Urrutia Design Promotes Wonderful Natural into Spaces

the living room is filled with natural lights and looks gorgeous with its black and white theme
Happy weekend! If you start the day searching for inspiration or if you have a plan to redecorate your house, this is the perfect timing for us to give you even more designs! Today, we're highlighting the wonderful work of Urrutia Design. With over 15 years of experience in the field of home renovation, Urrutia Design has worked on numerous projects in California and San Fransisco. The company has given their magic in renovation ranging from 1845 historical house until building up new homes from scratch. The firm has specialties in magnifying details and precises, creating a beautiful and comfortable house to live for.

Let's take a closer look to this lovely home located in Greenbra, CA. This is definitely one of our favorite designed by Urrutia Design, a lovely home that promotes wonderful natural environment in every spaces inside:
modern kitchen islands that doubles as preparation and breakfast table
This Au-natural kitchen includes black and white furnishing to stand out the branch decor and wood materials here. Stainless steel pops up the modern style, while as supportive as the cool black cabinetry here for a style.
closer look to the kitchen island that doubles as breakfast table
Closer look to the breakfast table shows astounding details of material and textures as seen from the chairs.
the work space provides a room for working as well as big mirror in its backdrop to open up more space
Urrutia Design make the best of every space in the house. This workspace, for example, is one to note about with its clear function that able to mount computer and office work. Eclectic table lamp is a fine addition to the space, just as the green to refresh the area. With a textured wall, mirror is just the right thing to have in opening up space and providing quick rejuvenation when working.
extra cabinetry with style that provides more storage spaces for the kitchen
An extra storage space that contains all the kitchen essentials. It's wonderful in black and simple in design. Not to mention that built-in wine refrigerator!
a comfy single sofa for reading
A lovely sunny day outside enhance this nook into a great spot for reading. With a beautiful pieces and that stainless light, both reading during day and night can really amuse your soul from words and literature.
close look to the coffee table in the living room revealing its wood details
Urrutia Design have a specialization in details and that's what exactly to note for. This wood console table match wonderfully to the beige rug. With accents, both enhance wonderful natural environment in the house.
wonderful vanity with dark wood material and granite vanity top
The bathroom features a zebra wallpaper and beautiful marble vanity top. And of course, greens to add even more naturals!
Well, tell us what you like from this design. Reading this post, you may even want to make your home a renovation project. Ready for the next design?

"Snapper Creek Project", A Wonderful transition between Modern and Contemporary Style

this closer view on the dining room area shows eclectic white furnishings including the dining chairs, white flower center pieces and lighting fixtures with garden view through the customized glass wall and roof
We are excited when we come up with a phrase "Snapper Creek Project", cause we can't lie but say we do! Even more pleasing, when we've found out who's behind the scene of this gorgeous space, the one and only Michael Wolk Design Associates. Known as America's most prestigious manufacturers, Michael Wolk has recently achieved Sandy Award under category of Design Excellence in Hospitality Design for the Trump Grand-Royale in Sunny Isles. With another numerous Awards the company has won, their designs have been featured in both national and international publications. Today, we are showcasing Michael Wolk's latest project called "The Snapper Creek". Blurring the line between modern and contemporary style, you might note the beautiful thin boundaries on these gorgeous photographs.
neutral hues laying sofa and contemporary round table in the living room
Black, Beige and neutral hues compact the space into a modern, functional living room with its design.
open plan living space includes various seating options and custom built wooden wall
Another angle of the living room reveals an even more wider space for relaxing. The black and neutrals color palette are smoothly transitioning with customized furnishings. They include custom built wall, accent blue throw and subtle carpet
stunning hallway furnished minimally with comfy chairs having the benefit of natural sun lights by the glass wall and roof customization
This impressive hallway is designed with sun roof and minimally furnished. With such an gorgeous design, a relaxing lounge and a quick breakfast can start up a mood booster for the day. Clean white palette is wonderfully contrasted by black furnishings and building architectural details that include the metal bars.
sandy hues clues this lounge area a coastal themed living room with glass walls for a gorgeous view outside
We can't say how much we love an outdoor patio that has the benefit of being an indoor. Protected furniture, away from the weather, and still has the personalized feel of close to the outdoor sensation. Foor to ceiling glass walls provide just as well relaxing time as the sun bathing patio on the corner. Filled with natural lights, the comfy lounge area looks beautiful with its fun cushions.
bathroom with clean line accent for a modern minimalist bathroom design with reasonably big mirrors covering the wall half up
An extra modern home interior which is also contemporary. This master bathroom boasts on clean lines and innovative shapes, grey and wooden accent, and of course, the oh-so-stunning mirrors. Simplicity in details really make this home. If you carefully note, every rooms in this house has a combination of modern and contemporary furnishings, including this one.
a muted and white bathroom design with contemporary bathtub and stone-like decoration by the window
Starting from the building architecture, every space is carefully defined to fit such a fine interior design. Sophisticated, this house has numerous elements tied together by accent furnishings and arts. We notice how thin the transition between the modern and contemporary style are pulled together by these elements collaboration. We love it, and the world of interior highly appreciate this "Snapper Creek Project". Hey, is that a hint of the beautiful view outside surrounding the house?

Closer look to Grandview Farm, an Eco-friendly House Design by Cushman Design Group

a beautiful scheme of the house's landscape which look so wide and greens with forest behind
What can be more rejuvenating than to have fresh nature view all around the house? That is the benefit when having a home located by the mountain or forest. The idea of healthy living style and maintaining an eco-friendly house is too hard to reject. And that is why Interiornity select this farm house into your inspiration. Thanks to Vermont interior design firm Cushman Design Group, we can review this Grandview Farm. Environmentally friendly, the house design is functional, efficient as well as providing the client's expectation to be close to nature within their home design.
Cushman Design Group's design is extraordinarily Eco-friendly, using environmental quality which are long lasting, durable, and recyclable materials. Gorgeous and solid, both the exterior and interior maintain a traditional farm style which details make it a complete, beautiful home. Exposed beamed ceiling, along with its iron creates a solid and bold home design, which doubles as an extra uniqueness inside. In addition to that, exposed stone fireplace make a natural look to the space. Wooden floor and chocolate furnishings then calm the rough effect beautifully.
The entryway is simple and traditional, showing the original barn door.
This stunning kitchen and dining scheme is done wonderfully by the combination of strong wood accents, traditional chair upholstery, and unique lighting fixtures. Warm hues provide a relaxing setting for a country breakfast. In addition to that, note the industrial lighting fixtures that adds a rustic charisma to the space.
Stainless steel and granite counter top provide a great addition to the traditional style and at the same time boost the mood for cooking.
Yet another rustic style in this home design comes before us. This steam punk inspired powder bathroom is boasted by modern lights and accent candle light. Notice how the details make an attractive, smashing design in this bathroom.
An Eco-friendly home basically is the idea of reassuring happy life that is full of natural enjoyment. Cushman Design Group knows exactly how to do it. Beside all the environmental quality invented to the interior, the firm select the best angle to view the nature and this balcony has all the awe-inspiring nature view. If you are still craving for more inspiration for home improvement, feel free to browse or even contact us. Every comments are encouraged, so please feel free to give your insights and opinion on our posts.

Transitional Natural Beauty Home Interiors by Lisa Ferguson

a cozy sofa and ottoman for a great reading experience shone by abundant light and beautiful pieces
Enhancing natural aesthetics and combine it into home interiors, are the ultimate goal of Toronto designer Lisa Ferguson, when she created this personalized dream home. Formerly a great combination between the client's lifestyle and tastes, Lisa and her team strive to enhance the way each clients wants to live. Translating it into a transitional design that boasts natural beauty, customized furnishings and elements provides a personalized feel while making the best of each spaces. Have a tour on this transitional home design:
a custom golden rack having asian style shape and contemporary wood chairs beside it
A custom contemporary brass shelf along with unique white table promotes aesthetic feel to the space. Furnished in golden palette, the combination with wood lounge chair creates rich textures and balanced at once. Just like the rest of the house, no space is left unfurnished and escape natural beauty that reflects the client's taste.
asian inspired drawer mounting contemporary accessories
This transitional home has soft and seamless boundary in combining various elements. In this case, an Asian inspired drawer made one beautifully in this Eastern inspired vignette. A sense of originality and in this house has been done remarkably by contemporary details to enhance the beauty. To complete this space, a brass lamp join elements just as well.
viewing the entire dining area reveals two traditional chairs in each ends of the rectangular table
Natural lights give this dining a vibrant feel, while a sparkling chandelier above enhance luxury, day and night. Against the warm wood accent, are life greens to attract visuals. Fit up to ten people, this dining provides beauty as well as comfort as done by the tufted dining chairs, two unique wooden chairs to show uniqueness.
one side of the dining area is a lovely combination between life greens and flower themed painting
An abstract floral painting brings the springtime feel to the space, while fuse beautifully with the life greens mounted on cute vases. The walnut table and sideboard are custom made, and so as the linen tufted chairs.
Across the flower themed wall painting is some framed pictures and writings
The wall hosts many frames and pictures of various sizes and shapes, with each frames customized in style.
full and complete family room for entertainment in modern style

This contemporary home is designed to invent a beautiful combination between spaces with styles. This living room boasts a custom built in book shelf, ottoman, exposed stony fireplace, and furnishings. Displayed photographs of the client personify the people living in this house.
a warm chocolate sofa and a minimalist rack for books and decorations
Custom built book shelf are on each sides of the fireplace, gives a slightly different feel.
cool and classic style made into one in this family room
The brass coffee table, fresh landscape painting, and custom wood sofa are a feast for the senses.

Eco-Friendly, Stylish Abode 1950s Home Remodeling

naturally fresh sitting nook furnished with contemporary accessories
Aren't you fascinated having a home that is worth to be praised for? Today we are featuring a home that takes aesthetic into higher level and embracing a person's lifetime with contemporary and modern designs. Today's featured design goes to Komal Sheth of Spaces Designed, in which the project is remodeling a home into an Eco-friendly, stylish abode. One of Spaces Designed's project was the award winning Oak-Ridge Residence, a zen infused abode with bold patterns, amusing textures, and contemporary light fixtures. The project was to completely update the 1950s ranch house with a French country interior, which was remodeled into a haven with eco-friendly materials. From this enticing, inviting entryway, let's have a closer look to this abode.
an attractive house entryway with various statues mounted on custom built rack
Smashing color entryway really invites you inside, while wall cutouts create a unique way of presenting beauty and value, the Asian inspired details on display. In addition to that, unique wall finish and mosaic plastered chair. These gives clue of the owner's personal style as well as the zen of the entire house.
a small modern bathroom design with attractive tiles and a wide window viewing the outside
This bathroom is filled with natural lights, thanks to the window. In addition to the already impressive lighting scheme, the wooden accents and mosaic tiles creates interesting focal points. Clean black lines define a modern look to the space and works great against the light hues wall.
contemporary bedroom with some details and flower curtains to ties them all beautifully
This bedroom interior features a dark light contrast and amusing transition in between. A mirrored cabinet and dark wooden furniture ties in beautifully with the sexy red settee. To complete the aesthetic, natural looks on the carpet and exclusive curtains really compliment the spaces together.
the overview of the open plan living reveals a fresh family room with a view to the garden
A stunning display of entryway takes our next step into this natural accent living room. Contemporary comfort with various of luxurious seating options provides feast for senses and beauty all the while you are embraced by beautiful lighting compositions. Fusing the natural accents including its Eco-friendly materials, this family room is filled with nature view. Glass window above the electronics calm the modernity with greens, while visual and physical access to the garden really entertain the spirit.
a beautiful scheme of a dining revealing natural accent in its neutral creamy color palette
Unique custom wall provide a space to highlight contemporary pieces that reflects the owner's personality style. Once again, maximize natural accent is presented by leaf-like dining table centerpiece and accent candles that focus your attraction to the space.
a stylish bathroom in big size includes luxury fixtures and stunning animal skin carpet
This bathroom has it all in beauty: luxury bathtub with candles, unique decorations, as well as beautiful lighting ambiance. Not to mention, the wooden cabinetry and patterned tiles.
a modern kitchen occupying one wall side completes with a kitchen island
A home transformation is a great opportunity to rebirth the house into the latest, updated space to soothe the entire family. This 1950s ranch house has taken a journey what was French interior, into the contemporary home with eco-friendly design that reflects the personality of the owner. If you are looking for another inspirational designs, you can always look for our reviews on home remodeling project.

Inspirational Open Plan that brings out Modernity in Style

luxurious nook perfect for reading, shone by enormous light and beautiful scenery outside seen
Simplicity and beauty, are what one may expect from a modern home design. In addition to that, a home that serves more than a home -- a home that fulfill both physical and psychological. 3 Fold Design Studio have a more precise idea -- a sustainable home that is universal and modern -- to completes the two concept. That is, creating an inspirational open plan that brings out modernity in style. This latest 3 Fold Studio Design promotes modern style with a refreshing color, and inserting clean lines with Eco-friendly materials. So, let's take a closer look!
an open plan space conveyed with landscape wall art and glass wall
The illusion of open space is brought by the landscape painting and glass wall that reveals the scenery of the real nature outside. The raw wood materials create a slight difference to the one outside, thus makes a natural feel inside. Exposed beamed ceiling creates a sense of precise modern and works great with the rough stone wall. To complete the modern, lovely thin white dining chairs for the dining and lovely table centerpiece make interesting focal points.
natural wood furniture, exposed white brick makes an elegant and soothing dining area
Another angle of the dining area shows the open plan --  smooth transition between the dining area and the family room. And look at that stunning two dimension fireplace!
rectangular neutral tone tiles tie together the dark and light tones in this modern kitchen
Rectangular neutral tone tiles tie together the dark and light tones in this modern kitchen.

simple living room promoting comfort and well balanced room proportion
Living in a modern house with such a beautiful spacial look then, makes a comfortable living scheme. Or in this case, a happy and healthy psychological. Complimented by enormous wide space as done by the concept and the open view outside, as well as filled with luxury furniture to provide the comfort. Not just that, a sense of comfortableness is fulfilled when one have their personal style applied in their own home decoration.
refreshing environment brought out by the ample natural sun lights and comfortable furnishing and a view
Lively and rejuvenating, this area is the favorite area for the family for happy chit and chat.
stunning meets of different materials inside living room area in contemporary style
See the beautiful elements proportion meets in this area -- wood, stone, steel and glass -- added with fresh greens to complete the aesthetics.

Makeover 1960's Home Transformation into Full Indoor and Outdoor Living Experience

an addition of pool area, green garden to the house renovation , and the overview of the new house design from outside
A dream house that ensure you living experiences that goes beyond its function. Refreshing mind and rejuvenating energy as well as providing more satisfaction than you already get from your home. Introducing, a 1960's house which went through a tremendous transformation from the outdated home design into a house that provides full indoor and outdoor living experience. Roshington Architecture is the mind master behind the home renovation project, creating a brand new home that has an East Coast feel, an open space plan and stunning landscape design to provide the clients both indoor and outdoor experiences.
attractive curving entry way to the house
Attractive curving entry way to the house shows a welcoming sensation.
gorgeous display of a kitchen and dining area in modern style filled with high end appliances, beautiful furniture, and lamps
Not your everyday kind of modern kitchen, this one have you surrounded by calm lighting arrangement in line with the natural lights. Modern white kitchen furniture in the area makes just as soothing look, great for cooking or simply just the place to hang out with the family.
master bedroom in bright light thanks to the glass roof on the center of the room
Keeping with the rest of the house, this bathroom has a neutral color hues, simple clean lines on the design, and natural sun lights filling the area. Marble counter top makes a modern look, while giving a slight combination to the neutral tone color. Coming from at least two different directions, the light makes this bathroom an interesting scheme.
modern outdoor patio design with beautiful furniture and gorgeous fireplace
This great outdoor lounge area must be your favorite too, cause we just can't resist the charm of this area. The landscape view is amazing, and the fireplace is too good to be missed when having family gathering or a party. Modern patio also looks perfect with its materials and color to mix blend with the rest of the garden.
special room for the grand piano
Even this area is not lacking in inviting look. Wood floor creates a warm and comfortable scene, in contrast with the neutral wall. Calm lights as provided by the round lamp makes the grand piano focused in visual. Elegant and gorgeous, the exclusive area carpet completes the aesthetics.