Relaxing Traditional Style Home with Modern Twist

SHAVER/MELAHN STUDIOS elegant creamy hues living room in traditional style with pops of color
"The Ultimate measure of good design is how well the design 'works'. It is comfortable? Does it accomplish its purpose?" This amazing firm has certainly proven their vision in world interior, none other than SHAVER/MELAHN STUDIOS. Ever since 1985, the company have been working on interiors across the nation with their specializing field in interior and furniture design. Ranging from residential to contract projects, the firm offer a perspective on design that ranges from traditional to contemporary with each project reflecting the lifestyle and the need of that singular client.
another angle of the SHAVER/MELAHN STUDIOS living room shows natural lights sources and airy feel in the space
Today we have the pleasure to have a closer look into this Milwaukee condo design. Located on a historic lakeside, the home alone offers so much with its natural beauty. The client, a doctor, get his style and need fulfilled and appeared as a gorgeous traditional style home before our eyes. Open plan living provides a relaxing environment, while natural light is just as supportive for a healthy environmental feel.
welcoming entryway with its stunning photographs display and unique table and mirror accessories
The second you walk inside the condo is a surprising beauty, which includes arts, unique entryway table and round mirror.
simple white bathroom includes shower glass room and bathtub
The master bathroom is a real elegant in its white muted color and simple design.
looking the master bedroom with rolling doors, into the traditional style bedroom inside that looks elegant and luxurious
We can see how calm and chic this traditional bedroom. Creamy color palette, traditional style furnishing, and great balanced room proportion are enhanced beautifully by dramatic lighting.
built in book racks with unique steps table and elephant foot unbrella container
We love how this house has elegance and relaxing nuance in every spaces inside. This nook is not lacking in details as SHAVER/MELAHN STUDIOS adds unique steps-like stacked table and elephant foot umbrella container.
What we love about this ample space is its simplicity in presenting the traditional. Architectural details, intricate details, and gorgeous zen in the house in a way shows an alternate style to the space, that is modern twists into this traditional style home.