Mid Century Home Combining Rigid Modern Elements with Smooth Touches

orange makes a refreshing look to the pale muted wood materials
Here we go again, design enthusiast! We have featured many mid centuries home design, and this time, we come up with a rather unique mid century home design. Combining rigid modern elements with smooth touches, this home interiors have in fact turns out gorgeous and enviable to have. Clean lines, fresh and lively colors, enormous natural lights collaborates to compliment the space altogether while a smooth boundary between the modern and traditional infusion creates a rich textures to the home interiors. Take your time and let these photograph unfold their own stories. Hope you enjoy.
green adds a beautiful combination to the stoney room and supports the nature beautifully 
Stone-like floor look makes a daring impression on the entire house, with its reflective surface create a stunning bright room. Natural lights coming from the floor to ceiling windows compliment the elements and even this area has turned into an interesting one with its pops of green and silver. Imitates the naturals, while making a modern home interior.
beautiful color combination inside the kids bedroom and a hammock for baby
Carboard Chocolate create a traditional look, while fresh white and green works great for a simple and modern bedroom. Precise in function, a little hammock is added for a fun twist.
rigid look on clean lines with beautiful contemporary lights makes an interestingly unique family area
Clean lines supported by cute round details shows a simplicity. Smooth transition separating the dining area is done beautifully by soft wood flooring. ThHe illusion of wide space, then, works great in this actually one room made one with the rest of the living room area.
unique tilted wall in this neutral stone palette relaxing area in minimalist style furniture
Closer look to the living room area looks rather different from common living room area. It gives a certain unique sensation, with its grey and raw look on the entire area. This mid century home design makes quite a contrast with the common one, in the way the building structure made. The tilting wall sure make a lot of differences to make this house a one of a kind house design.