Makeover 1960's Home Transformation into Full Indoor and Outdoor Living Experience

an addition of pool area, green garden to the house renovation , and the overview of the new house design from outside
A dream house that ensure you living experiences that goes beyond its function. Refreshing mind and rejuvenating energy as well as providing more satisfaction than you already get from your home. Introducing, a 1960's house which went through a tremendous transformation from the outdated home design into a house that provides full indoor and outdoor living experience. Roshington Architecture is the mind master behind the home renovation project, creating a brand new home that has an East Coast feel, an open space plan and stunning landscape design to provide the clients both indoor and outdoor experiences.
attractive curving entry way to the house
Attractive curving entry way to the house shows a welcoming sensation.
gorgeous display of a kitchen and dining area in modern style filled with high end appliances, beautiful furniture, and lamps
Not your everyday kind of modern kitchen, this one have you surrounded by calm lighting arrangement in line with the natural lights. Modern white kitchen furniture in the area makes just as soothing look, great for cooking or simply just the place to hang out with the family.
master bedroom in bright light thanks to the glass roof on the center of the room
Keeping with the rest of the house, this bathroom has a neutral color hues, simple clean lines on the design, and natural sun lights filling the area. Marble counter top makes a modern look, while giving a slight combination to the neutral tone color. Coming from at least two different directions, the light makes this bathroom an interesting scheme.
modern outdoor patio design with beautiful furniture and gorgeous fireplace
This great outdoor lounge area must be your favorite too, cause we just can't resist the charm of this area. The landscape view is amazing, and the fireplace is too good to be missed when having family gathering or a party. Modern patio also looks perfect with its materials and color to mix blend with the rest of the garden.
special room for the grand piano
Even this area is not lacking in inviting look. Wood floor creates a warm and comfortable scene, in contrast with the neutral wall. Calm lights as provided by the round lamp makes the grand piano focused in visual. Elegant and gorgeous, the exclusive area carpet completes the aesthetics.