Subtle Transitional Spaces to Live For : Barbara Gilbert Interiors

great view of the living room area with chocolate furnishings and huge windows and accent thin curtains
We feel lucky enough to come up with another inspirational interior designs, this time by the wonderful work of Barbara Gilbert Interiors. Providing services as both interior designer and furniture specialty, the firm is located in Dallas, Texas. However, not limited to Plano, Allen, Frisco, Richardson, Rockwall, Heath, Murphy, McKinney, Fairview, Parker, Lucas, Lewisville & Flower Mound. The ultimate goal is to "create a home or business that reflects their unique style and personality", while making sure the clients spending no more time and energy than they should. This is one of our favorite, spaces that are full of personality:
classy and traditional wide living room area  
This transitional spaces is done by collaborating color, textures, and materials and the result surprise us as elegant and comfortable space. This living room is also an illustration of a Sante Fe artist which was put into the color palette basis for the entire room.
gorgeous stairs and open foyer with natural sunlights
traditional style dining room with classic dining furniture and chandelier having a red backdrop
The aqua dining has a smashing red backdrop wall that combines naturally with the wood furnishings in this dining room.
Classic details embrace the wood and marble floor on the winding staircase wonderfully. Unoccupied space -- only boasts on marble floors -- in combination with wide windows elaborate the natural lights gorgeously and create an interesting point of views. To even the space, beautiful intricate carved fireplace is set here.
a traditional dining room with neutral hues and wood accent floor surrounded with bright fruits painting
The dining room includes a variety of wood furnishings. The complexness of variation has left us stunned and also, can't help but compliments the eye-catchy paintings.

traditional and classic dining room with chandelier, carpet, and wood furniture accents
Dining in style is provided by traditional chairs upholstery, classic chandelier and gorgeous carved wooden furniture.
neutral hues in the kitchen cabinets and wall makes the red kitchen island eye-catchy and fascinating to see
The kitchen is one to note for. Neutral hues and simple cabinetry boasts up the red kitchen island along with its dark finish. To ties them together comes the beautiful wood floor.
customized cabinet to fill the transitional space between kitchen and the dining
The cabinet is a customized built, giving the space an extension of more space.
minimalist and simple kitchen with pops of red
Since the idea is to create a subtle transitional space that fit the client's need and personality, the kitchen is not one to neglect of. The minimalist and simple design is meant to draws your attention to its pops of red. Sensational and refreshing, this modern kitchen design includes textured wood floor and mosaic tiles backdrop to pulls the elements together.
warm scheme of wine cellar that boasts european style with its classic finish and stone wall
It seems like our mind is taken aback into the mid century as we walk inside this warm wine cellar. Wood furnishings, along with granite materials, in combination with creamy textured wall are just in perfect proportions to make this room comfortable and relaxing. Once a bedroom, the wall is customized for wine cabinets and to fit a built in displayed wines.
fresh transitional outdoor with various seating options and clean groovy pool
Note how gorgeous the outdoor with its subtle transitional between elements and colors. Magnificent European style exterior is revealed here, with intricate textures and ceiling designs. Pops of reds marks the space for relaxing, dining, and simply to enjoy this wonderful European style. Tell us which of Barbara Gilbert Interiors that you love most and make sure to leave your opinion and much obliged, compliments. Browse more on our web for another featured designs if you like.

Fun and Inviting Room Designs by Susan Cooper

adorable turquoise and orange bedroom scheme with attractive motifs and modern bedroom design
Old days were when rooms are designed to fit the room size only and lack of personal style. The world of interior design has not stop exploring maximum benefit of space, outsmarting the less, as well as embracing the elements there are. It's not recent, though, that room designing has been made with a style, one that shows the person who lives there. Every one of them were made unique, and some can be enviable to have that the design is wanted to be applied at home.
plain, stripes, and flowery pattern on the sofa and throws
Plain, stripes, and flowery pattern on the sofa and throws for a fun combination at once
girl most love this cheek throws in pink placed on a modern and cute bed
Girls must love this cheek bed design and those cute pink throws and pillows!
cool and awesome bed and throws in blue and beige
This luxury bed looks awesome in blue and abstract motifs.
Several interior design companies can show their unique style and success in decorating room, or even the entire home design. These room design works, for one, is wholly carried out by the Susan Cooper Designs. The unique room character Susan Cooper shows on this edition is the attractive color design and furniture selection, which can set up a fun and inviting space.
elegant and sweet bedroom design focusing on lovely bed and patterned rug
Sleek lines and traditional furnishings collaborate in this sweet brown bedroom.
The chocolatey brown creates a sweet warm room scheme, while floral patterns on the rug set the base of clean and sleek design of the bed. This, in other words, shows an elegant bedroom with a little bit of traditional style to it. Pale blue and beige colors is suitable to draw attention to the brown and white in this room, that is the super soft bed!
elegant and traditional living room scheme
This elegant living room draws attention with its trellis arm chairs.
Brown stands out as the basic color palette in this area, particularly the wall paint surrounding cozy sofa, classic coffee table and the duo trellis arm chair. Modern fireplace looks stunning in this room, providing the heat comfort in style. Meanwhile, the big mirror is just as stunning to see in this scheme.
attractive sofa and its silver accessories
Not only the unique trellis pattern, this spot also has its charm with its geometrical side table, silver table lamp, and a sculpture.
bright room scheme
Another angle of the living room shows a soothing spot for the owner.
stunning dining room located facing the ocean in circular design
A seaside dining room embrace the beauty of the sea, while providing easy access is just the thing to complete it.
A muted color palette and pale turquoise resembles the natural scenery, while circular room design is perfect to place a round dining set facing the sea. Without too much addition, this dining only need a plenty of see-through windows and direct access to the porch.
traditional dining surrounded mostly by windows and centered to a classic chandelier
How about a traditional dining room, but special in the way it surrounds you with dim light?
magic of color selection seen in this simple living room design
White and pale blue makes a soothing living room, a perfect place to nap.
Exploring the magic of color selection as done by Susan Cooper Designs shows a great difference in comfort. The simple living room design above provides a soothing and relaxing spot for the owner. Not only does physical comfort is fulfilled, the satisfying of one's psychological is highly achieved.
classy brown sofa and ottoman accompanied by stackable three desks
Chocolatey furnishings make a warm room scheme and that comfy sofa and ottoman can be a perfect reading spot.
What can be more obvious, that this room can make you feel warm and inviting? A reading nook with an ottoman, accompanied by stack-able classic desks, surrounded by ambient lighting, what an enviable reading nook!
viewing the dining area two archs stand for this clasic dining room
Gorgeous dining room that looks scary at first sight, yet surprisingly comfort anyone inside.
elegant dining room design with classic chairs and large table set on a beautiful patterned carpet
Classy chandeliers, traditional carpet and classy furniture makes this beautiful dining room design.
a traditional kitchen design which mix the modern and classic elements
See the soft combination between the classic and modern elements.
classic living room includes large patterned carpet, fireplace
This elegant living room has pops of colors for an attractive twist.
overview of a classic living room with antique accessories
If you feel like going back to the ancient time, this living room scheme shows just as fair.
closer look to the fireplace reveal antique  pieces, marble materials and beautiful carved design
closer look to the fireplace reveal antique  pieces, marble materials and beautiful carved design.

elegant white bathroom with stunning cupboards
If you want the elegant bathroom, then this one might suit your taste.
very antique tappestry added with two carved chairs and beautiful wall decoration
Antique tappestry, classic carved chairs, and beautiful wall piece sets a deeper meaning to the interiors.