Traci Cornell Interiors' Vision of A Stylish Gentleman Abode

a comfortable sofa and ottoman inside neutral hues living room
Design is one thing. However, a lovely home complete with elements that fills up oneself in physical comfort as well as rejuvenating for psychological is another thing. We all wants a home design that suits our need and embrace us in every way it represent. Lucky for us, today we have the pleasure to take a closer look into Traci Cornell Interiors. Located in Dallas, Texas, "Traci Cornell Interiors is an award winning interior design firm that offers architectural and luxury interior design services". Traci and her team use a collaborative approach to deliver high-end transitional designs that combine modern clean lines and classic styles. The ultimate goal is to provide unique designs for each client, including lifestyle that are reflected in textures, custom furniture and materials.
beautiful and luxury stairs with center rug
The staircase is stylish both in design and its finishing. Dark wood materials make a warm and elegant style, which work great in contrast with light hues wall.
chic and eclectic bathroom vanity with minimalist counters and silver accent furnishings
The master bathroom is a great combination between clean minimalist vanity counter, silver accents, and mosaic tiles to pull them together. A pop of green adds a fine addition to refresh the space.
another angle of the bathroom vanity with attractive mosaic wall
Another angle of the vanity reveals cool wood textures and rich patterns on details.
stunning transitions between mosaic tiles and soft patterned wall paper in the corner of the bathroom
Traci has it all when it comes to elements collaboration and rich composure inside every rooms in the house. From this corner in the master bathroom, note the stunning contrast yet so collaborative to create a dramatic effects. The lighting fixtures is not just an addition to the space, in fact it's the one that makes the difference in texture counts.
the kitchen is small with wooden cabinetry and granite counter top
Similar accent can be found on this small and minimalist kitchen and dining design. Gorgeous wood displayed in the cabinetry is just the right amount in comparison with the rest of the patterns here.
elegant and stylish dining room with eye-catchy silver table center piece
An elegant dining room here is a combination of creamy elegant color palette and stylish furnishings. This dining room tells it all about Traci's taste for design while actually reflects the client's expectation. If you want to become the next Traci Cornell Interiors, you can browse the web here. Thanks for reading today's Interiornity inspirational interior design, and please, feel free to give your insight to us.

Eco-Friendly, Stylish Abode 1950s Home Remodeling

naturally fresh sitting nook furnished with contemporary accessories
Aren't you fascinated having a home that is worth to be praised for? Today we are featuring a home that takes aesthetic into higher level and embracing a person's lifetime with contemporary and modern designs. Today's featured design goes to Komal Sheth of Spaces Designed, in which the project is remodeling a home into an Eco-friendly, stylish abode. One of Spaces Designed's project was the award winning Oak-Ridge Residence, a zen infused abode with bold patterns, amusing textures, and contemporary light fixtures. The project was to completely update the 1950s ranch house with a French country interior, which was remodeled into a haven with eco-friendly materials. From this enticing, inviting entryway, let's have a closer look to this abode.
an attractive house entryway with various statues mounted on custom built rack
Smashing color entryway really invites you inside, while wall cutouts create a unique way of presenting beauty and value, the Asian inspired details on display. In addition to that, unique wall finish and mosaic plastered chair. These gives clue of the owner's personal style as well as the zen of the entire house.
a small modern bathroom design with attractive tiles and a wide window viewing the outside
This bathroom is filled with natural lights, thanks to the window. In addition to the already impressive lighting scheme, the wooden accents and mosaic tiles creates interesting focal points. Clean black lines define a modern look to the space and works great against the light hues wall.
contemporary bedroom with some details and flower curtains to ties them all beautifully
This bedroom interior features a dark light contrast and amusing transition in between. A mirrored cabinet and dark wooden furniture ties in beautifully with the sexy red settee. To complete the aesthetic, natural looks on the carpet and exclusive curtains really compliment the spaces together.
the overview of the open plan living reveals a fresh family room with a view to the garden
A stunning display of entryway takes our next step into this natural accent living room. Contemporary comfort with various of luxurious seating options provides feast for senses and beauty all the while you are embraced by beautiful lighting compositions. Fusing the natural accents including its Eco-friendly materials, this family room is filled with nature view. Glass window above the electronics calm the modernity with greens, while visual and physical access to the garden really entertain the spirit.
a beautiful scheme of a dining revealing natural accent in its neutral creamy color palette
Unique custom wall provide a space to highlight contemporary pieces that reflects the owner's personality style. Once again, maximize natural accent is presented by leaf-like dining table centerpiece and accent candles that focus your attraction to the space.
a stylish bathroom in big size includes luxury fixtures and stunning animal skin carpet
This bathroom has it all in beauty: luxury bathtub with candles, unique decorations, as well as beautiful lighting ambiance. Not to mention, the wooden cabinetry and patterned tiles.
a modern kitchen occupying one wall side completes with a kitchen island
A home transformation is a great opportunity to rebirth the house into the latest, updated space to soothe the entire family. This 1950s ranch house has taken a journey what was French interior, into the contemporary home with eco-friendly design that reflects the personality of the owner. If you are looking for another inspirational designs, you can always look for our reviews on home remodeling project.