Ultramodern Touch of Jessica Lagrange's Talents into a Stunning Modern Abode

vibrant open plan living area in natural wood tones and pops of color to enlighten spirit
A unique and characterized way of designing has come into our design spotlight today as we come across this amazing, professional interior design firm, Jessica Lagrange Interiors LLC. With over 30 years of experiences and success, the firm is known to reflects lifestyle that teams up with Classic styles. Jessica's thoughtful attention to her clients and talents have produced an innovative ultramodern touch. Licensed architects, designers and business manager merges with Jessica's personable manner and collaborate together into a stunning modern abode. These are our favorites:

dining room in smooth wooden texture furnishings and classic hovering chandelier above
Though kept as small as possible, Jessica Lagrange interiors influence into rooms has in fact create a personal space that is taken into considerable details. We love how she mix modernism and classic styles into an ultramodern spaces with twists. A space which was a complete illustration of natural has a delightful addition of classic styles.
a small space yet comfortable for a reading spot in the house offering cozy bench and sofa
Modern space with an elegance and less contrasting to the nature. We surely wouldn't mind to have this comfy relaxing area. Clean lines, intricate wall, and soft sandy textures team up with natural lights for a dramatic scheme.
modern black and white kitchen with checkerboard floor
A fresh, lively kitchen and dining room in contrasting accents provides a rejuvenating area for cooking and dining. We'd even love to see the space as another fine addition for family gathering and hang out. Perfect elements collaboration including the round and lines serves our eyes the alternate focuses in between. Not to mention, airy feels and natural lights.
a traditional living room space with lovely flower backdrop
Warm earthly tone and muted white in this living room is tied together by patterns and textures. The details in this room is not forgotten as the essence to make it beautiful. They includes accent pops cushions, traditional accessories, and golden accents.
luxurious and stunning round room of dining room which includes round dining table and comfy chairs, stunning gold finished chandeliers, accent soft curtains and view to the city
This is Jessica's interior design that we love most. This here is where the architectural details and high sense of interior design meet. A luxury and elegant dining room is so enviable with its view to the city. And of course, the eyes-drawing-attention eclectic golden chandelier. 

De Meza + Architecture Transforms late 1800s Victorian Tower House

a custom built rounded sofa offers you a cozy converstation and city view
Today, Interiornity has a pleasure of bringing you a featured design from the city of California. Well known for their incredible architectural designs around the world, De Meza + Architecture has transformed the Daly Mansion into a gorgeous home that is full of modern accents and pops of color. Originally an 1895 Victorian Tower House, the project is focusing on transforming 2.000 footage of attic space. Underwent a major transformation, the home is now boasts stunning view of the bay and city skyline. Tour through the space and note the pops of color and the serenity of the zen home:
a bed looks beautiful with round dim lights and complete with abstract wall mounted painting
Ambiance lighting makes a great deal to highlight the wooden bed along with its minimalist design. We are taken aback by a wonder of home transformation and this time illustrated by free abstract wall art. Along with that, eye-catchy bed upholstery to ties them all up.
in front of the bed is contemporary cells and wood furniture in the corner for private office
Another angle reveals attractive pillows on the bed and the hard to miss contemporary wall art that promotes freshness and free flowing spirit. We love how De Meza is determined to create a home style that is clean, modern, and functional. Stretching wooden cabinetry clues the natural accent to provides another level of functionality. That is, a home office completes with racks to display unique pieces to show the owner's personality.
closer look to the home office reveals clean line, beautiful wood texture and modernity
Closer look to the home office reveals clean line, beautiful wood texture and some sexy reds.
minimalist bathroom in white and light hues furnished with big mirrors to open up the space
The minimalist bathroom features fantastic lighting for bathing, showering, and morning prep. A view to the mirror spoil the eyes for his and hers perfect morning routine.
clean lines on the kitchen and dining furniture works great with pops of color
One of the challenge that De Meza had to face was the invention through space while considering its complexity. With such level of difficulties, however, De Meza has successfully created a home that is filled with natural lights, and embraced by the city view. With various angles and walls, each space must be carefully designed to make the most of it. Thanks for reading our review today, and if you're looking for more home remodeling inspiration, you can always browse Interiornity's former and latest featured design. Have a blast week!

An Incredible "Floating House" the Winner of Flat Lot Competition

We love it when home designers think way beyond imagination and creates an incredible, even futuristic home design. Thanks to the Flat Lot Competition, who give the opportunity to do just that. The rules is to create a temporary house structure that fits 8 parking lots while providing public comfort. They includes comfortable seating, cooling devices and a stage for performances.

Against over 400 teams of architects, the winning team really beats the odd with its gorgeous structure that meets just the requirements of course, in unspeakable wonder of techniques they perform. The project named as "Mark's House" really deserve winning this and tons of compliments. Serving the good of people, creating an invigorating space for entertainment, as well as leaving everybody breathless as they walk inside the building. 

We have never seen such an interesting architectural design like this before, and felt the open mind as the narration of Mark losing his home has reflects just the illustration. It appears as if the house is floating, that attracts many visuals to come closer. In addition in having the element of interest, this house can also contained 1500 gallons of water. Providing cooling aid for the citizen in a rather sensational beauty, once again the architectural structure deserve its fair share of glory.

The grand prize was $25.000 and it will open to public beginning from June 14th, where all citizens can begin to enjoy the full excitement in all that the structure has to offer. When the building is in closed state, see the stunning light effects as done by hundreds of light boxes. At night it looks very inviting and too good to not being photographed.