Outstanding Contemporary Pop Art Style Interior

contemporary living room with unique light bulbs chandelier
Visualized by Dmitriy Schuka, this outstanding contemporary pop art interior make the best of bright colors along with contrasting elements found scattered beautifully on the furnishings. With a regular house served as the artist’s canvass, a colorful and vibrant house interior with pops of color has surprising motifs that leave us stunned and breathless.
pop art style living room with attractive american flag upholstery, pink sofa, round lime sofa
What was plain and unoccupied space is now a unique house that stands out on its own. What we love most is how the elements can be both collaborating and contrasting. The chocolatey sofa, for one, comprises luxurious elegant with its leather material while the rest of its upholstery brings in culture and fun accents. All the while, the workspace is a space where the work can be accomplished, even with its pouring in fun twists of colors and patterns.
black backdrop for the entertainment center, unique scripted media table and patterned black and white carpet furnishings
cartoon girl face wall print filling up one side of the wall in its attractive colors, while the rest of the wall is painted in creamy white, pink and yellow lining
 The hallway is not left unfurnished with innovative colors. It is even highlighted with refreshing American style cartoon drawings surrounded by cute pink and yellow lines. This is a must-love space for girls!
seeing the hall way from inside the study and library room with built in wood shelving
As we mentioned earlier about the work space, you can see what we love about the interior. Another point to note is how the space is fully occupied with either arts, conveniences and functions, yet still kept free of clutter and provide a working experience at ease.
another angle of the study and library room having turquoise study table
turquoise and pink contemporary sofa and unique carved mirror in the study and library room
While the other rooms in the house use white as the plain canvass, this one uses darker color palette that works just as great to pop the colors out.
beautiful contrast of color and patterns on the wall, sofa, and sculpture decoration
This workspace is small, yet the impression of the limited space is already eliminated with its huge rectangular mirror. The mirror supports the carving on the culturally infused sculpture here.
light vibrant hallway with pink wall and attractive cartoon wall print
Both clean lines and colors ‘celebrations’ are teaming up to fill up this ordinary hallway into a fun and energizing spaces! We’d love to call this hallway as a mood booster walk across the room.
contemporary style arrangement on the hallway
book that is coordinated according to its book cover's color inside the elegant design bedroom
The elegant white bed is surrounded with feast of patterns and textures. The book shelf even comprises book that is coordinated according to its book cover’s color. Meanwhile, the curtain is featuring floral motifs. The only muted accent in the space is on the flat mounted TV and its white cabinet. A contemporary and unique lighting fixture centers them all and acts as the finishing touch to the space.
elegant style bedroom design with yellow headboard
another angle of the bedroom reveals white contemporary chandelier, black animal skin rug, and fun wall decorations
lime minimalist bathroom design
minimalist modern bathroom with lime, green and pink color
attractive and youthful bathroom vanity
fun and attractive table and study