Modern Log Homes Interior Design

seeing the rustic wood material you walk into the house
Ever wondering how would your house look like if you include a little more wood in its material? Throw away your thoughts about the old fashion look home interior design with woods in every corner. Today log homes interior are much more energizing, including healthy psychological environment as well as comfortable provided with its sophisticated furniture design included.
bright hallway showing rustic ceiling and cozy lounges by the windows 2
Fresh and lively are just words to explain the calmness when living inside this house. Spacious and connected living spaces in the center of the house make it easier for the household to enjoy the living room. Every corners and hallways are also provided with abundant sunlight, creating a healthy house environment. This modern house also has its certain values with its visual attraction. Combining soft and hard look on this house interior design makes it artistic and attractive to see.
stunning modern kitchen in white and brown wood looks casual 3
As we see into the kitchen, the essence of rustic soon goes away. This house certainly has rustic essence, yet there is more to it as it shows the classic in the kitchen area. Built in cabinets and appliances are combined with the artistic look on its antiquities. But the look alone is not the only thing this kitchen has.
the house kitchen in classic and modern fusion with black antiques
 As you can see, this contemporary kitchen is highly functional, complete with all you need in cooking tasty treats. The layout makes it easier for the owner to have efficient cooking with easy-to-reach cabinets as well as neat and clean arrangement of cooking tools.
smart kitchen layout promoting bright light and flexibility
Every side of the kitchen is utilized as built-in cupboard and cabinets. This way, the owner can save more time on functioning the kitchen area. The compartments are also less likely to be noticed right away as the color and shape is less eye-catchy.
living room and lounge nearby to promote cozy style log homes
The living room is like what it called, gather the entire household to have fun activity together. Though not so fancy, this area has it all when it comes to family entertaining as well as fulfilling basic need altogether.
lounge with dining table, classic crystal light and fun cushions 7
This casual dining room layout is suitable for the entire household, including the children too. The cushions are quite fancy and attractive, adding more color pops to that of the fresh living greens inside the area.
almost unnoticed white round fireplace behind the kitchen area 8
See how free it is to move around the kitchen area. This hallways can reach the backdoor, the kitchen, and straight to the living room. This way, continuous air movement can be easily noticed. Sunlight is highly noticable and completely lights up the house interior, making it quite
minimalist built-in storage space doubles as kitchen wall divider
simple and traditional bathroom with stunning wood vanity table and white fixtures made one with the laundry machine
calm in white and dark brown upstairs hallway with attractive wall decorations and rough wood
double dimension round fireplace through the room
gorgeous bedroom in dark wood floor material and white located on the house ceiling yet stunning with bright light
lively and fresh room scheme in white with pops of green
modern purple sofa and rustic raw coffee table wood material
relaxing white room scheme with cozy box sofa and chairs
white room with white workspace facing the window