1970’s Home Remodeling: From Wonderful to Gorgeously Fantastic

this house remodeling buenos aires promoting a house close to nature with smooth transition between indoor and outdoor
If you wonder how different would it be, if you can remodel your house, then you might be searching on the internet right now trying to look for inspirations. Well, I think you should continue on reading this post, as you’re about to jump from your chair and probably plan it for your home renovation. Join us in this tour of walking around this originally Buenos Aires 1970’s home to see the clues of introducing fresh home design with a theme of “natural flow between the interiors and exteriors”.
The owner, Etiqueta Negra, is one of the most influential fashion brands and you’ll see her keen eyes on details as well as great taste on style.
paula cahen d'anver upon complimenting his remarkable house design

The theme is carried out gently but obviously clever on the interior design as well as the architectural design. Thin line of room transitions between the indoor and outdoor can be seen clearly from the living room area. The only thing that separate both spaces is only the floor to ceiling sliding windows, yet so smooth in transitioning both of them. Beautiful white shows a great harmony with the lush green landscape and you can have both magnetizing view, inside and out.
lively and cheek living room scheme with attractive wall decorations and various colorful motives and patterns

Comfortable furniture as well as interesting objects in the room pops up the life inside. White washed wall and brown wood flooring are tied together with numerous wall decorations inside. Without these cheerful throws and cushions as well as colorful display, the rooms would have been flat and boring.
this buenos aires home remodeling project left the original fireplace untouched
A sense of historical is important and even magnetizing in home renovation project. That is why the 70’s fireplace remained untouched and kept on its original state during the renovation. Only the surrounding of the fireplace is renovated, making it as eye catchy focal point in the room. Romula Maccio’s painting has the honor to be showcased along with this historical piece.
beautiful luxury kitchen design with marble counter top
Modern marble materials are also used to renovate several part of the house. This includes the kitchen counter and islands, and can be seen so stunning on the modern bathroom. Still, the theme of creating natural flow can be seen here as the landscape can be enjoyed from this room.
the luxury bathroom with a view, promoting the natural and green house
This is the luxury bathroom with a view, promoting the natural and green house.
white dining room with wood floor base the pops of attractive wall decorations
White dining room with wood floor base the pops of attractive wall decorations.

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