Breath Taking Mediterranean Villa in the city of beach, Malibu

 airy and extra bright living room scheme with huge floor to ceiling windows
Join us as we feature this lovely villa hidden in Malibu, California. Famous for its image as celebrity homes as well as the lovely beach city, enjoy the luxury as you take your step inside this villa. It is thanks to Robert Shapiro, who did a wonderful job in creating such a beautiful luxurious villa.
easy access and thin room transition to the balcony to enjoy the view
Enjoy the sea at a different level, one step away through this large windows occupying almost the entire wall.
 Common is where you have to walk through a door just to get to the porch. Feel the wind breeze as you're in the room, thanks to these big windows. This modern Mediterranean design offer a pleasure in living, spoiling the owner with a beautiful sea view, which can be enjoyed inside and out of the room.
dashing architectural morrocan details in this fine hanging out spot
Have a casual yet elegant talk in this lovely corner accompanied by the ever wonder Morrocan Architectural details.
Muted color scheme adds natural essence to the entire room as well as promoting the Morrocan Architectural details as seen in the picture.  Modern wood chairs and elegant coffee table is there for your spare time, be it alone or with company.

comfortable bed with beautiful environment as supported by natural light
Hand plastered walls surround this master bedroom, enriched by pops of colors.
This comfy white bed can't get enough of attention with its culturally unique Morrocan patterns on its sheet. The pops of color embrace the natural sunlight, perfect with the plastered walls as well as wooden chair. This natural bedroom scheme is what you want to call as the Mediterranean nuance.
comfy sofa and beautiful lush garden for a fine relaxation
Stone mosaic floors, comfy couch and lush garden view for your reading pleasure.
 This Mediterranean villa has its benefit of peacefulness, harmony with the nature, as well as unforgettable moments shared with your loved one. Comfy sofas and stuffed cushions looks just as calm with their soft color schemes. Mosaic stone floors adds texture to the room, and dramatic as the light hits during the afternoon. Feel the warmness of Malibu air through the see-through glass window. Lush garden view provides the entertainment to eyes, so refreshing and unquestionably beautiful. 
scheme of beautiful lush garden in this villa
Feel the Mediterranean in this lush garden and you can spend hours here.
a special spot for romantic experience
What a romantic corner, comfort you with its specially built in sofa.
a scheme of private entrance to the beach in this villa
Private entrance to the beach.

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