An Invigorating House Interior Mixing Contemporary with Pops of Colors

cool and stylish living room with artistic details and vibrant pops of color
 A contemporary home that is more than meets the eye. This one deserve that compliments as it combines successfully several different elements and styles into a beautiful house design. Thanks to Busybee Design, before us displayed an invigorating house interior. Known as successfully having repertoire of ever 60 fully designed homes, the company projects take us into another level of providing satisfaction for home owners as well as infusing their character interior into homes.
closer look to the attractive colorful cushions and some beautiful accessories
Closer look to the corner of the family room reveals attractive colorful cushions and some contemporary details.
contemporary lamp makes a gorgeous display and futuristic center point
Fresh orange carpet makes quite a daring contrast to the darker color palette, while contemporary lamp makes a futuristic center point.
low bed design with cool black leather upholstery shows a contemporary bedroom design with unique wall decor
 Complimenting each others, calm color tones and dim lights works great in creating a serene and soothing bedroom scheme. To avoid being plain bedroom design, patterns and textures style up the area.
Another angle of the bedroom reveals a fun rug above dramatic black floor and cool mirror as well as drawers. A beautiful round pendant light soothe the precise in its dim fluorescent.

cool and classy drawer and mirror design in line with traditional flower wall pictures and contemporary details
Cool and classy drawer and mirror design and contemporary details
elegant and classy black dining with reflective accents
Cool and classy dining experience as done by the dramatic look on the white and black dining room area.
modern bedroom design with attractive green rugs and pops of colors
Just like the rest of the house, this Busybee Design project smooths the combination between the contemporary pieces with striking color. Creating a fun twist as well as creating a lovely home environment. Mirrors also added to the space for an illusion of wide area, while showing style in simplicity.

Mid Century Home Combining Rigid Modern Elements with Smooth Touches

orange makes a refreshing look to the pale muted wood materials
Here we go again, design enthusiast! We have featured many mid centuries home design, and this time, we come up with a rather unique mid century home design. Combining rigid modern elements with smooth touches, this home interiors have in fact turns out gorgeous and enviable to have. Clean lines, fresh and lively colors, enormous natural lights collaborates to compliment the space altogether while a smooth boundary between the modern and traditional infusion creates a rich textures to the home interiors. Take your time and let these photograph unfold their own stories. Hope you enjoy.
green adds a beautiful combination to the stoney room and supports the nature beautifully 
Stone-like floor look makes a daring impression on the entire house, with its reflective surface create a stunning bright room. Natural lights coming from the floor to ceiling windows compliment the elements and even this area has turned into an interesting one with its pops of green and silver. Imitates the naturals, while making a modern home interior.
beautiful color combination inside the kids bedroom and a hammock for baby
Carboard Chocolate create a traditional look, while fresh white and green works great for a simple and modern bedroom. Precise in function, a little hammock is added for a fun twist.
rigid look on clean lines with beautiful contemporary lights makes an interestingly unique family area
Clean lines supported by cute round details shows a simplicity. Smooth transition separating the dining area is done beautifully by soft wood flooring. ThHe illusion of wide space, then, works great in this actually one room made one with the rest of the living room area.
unique tilted wall in this neutral stone palette relaxing area in minimalist style furniture
Closer look to the living room area looks rather different from common living room area. It gives a certain unique sensation, with its grey and raw look on the entire area. This mid century home design makes quite a contrast with the common one, in the way the building structure made. The tilting wall sure make a lot of differences to make this house a one of a kind house design.

Extremely Unique Wordly House Design

cultural scheme of a bedroom design shown by unique decorations
It is unbelievable how many variation and exploration in inventing gorgeous interior designs you can get. Every elements you combine makes a unique look and strikingly different when you connect it with another. This unique house design has just that, resulting in contemporary and natural ambiance home environment. Besides, true personality of who made this one, the one designer company Newton Concepts Furniture & Interior Design.

back to nature bathroom design with stones carefully and uniquely stacked to make an inspiring bathroom look 
Inspired by raw organic materials, natural stones and wood in this bathroom works in complete harmony with the real greens. Vibrant in natural lights, the falling of water through these natural materials create quite interesting focal points
 contemporary outdoor lounge area in modern fresh vibe with gorgeous lighting, modern sectional sofa and dark wood floor 
Have the ultimate pleasure in luxury inside this lovely outdoor lounge. The concept of open plan living brought out clearly by the rolling floor to ceiling windows. Be it beautiful lighting composition, modern acquisitions, and worldly natural dark wood floor, these makes a one of a kind main area inside home. In addition to that, Asian inspired wood door heading to another room with rather a traditional Japanese style room design.
uninhibited floor to ceiling windows for city view, a combination of dark wood floor and steel appliances
From another point of view is the metropolitan look on the city and the beautiful meet of wood and stainless materials.
 statues and animal rug inside modern living room

A meeting between world influences can be seen and felt in this lively living room area. Statues and traditional pieces decorate this area and finished with animal skin rugs. Not to forgetting, the infusion of modern approach by the sofa and the room design itself. Modern as seen by clean lines and rich worldly influences as seen by each of the statues here.

remarkable outdoor patio with lovely modern sofa, recessed lighting on the stairs and romantic spot
We are sure that you love this outdoor area. Stunning and unique rooftop layout design set the base for modern furnishings to fill the space. An outdoor with a view to the city surrounds with natural feel is desirable to have. Beautiful steps lighting take your step into another level of beauty, the area which can initiates closeness and openness between friends or loved one.

Fall Fashion Trends 2013 Brought into Life by Interior Design

celine brought into soothing feminine living room
Have a blast, fashion enthusiast! For today, we are showing you the wonder of interior design invention. These well-known fashion design brands have been translated into a beautiful home that are unquestionably stylish and shows a little more or less of the owner personal taste. In addition to inserting personality, these fashion and interior design creates quite an achievement in rated high on 2013 fall trends.
chanel brought into emebellished black office interiors
Black makes a basic for the cool and gorgeous room interior, while golden in the room makes quite a quick approach into visual attraction. Circular elements is shown on the fashion design, then translated as beautiful modern wall decoration. While futuristic table lamp reflects the round elements of upper level of the model, patterned wallpaper resembles just as well. Reflective leather surfaces are looking similar to the trendy high boots, while silver chains brought into furniture edges.
Dior brought into elegant black and white workspace
Elegant and feminine work space is just suitable for working lady with a high taste of style. Introducing the Christian Dior Fall trends into this beatiful work desk. White and black makes a simple yet stunning details are carefully planted into the furniture shapes.
jason wu winter design brought into white and black room and beautiful on the furry white sofa
Furry white sofa makes the obvious statement of beauty in style, surrounded by black wall that resembles the catwalk of the fashion show. Black also significant in making the gorgeous look, making the white took many compliments when seen. Elegant and contemporary accessories are added to make more variation to this already impressive area.
stella mccartney brought into plaid home office in simple and rather traditional style
Plaid patterns applied as the home office carpet, while black and white makes a basic of the traditional style. Simple and stylish, is this time's Stella McCartney's fashion brought into life by home interior theme.
theyskens theory brought into a home interior that is masculine yet beauty and stylish

Have a beauty in every corner, the well known brand Theyskens' Theory seems like too good to be true when fashion brought into life by interior design. Black provide a soothing room for reading, adorned by natural color palette.

Incredible Beach House Interiors

How would you feel as you enter a house as welcoming as this foyer? Splashes of color ranging from lime, cool blue and golden are just the clue of what you're going to see from the rest of the house interiors. ERREZ Design Inc. are the one behind this gorgeous interior display, this time they're featuring a beach house with stunning prints, patterns, and cute details. Feel free to browse through this page if you're curious.
Dark wood dining table and the striking rugs make a wonderful contrast to the white in this area. Meanwhile, pops of colors gives more variation and life to the room.
An incredibly beautiful white bathroom, featuring clean and clear surfaces all round the area.
This master bathroom is what you need for inspiration. Mirrored display, marble vanity top, and abundant lights are perfect combination between space here. Every single things here are carefully selected to create this luxurious bathroom design. The use of reflective sources make a wider space illusion. Thus, the clean and soothing environment here makes an inspirational bathroom. Hey, is that the awesome photographer who took all these gorgeous images?
This stunning family room is filled with blue turquoise accessories, unique prints, and classy Morrocan lighting.
What is quite striking to the beautiful living scheme is the sea themed curtain. Blue is perfect to complete the theme, and works great with various fun motifs on the cushions. Not to mention that gorgeous antique lamp, don't you think they surprisingly suitable to each other?
These patterns and motives creates a cheerful yet soothing with its proportional balance between the dark and light in the room.
A contemporary bedroom with personal taste added to it is what everybody would long for. This one has a extra comfortable pillar bed, classic end tables and unique animal skull accessories. Stretching windows above the head bed invite warm sunlight in, while allowing fresh air at night. 
I'm sure you won't let this spot being disadvantaged on. Making this one a hangout place with friends is indeed a great idea.
Once again, beautiful wall prints has not been forgotten to decorate this classy terrace. What we may want as classy is shown by the color selection, as well as the outdoor furniture design. Beautiful carpet that suitable for the sofa and round tables are also showing cool motifs, which at the same time ties them all together.