Subtle Traditional Style Blends with Modern Touches

neutral living room color palette that includes piano for entertainment
 How would you go about creating your own dream house? If you're careful enough not to make a costly mistake and wasted energy, you might be delaying your plan for home renovation. Well, lucky for us to have this chance to take a closer look to today's Interiornity spotlighted design, the Van Wicklen Design. As an Austin Interior designer, Jeanette Van Wicklen of Van Wicklen design has the technique and keen eye for details to create this subtle traditional style that smoothly blends with modern touches. This house is located on Harbor Hill, displaying Jeanette's gift for mixing modern and classic style into the home interior. The clients have their wishes fulfilled, and even way beyond their expectation:
comfortable powder room with seatings and its accent throws, filled with unique decorations
 This is not your a common rest room. Fully equipped with comfy bench and lovely environment, this rest room can really provide relaxing sensation. With modern furnishings and unique accessories, we can say this is a one of a kind powder room. Sandy hues reflects the beach which is quite nearby to have.
a classic study room includes cool wood desk, animal inspired furnishings, and classic chandelier hovering above the desk
 Note the collaboration and smooth mix of modern into this traditional style space. Dark wood accents make a calm earthly tone, while allowing another elements to fill in. Classic chandelier and modern silver chairs enrich the space feast with their presence to draw attention. Also, we can't help but notice the stag head and cowhide rug that blends yet another style into the space -- that is rustic style.
the guest bedroom has double single beds and wide windows for natural lights
The guest bedroom has double single beds and wide windows for natural lights and unforgettable night.
traditional and ocean inspired dining room with unique wooden pendant lights
This dining room combines modern accents with countryside details. Rattan chairs, natural fibers, weathered wood finish, and an animal hide rug creates a wonderful mix within the space.
room for creativity, this one has a wide white desk to provide the art creating and a special minimalist rack for storage
This room is meant to surround you with country feels when being inside. Note how the center of focus is the modern minimalist table, while weathered furnishings and natural fibers works great with the table.
a wide kitchen area for easy movement is furnished with stainless steel and gorgeous granite counter top, while further by the window is the dining
This modern kitchen is completely in a mix with the traditional. Stainless steel create a modern look, while contrasting with the traditional wooden cabinetry. Some unique rustic styles is inserted to the space with that locally sourced material table. Lighting fixtures compliments them into a wonderful, bright room that enhance mood in cooking.
We have featured this firm before on Interiornity. If you want to see how Van Wicklen Design  remodeling house project that turns out with a personal style, this is our Review. Tell us what you think on the comments below.

1960's Ranch House Remodeling: Traditional home Renovation

sectional grey sofa and round ottoman for a comfortable and fun entertainment area for the family
We have tons of tours and reviews into beautiful home remodeling in modern style. Today, we are excited to show this amazing home renovation project which is carried out by a company specializing in eco-friendly design, promoting traditional and fresh home design in close connection to the nature, the Niche Interiors' 1960's ranch house remodeling located in Marin, California.
cute corner in front of the remodeled fireplace designed into venetian plaster and built in walnut shelving 
The original state of the outdated fireplace was brick fireplace. What was looking rough and old, now has been re-birthed by the furnishing of grey Venetian plaster and this time looks beautiful with smooth pattern. Creamy white makes a calm living environment while shone by natural lights. Unique structure round table makes a modern addition to the space, just like the abstract reds present quite a fun twists. 
marin backsplash with stunning silver stainless steel home kitchen equipments
Attractive spot indicating modernity and style.
dining area in elegant style and having a classic round lamps
Creamy colored dining chairs and modern thick dining table shows a remarkable elegant style, still in natural theme interior supported by other elements as well. Beige wall painting, cute green centerpiece, and unique shape decorations complete this beautiful dining room area.
open plan living combining kitchen and living room area
This 1960's ranch remodeling is not only by the brain of the Niche Interiors', in which they apply also what the family need and of course, personal taste. This open plan living scheme makes no boundary between everyone in the house and persuades more social interaction between house holds.
walnut shelvings containing books, accessories and logs for the marin fireplace
A traditional style still apparent in this now modern house, shows a reminder of the state of origins. Or in other words, the real identity of the house is not left forgotten. That is quite the remarkable house remodeling project ideas. And this time, not disappointing.