Unbelivably Beautiful European Inspired Home Interiors

viewing the main living room area having comfy sofas  centered to the stone exposed fireplace and beautiful chandelier
If you are searching for ideas for home improvement, we have lots of them here, in Interiornity. Here comes, a wonderful customized home by the work of VM Concept Interior Design Studio. This is not just a home with a style, but even more that it has an European architecture and design all over. Known to be luxurious, this kind of sophisticated design has been the roots of Valerie Marcus' 20 years of international design experiences.
a rectangular sofa for three decorated with four contemporary wall arts
Valerie's remarkable experience and client's expectation has been collaborated altogether into a fully customized, European inspired space that boasts luxury and glamorous style. Soft contemporary style brings relaxing and elegant uniqueness into the space, while every details have been considered thoroughly. We love how Valerie's home interior manage to combines the old and new, clean and emboss, as well as classic and traditional.
a scheme of the entire living room area shows a wooden accent and luxury
Contemporary wall arts, classic furnishings, and lighting fixtures really pops up to make elegant living room scheme. This Mediterranean style living room has gorgeous textures and luxury with custom built wood furniture. Earthly hues stretch throughout the home through textured floor while shining wood makes a wonderful contrast. In addition to those, exposed beamed ceiling above provides a strong look to the space.
dramatic dining area scheme in soft elements
Silver chairs' upholstery looks dashing under hovering light candles while checkerboard patterns provides a complete room scheme.

unique and rather gothic powder room decorated with curtains and soft plastered wall
This glamorous powder area is furnished wonderfully by accent curtains, traditional drawers, and vivid green glass wash basin.
custom built black carvings on the kitchen exhaust ventilator
A carved kitchen exhaust ventilator, juxtaposed Mediterranean inspired cabinetry and stainless steel unifies traditional style with modern features.
a workspace with strong wood accent in every furniture it has including the exposed
This stunning wood display boasts on warm and comfortable scheme, as supported with lighting fixtures. Masculine and gorgeous, this workspace is furnished with fine wooden furniture and stunning ceiling.
a special big room is utilized into a private home theater that occupies six comfy theater seatings and extra mini bar behind them
How about your own home theater? This comfortable entertainment space includes warm lighting effects, special theater seating, and a fully-equipped bar.
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