When Modern Minimalism Design Meets MacDougal Manor in a Natural Vibrant

cozy lounge with neutral color palette and earthly tone furnishings
Every spaces is unique, be it the owner's personal style or a distinction between interior designer characteristics. Today, Interiornity are pleased to bring you the wonderful work of Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd. Founded in 1996 by Betty herself, Betty had the knowledge and creativity to provide her clients warm and refreshing spaces. Not only an interior designer, Betty is also a furniture designer. She established her own custom furniture on 2002. As an expert of modern minimalism design, you'll see her signature style in almost every spaces she innovated.
We can't wait to show one of our featured interior design; when modern minimalism design meets MacDougal Manor in natural Vibrant:
unique and innovative room divider displaying wood intervals
This MacDougal Manor features natural ambiance inside its space. Plentiful of fine wood materials are found in the furnishing. Natural and modern, this house has a unique and innovative room divider displaying wood intervals. The muted color palette on the upholstery are kept neutral, thus highlighting the darker scheme naturally.
wood kitchen furnishing that brings in natural ambiance in modern style
This kitchen features clean lines and textured wood patterns. White provides a neutral palette and works great to show cleanliness inside cooking space. This way, the kitchen gives natural ambiance in modern style that match the rest of the home.
a coffee table made out of entirely wood blocks that features originality in nature elements
A coffee table made out of entirely wood blocks that features originality in nature elements.
ample family room with vibrant pops of color and large sectional sofa
Ample family room with vibrant pops of color and large sectional sofa.
The family room is wide enough to gather the entire family. Large sectional sofa provides a comfort and a great company during movie night. Big windows brings in the sun, and functional to give the entire home a light air circulation.
The master bedroom looks astounding in its luxury style, matching to that of a hotel room layout. Wide and beautifully furnished, the bedroom is a relaxing sleep transitional and gives a clear hint of perfect night sleep.
modern master bedroom in monochromatic palette and a lovely accent wicker board wall
Do you like Betty's signature inside these spaces? Interiornity would be glad to give you more, if you like. All the while, if you love personalized space that reflects your own personality, you can see our other designs. One of our most Favorited design of the year is this "Transitional Space to Live For". Also, our recent interior design favored style is this contemporary pop art style. Check it out.

Urrutia Design Promotes Wonderful Natural into Spaces

the living room is filled with natural lights and looks gorgeous with its black and white theme
Happy weekend! If you start the day searching for inspiration or if you have a plan to redecorate your house, this is the perfect timing for us to give you even more designs! Today, we're highlighting the wonderful work of Urrutia Design. With over 15 years of experience in the field of home renovation, Urrutia Design has worked on numerous projects in California and San Fransisco. The company has given their magic in renovation ranging from 1845 historical house until building up new homes from scratch. The firm has specialties in magnifying details and precises, creating a beautiful and comfortable house to live for.

Let's take a closer look to this lovely home located in Greenbra, CA. This is definitely one of our favorite designed by Urrutia Design, a lovely home that promotes wonderful natural environment in every spaces inside:
modern kitchen islands that doubles as preparation and breakfast table
This Au-natural kitchen includes black and white furnishing to stand out the branch decor and wood materials here. Stainless steel pops up the modern style, while as supportive as the cool black cabinetry here for a style.
closer look to the kitchen island that doubles as breakfast table
Closer look to the breakfast table shows astounding details of material and textures as seen from the chairs.
the work space provides a room for working as well as big mirror in its backdrop to open up more space
Urrutia Design make the best of every space in the house. This workspace, for example, is one to note about with its clear function that able to mount computer and office work. Eclectic table lamp is a fine addition to the space, just as the green to refresh the area. With a textured wall, mirror is just the right thing to have in opening up space and providing quick rejuvenation when working.
extra cabinetry with style that provides more storage spaces for the kitchen
An extra storage space that contains all the kitchen essentials. It's wonderful in black and simple in design. Not to mention that built-in wine refrigerator!
a comfy single sofa for reading
A lovely sunny day outside enhance this nook into a great spot for reading. With a beautiful pieces and that stainless light, both reading during day and night can really amuse your soul from words and literature.
close look to the coffee table in the living room revealing its wood details
Urrutia Design have a specialization in details and that's what exactly to note for. This wood console table match wonderfully to the beige rug. With accents, both enhance wonderful natural environment in the house.
wonderful vanity with dark wood material and granite vanity top
The bathroom features a zebra wallpaper and beautiful marble vanity top. And of course, greens to add even more naturals!
Well, tell us what you like from this design. Reading this post, you may even want to make your home a renovation project. Ready for the next design?

Beasley & Henley's Invention of Chic and Gorgeous Small Space

a simple round dining table to fit four in transparent accent dining chairs while the custom cropped wall shows another room main living area in the house
Beasley and Henley Interior Design has known to be the master of creating innovative spaces conveying intricate architectural details and sophisticated style. Winter Park Interior Designer Troy Beasley of Beasley and Henley has created an artistic approach into small space while making a personalized feel for the client. From clients of high-end developers on luxury, remodeling projects, and themed space, the firm has the opportunity to exceed all of their expectation. And this time Interiornity team has the pleasure to show you their amazing work on creating a personalized small space interiors. Details are what make them chic and gorgeous:
beasley and henley interior design beautiful scheme of the kitchen and dining area
Calm color palette, wooden furnishings, and lighting fixtures in this scheme pulls the room together into a comfortable living room. Note how the space is divided into areas that are separated, yet tied together by the nuance.
beasley and henley design view from the lounge area reveals beautiful and innovatove space
To make a dramatic base, comes the cool combination of gray, brown, and neutral hues. Eclectic pieces, eye-catchy decorations, and interesting focal points are found throughout the room, thanks to the neutral base color!
the family room is decorated with contemporary details including the simople yet attractive black and white wall decoration
The black and white wall art becomes the focal point of this living room. Accent pillows makes this area comfortable as well as attractive to see. Also, green makes the space fresh and lively, especially when added with the life one.
beasley and henley bedroom design in flowery accent
A brown and cream bedroom is enhanced by natural lights softly, while flower accents furnishing lift up the aesthetic in this bedroom. Smart layout, carefully selected furniture, and muted splash is a great combination for a small bedroom space.
the corner of the house is a lounge and entertainment area with contemporary details
The living room is sensational with its rattan chair and eyes drawing attention round table. Geometrical rug makes an illusion of wider space in the center. A personalized feel to the space is added with these cute pieces and collaboration of modern and contemporary furniture. Meanwhile, the dining room is maximized by cool wooden dining chairs that are meant to be pulled under the table. This simple yet modern dining room design also shows Beasley and Henley's trait of space decoration. That is, fine taste for art pieces and clever way of stating a small space into fine, comfortable space!
If you want to see more of Beasley and Henley's interior design, we have another one here, on our former featured design. Have a look! Feel free to ask more of Interiornity's featured interior designer and ask us. And remember, every opinion and ideas are much appreciated. So tell us what you think :)

Closer look to Grandview Farm, an Eco-friendly House Design by Cushman Design Group

a beautiful scheme of the house's landscape which look so wide and greens with forest behind
What can be more rejuvenating than to have fresh nature view all around the house? That is the benefit when having a home located by the mountain or forest. The idea of healthy living style and maintaining an eco-friendly house is too hard to reject. And that is why Interiornity select this farm house into your inspiration. Thanks to Vermont interior design firm Cushman Design Group, we can review this Grandview Farm. Environmentally friendly, the house design is functional, efficient as well as providing the client's expectation to be close to nature within their home design.
Cushman Design Group's design is extraordinarily Eco-friendly, using environmental quality which are long lasting, durable, and recyclable materials. Gorgeous and solid, both the exterior and interior maintain a traditional farm style which details make it a complete, beautiful home. Exposed beamed ceiling, along with its iron creates a solid and bold home design, which doubles as an extra uniqueness inside. In addition to that, exposed stone fireplace make a natural look to the space. Wooden floor and chocolate furnishings then calm the rough effect beautifully.
The entryway is simple and traditional, showing the original barn door.
This stunning kitchen and dining scheme is done wonderfully by the combination of strong wood accents, traditional chair upholstery, and unique lighting fixtures. Warm hues provide a relaxing setting for a country breakfast. In addition to that, note the industrial lighting fixtures that adds a rustic charisma to the space.
Stainless steel and granite counter top provide a great addition to the traditional style and at the same time boost the mood for cooking.
Yet another rustic style in this home design comes before us. This steam punk inspired powder bathroom is boasted by modern lights and accent candle light. Notice how the details make an attractive, smashing design in this bathroom.
An Eco-friendly home basically is the idea of reassuring happy life that is full of natural enjoyment. Cushman Design Group knows exactly how to do it. Beside all the environmental quality invented to the interior, the firm select the best angle to view the nature and this balcony has all the awe-inspiring nature view. If you are still craving for more inspiration for home improvement, feel free to browse or even contact us. Every comments are encouraged, so please feel free to give your insights and opinion on our posts.

Extremely Unique Wordly House Design

cultural scheme of a bedroom design shown by unique decorations
It is unbelievable how many variation and exploration in inventing gorgeous interior designs you can get. Every elements you combine makes a unique look and strikingly different when you connect it with another. This unique house design has just that, resulting in contemporary and natural ambiance home environment. Besides, true personality of who made this one, the one designer company Newton Concepts Furniture & Interior Design.

back to nature bathroom design with stones carefully and uniquely stacked to make an inspiring bathroom look 
Inspired by raw organic materials, natural stones and wood in this bathroom works in complete harmony with the real greens. Vibrant in natural lights, the falling of water through these natural materials create quite interesting focal points
 contemporary outdoor lounge area in modern fresh vibe with gorgeous lighting, modern sectional sofa and dark wood floor 
Have the ultimate pleasure in luxury inside this lovely outdoor lounge. The concept of open plan living brought out clearly by the rolling floor to ceiling windows. Be it beautiful lighting composition, modern acquisitions, and worldly natural dark wood floor, these makes a one of a kind main area inside home. In addition to that, Asian inspired wood door heading to another room with rather a traditional Japanese style room design.
uninhibited floor to ceiling windows for city view, a combination of dark wood floor and steel appliances
From another point of view is the metropolitan look on the city and the beautiful meet of wood and stainless materials.
 statues and animal rug inside modern living room

A meeting between world influences can be seen and felt in this lively living room area. Statues and traditional pieces decorate this area and finished with animal skin rugs. Not to forgetting, the infusion of modern approach by the sofa and the room design itself. Modern as seen by clean lines and rich worldly influences as seen by each of the statues here.

remarkable outdoor patio with lovely modern sofa, recessed lighting on the stairs and romantic spot
We are sure that you love this outdoor area. Stunning and unique rooftop layout design set the base for modern furnishings to fill the space. An outdoor with a view to the city surrounds with natural feel is desirable to have. Beautiful steps lighting take your step into another level of beauty, the area which can initiates closeness and openness between friends or loved one.

A 100 Year Old House Project Combining Modern Furnishings and Neutral Palette

modern traditional living room area with cute chocolate sofa 
Old and new, neutral and modern, gorgeous home remodeling project has once again come into us to compliment. This 100 year old house project was Maggie Rose's newest house project. Combining modern furnishings into neutral palette, the result is remarkable and not disappointing. With keen eyes for elements, Maggie Rose made an unforgettable journey of house transformation. One which was outdated, into a brand new and rebirth house. Don't take our word for it, and see it for yourself.  
seat corner perfect for reading with furniture doubles as the seating base and book rack
Perfect spot for reading with a modern furniture doubles as book shelf and seating.
unique ladder-like dark wood material book shelf
How about a unique and specially built book shelf for a surprising elements of the house transformation?

attractive and unique book shelf in the dining room
That simple and modern book shelf is placed by the dining area. Doubles as dining and reading area, the room is completed with lovely splash of colors and neutral palette.
white elegant bedroom with sweet brown on the bed as attractive visual
White is perfect for another soft palette in creating an elegant room scheme. Muted color palette, then, seems like a blank canvass that is ready to be filled with another elements. They transfer light well, and shows more of a striking color inside the house. Without adding to many furniture or fussy accessories, the house remodeling has successfully created a modern and elegant interior design.

feminine office design
Grey makes a calm environment and suitable for a working space. This feminine work space has a pleasant company of zig zag patterned lounge wooden chair. Natural lights penetrates the corner of the room compliments the air and light travels to make a comfortable living.
closer look to the office
Closer look to the work desk reveals a simplicity in focus. Clean lines are adjusted not only by resembling shape elements, but grounded by colors and variation on the wall. The transformation from a 100 year old house into this modern elegant house interiors shows the beauty in changes, flexibility in design, which were carried out successfully.
bar cart for serving drinks
Bar cart for serving drinks.

Incredible Beach House Interiors

How would you feel as you enter a house as welcoming as this foyer? Splashes of color ranging from lime, cool blue and golden are just the clue of what you're going to see from the rest of the house interiors. ERREZ Design Inc. are the one behind this gorgeous interior display, this time they're featuring a beach house with stunning prints, patterns, and cute details. Feel free to browse through this page if you're curious.
Dark wood dining table and the striking rugs make a wonderful contrast to the white in this area. Meanwhile, pops of colors gives more variation and life to the room.
An incredibly beautiful white bathroom, featuring clean and clear surfaces all round the area.
This master bathroom is what you need for inspiration. Mirrored display, marble vanity top, and abundant lights are perfect combination between space here. Every single things here are carefully selected to create this luxurious bathroom design. The use of reflective sources make a wider space illusion. Thus, the clean and soothing environment here makes an inspirational bathroom. Hey, is that the awesome photographer who took all these gorgeous images?
This stunning family room is filled with blue turquoise accessories, unique prints, and classy Morrocan lighting.
What is quite striking to the beautiful living scheme is the sea themed curtain. Blue is perfect to complete the theme, and works great with various fun motifs on the cushions. Not to mention that gorgeous antique lamp, don't you think they surprisingly suitable to each other?
These patterns and motives creates a cheerful yet soothing with its proportional balance between the dark and light in the room.
A contemporary bedroom with personal taste added to it is what everybody would long for. This one has a extra comfortable pillar bed, classic end tables and unique animal skull accessories. Stretching windows above the head bed invite warm sunlight in, while allowing fresh air at night. 
I'm sure you won't let this spot being disadvantaged on. Making this one a hangout place with friends is indeed a great idea.
Once again, beautiful wall prints has not been forgotten to decorate this classy terrace. What we may want as classy is shown by the color selection, as well as the outdoor furniture design. Beautiful carpet that suitable for the sofa and round tables are also showing cool motifs, which at the same time ties them all together.

Stunning Painting-Like Home by Room Resolution, Inc.

desirable entryway with classic candle holders and dcenery painting
This time we are excited to show you this fabulous house, designed by Room Resolution, Inc. This blue home displayed reasonably awe-inspiring scenery and floral paintings, with smooth transition between elements. Forget about the ordinary house, because this one is guaranteed to give a soothing scene in its attractive way of serving as more than a home. This is what we may want to call as the stunning painting-like home. Take a moment for each photos, for each can give more amusement with longer gaze.
blue and white is like the canvass for artistic details in this entryway
Attractive entryway in blue welcome every guest with its calming color as well as the stunning shelf which looks as natural as the scenery painting.
 Starting from the entrance, a scheme of soothing nuance welcome you with its attractive pieces. Smooth wall painted with artistic process, with reflective surfaces blend with the wood floors. The painting is not just an addition, it is in fact the soul of the room, adding a scene of beautiful castle in the middle of gardenia stretch.
fresh and lively reading corner with art pieces and striking motifs
The 'meeting' of soft and hard texture in this room is tied together with lovely green paintings, which give a natural twist to this corner.
The meeting of line and circular elements in this special reading corner is tied together by the stylish cushions, rugs, and of course, gorgeous floral paintings. Though not wide in space, the presence of patterns in several colors make a lovely area without being too noisy in visual.
gorgeous book rags design in accordance with the rest of the home interiors
Taking this point of view, the beautiful book rags become the center of attention.

stylish modern bathroom with marble shower box, wood floors, and beautiful lavender flower
Textured wall, clean white fixtures, and wood patterned floors makes a simple and elegant bathroom.
This house interior design is really worth the praise should we call it as a painting-like. That is not only because it has plenty of paintings displayed every where in the house. But rather, because the unity of elements here and there, which is beautifully and focused to make a dramatic look in every rooms. This include this modern bathroom. The transition from the smooth wooden floor into patterned wall in blue, to marble and white porcelain materials are barely noticeable. This, at once, make a stunning bathroom design.
closer look to the vanity showing double mirrors and counter design
Blue and muted floor color are like the canvass to this bathroom. Meanwhile, lavender and stunning painting makes a peaceful and soothing bathroom scheme.
marble material shows luxury and modern twist in this master bathroom
Smooth transition from the dark wood into raw-look wood marks the entrance of this lovely bathroom design.
a simple bathroom in blue and white
A simple bathroom design, yet complete and enough to serve your purpose.
a private toilet room that is not lacking in arts
How about another private toilet room?
Unique table upholstered with leather with attractive rug makes an eye-catchy living room. That is, without stepping aside the art pieces as well. Meanwhile, modern electrical fireplace is built-in to the wall create a luxurious look to the area.
a scheme of living room area filled with arts and enjoyable environment
Every section in this living room is accompanied by dramatic paintings.
Soft and smooth surfaces are far from boring impression thanks to the patterns, simply by adding attractive cushions and covering on the windows. The lights are invited in from the window glass, but allowing only enough light and heat to keep the area cool and serene.
beautiful blue sofa in the corner accompanied by unique rugs and modern electrics
The entire living room is painting-like, with every pieces are carefully placed to create a lovely room. The sectional rugs make an invisible boundaries between areas. They all tied together with the touch of wood tone and the serene painting.

Once again, the bringing out theme of a painting-like home as well as natural environment is this time's Room Resolution, Inc. featured interior design. The use of blue, green and neutral colors works great for a basic for the interiors, just like a canvass. Flowers, whether in picture or real forms can provide such a big difference in creating beautiful room scheme. Styles and twists are displayed here and there, with unique art pieces as well as motifs and patterns.
 So, what do you think?
minimalist kitchen design with U kitchen counter and marble countertop
A simple yet modern kitchen with built in high-end appliances.
simple dining for four surrounded with wood windows that creates fresh room environment
This dining area is surrounded by white wooden door and windows, that provide fresh air when opened.
another angle of the dining and kitchen area
Pale blues and greens draws attention to the center of the dining area, while a pendant light works great to style up the area.
comfortable bedroom in purple and blue in beautiful combination
Big comfy bed in purple makes a stylish basic, while dark wood furnishings support the idea of an enjoyable bedroom.
comfortable bed accompanied by stylish end tables and beautiful pendant lights
Another angle of the master bedroom which draws attention to the bed, thanks to these stylish end tables and pendant lights!