The ultimate goal of giving client dramatic feel really does proven in this house design. The study is a modern and chic, as seen by the furnishings, layout, unique accessories and pops of radiant colors. Working will never get too boring in this contemporary workspace design!
the living room area combines white, black and red in style and enhanced by lighting fixture
We love how the white, red and black incorporate the space into a vibrant, rich space in aesthetic feast. With such an extraordinary architectural design, lighting fixtures are then included to enhance the dramatic and stylish environment.
elegant bedroom in muted color palette and calming painting
Neutral color palette and the apparent dark creates an elegant and personalized feel to it. Soft accent curtains, furry accent blanket and painting finish the space into an adorable bedroom scheme.
patterned tiles, minimalist vanity and wide mirror to open up this bathroom space 
The bathroom is quite fashionable with accent tiles, granite minimalist vanity, and big mirror to open up the space. We sure wouldn't mind to say, that this house is one of our favorite by John Robert Wilgent.
We do have tons of another inspirational interior design. If you're looking for more daring design, click here. Tell us what you think.

Subtle Transitional Spaces to Live For : Barbara Gilbert Interiors

great view of the living room area with chocolate furnishings and huge windows and accent thin curtains
We feel lucky enough to come up with another inspirational interior designs, this time by the wonderful work of Barbara Gilbert Interiors. Providing services as both interior designer and furniture specialty, the firm is located in Dallas, Texas. However, not limited to Plano, Allen, Frisco, Richardson, Rockwall, Heath, Murphy, McKinney, Fairview, Parker, Lucas, Lewisville & Flower Mound. The ultimate goal is to "create a home or business that reflects their unique style and personality", while making sure the clients spending no more time and energy than they should. This is one of our favorite, spaces that are full of personality:
classy and traditional wide living room area  
This transitional spaces is done by collaborating color, textures, and materials and the result surprise us as elegant and comfortable space. This living room is also an illustration of a Sante Fe artist which was put into the color palette basis for the entire room.
gorgeous stairs and open foyer with natural sunlights
traditional style dining room with classic dining furniture and chandelier having a red backdrop
The aqua dining has a smashing red backdrop wall that combines naturally with the wood furnishings in this dining room.
Classic details embrace the wood and marble floor on the winding staircase wonderfully. Unoccupied space -- only boasts on marble floors -- in combination with wide windows elaborate the natural lights gorgeously and create an interesting point of views. To even the space, beautiful intricate carved fireplace is set here.
a traditional dining room with neutral hues and wood accent floor surrounded with bright fruits painting
The dining room includes a variety of wood furnishings. The complexness of variation has left us stunned and also, can't help but compliments the eye-catchy paintings.

traditional and classic dining room with chandelier, carpet, and wood furniture accents
Dining in style is provided by traditional chairs upholstery, classic chandelier and gorgeous carved wooden furniture.
neutral hues in the kitchen cabinets and wall makes the red kitchen island eye-catchy and fascinating to see
The kitchen is one to note for. Neutral hues and simple cabinetry boasts up the red kitchen island along with its dark finish. To ties them together comes the beautiful wood floor.
customized cabinet to fill the transitional space between kitchen and the dining
The cabinet is a customized built, giving the space an extension of more space.
minimalist and simple kitchen with pops of red
Since the idea is to create a subtle transitional space that fit the client's need and personality, the kitchen is not one to neglect of. The minimalist and simple design is meant to draws your attention to its pops of red. Sensational and refreshing, this modern kitchen design includes textured wood floor and mosaic tiles backdrop to pulls the elements together.
warm scheme of wine cellar that boasts european style with its classic finish and stone wall
It seems like our mind is taken aback into the mid century as we walk inside this warm wine cellar. Wood furnishings, along with granite materials, in combination with creamy textured wall are just in perfect proportions to make this room comfortable and relaxing. Once a bedroom, the wall is customized for wine cabinets and to fit a built in displayed wines.
fresh transitional outdoor with various seating options and clean groovy pool
Note how gorgeous the outdoor with its subtle transitional between elements and colors. Magnificent European style exterior is revealed here, with intricate textures and ceiling designs. Pops of reds marks the space for relaxing, dining, and simply to enjoy this wonderful European style. Tell us which of Barbara Gilbert Interiors that you love most and make sure to leave your opinion and much obliged, compliments. Browse more on our web for another featured designs if you like.

Beasley & Henley's Invention of Chic and Gorgeous Small Space

a simple round dining table to fit four in transparent accent dining chairs while the custom cropped wall shows another room main living area in the house
Beasley and Henley Interior Design has known to be the master of creating innovative spaces conveying intricate architectural details and sophisticated style. Winter Park Interior Designer Troy Beasley of Beasley and Henley has created an artistic approach into small space while making a personalized feel for the client. From clients of high-end developers on luxury, remodeling projects, and themed space, the firm has the opportunity to exceed all of their expectation. And this time Interiornity team has the pleasure to show you their amazing work on creating a personalized small space interiors. Details are what make them chic and gorgeous:
beasley and henley interior design beautiful scheme of the kitchen and dining area
Calm color palette, wooden furnishings, and lighting fixtures in this scheme pulls the room together into a comfortable living room. Note how the space is divided into areas that are separated, yet tied together by the nuance.
beasley and henley design view from the lounge area reveals beautiful and innovatove space
To make a dramatic base, comes the cool combination of gray, brown, and neutral hues. Eclectic pieces, eye-catchy decorations, and interesting focal points are found throughout the room, thanks to the neutral base color!
the family room is decorated with contemporary details including the simople yet attractive black and white wall decoration
The black and white wall art becomes the focal point of this living room. Accent pillows makes this area comfortable as well as attractive to see. Also, green makes the space fresh and lively, especially when added with the life one.
beasley and henley bedroom design in flowery accent
A brown and cream bedroom is enhanced by natural lights softly, while flower accents furnishing lift up the aesthetic in this bedroom. Smart layout, carefully selected furniture, and muted splash is a great combination for a small bedroom space.
the corner of the house is a lounge and entertainment area with contemporary details
The living room is sensational with its rattan chair and eyes drawing attention round table. Geometrical rug makes an illusion of wider space in the center. A personalized feel to the space is added with these cute pieces and collaboration of modern and contemporary furniture. Meanwhile, the dining room is maximized by cool wooden dining chairs that are meant to be pulled under the table. This simple yet modern dining room design also shows Beasley and Henley's trait of space decoration. That is, fine taste for art pieces and clever way of stating a small space into fine, comfortable space!
If you want to see more of Beasley and Henley's interior design, we have another one here, on our former featured design. Have a look! Feel free to ask more of Interiornity's featured interior designer and ask us. And remember, every opinion and ideas are much appreciated. So tell us what you think :)