Transitional Natural Beauty Home Interiors by Lisa Ferguson

a cozy sofa and ottoman for a great reading experience shone by abundant light and beautiful pieces
Enhancing natural aesthetics and combine it into home interiors, are the ultimate goal of Toronto designer Lisa Ferguson, when she created this personalized dream home. Formerly a great combination between the client's lifestyle and tastes, Lisa and her team strive to enhance the way each clients wants to live. Translating it into a transitional design that boasts natural beauty, customized furnishings and elements provides a personalized feel while making the best of each spaces. Have a tour on this transitional home design:
a custom golden rack having asian style shape and contemporary wood chairs beside it
A custom contemporary brass shelf along with unique white table promotes aesthetic feel to the space. Furnished in golden palette, the combination with wood lounge chair creates rich textures and balanced at once. Just like the rest of the house, no space is left unfurnished and escape natural beauty that reflects the client's taste.
asian inspired drawer mounting contemporary accessories
This transitional home has soft and seamless boundary in combining various elements. In this case, an Asian inspired drawer made one beautifully in this Eastern inspired vignette. A sense of originality and in this house has been done remarkably by contemporary details to enhance the beauty. To complete this space, a brass lamp join elements just as well.
viewing the entire dining area reveals two traditional chairs in each ends of the rectangular table
Natural lights give this dining a vibrant feel, while a sparkling chandelier above enhance luxury, day and night. Against the warm wood accent, are life greens to attract visuals. Fit up to ten people, this dining provides beauty as well as comfort as done by the tufted dining chairs, two unique wooden chairs to show uniqueness.
one side of the dining area is a lovely combination between life greens and flower themed painting
An abstract floral painting brings the springtime feel to the space, while fuse beautifully with the life greens mounted on cute vases. The walnut table and sideboard are custom made, and so as the linen tufted chairs.
Across the flower themed wall painting is some framed pictures and writings
The wall hosts many frames and pictures of various sizes and shapes, with each frames customized in style.
full and complete family room for entertainment in modern style

This contemporary home is designed to invent a beautiful combination between spaces with styles. This living room boasts a custom built in book shelf, ottoman, exposed stony fireplace, and furnishings. Displayed photographs of the client personify the people living in this house.
a warm chocolate sofa and a minimalist rack for books and decorations
Custom built book shelf are on each sides of the fireplace, gives a slightly different feel.
cool and classic style made into one in this family room
The brass coffee table, fresh landscape painting, and custom wood sofa are a feast for the senses.