Ultramodern Touch of Jessica Lagrange's Talents into a Stunning Modern Abode

vibrant open plan living area in natural wood tones and pops of color to enlighten spirit
A unique and characterized way of designing has come into our design spotlight today as we come across this amazing, professional interior design firm, Jessica Lagrange Interiors LLC. With over 30 years of experiences and success, the firm is known to reflects lifestyle that teams up with Classic styles. Jessica's thoughtful attention to her clients and talents have produced an innovative ultramodern touch. Licensed architects, designers and business manager merges with Jessica's personable manner and collaborate together into a stunning modern abode. These are our favorites:

dining room in smooth wooden texture furnishings and classic hovering chandelier above
Though kept as small as possible, Jessica Lagrange interiors influence into rooms has in fact create a personal space that is taken into considerable details. We love how she mix modernism and classic styles into an ultramodern spaces with twists. A space which was a complete illustration of natural has a delightful addition of classic styles.
a small space yet comfortable for a reading spot in the house offering cozy bench and sofa
Modern space with an elegance and less contrasting to the nature. We surely wouldn't mind to have this comfy relaxing area. Clean lines, intricate wall, and soft sandy textures team up with natural lights for a dramatic scheme.
modern black and white kitchen with checkerboard floor
A fresh, lively kitchen and dining room in contrasting accents provides a rejuvenating area for cooking and dining. We'd even love to see the space as another fine addition for family gathering and hang out. Perfect elements collaboration including the round and lines serves our eyes the alternate focuses in between. Not to mention, airy feels and natural lights.
a traditional living room space with lovely flower backdrop
Warm earthly tone and muted white in this living room is tied together by patterns and textures. The details in this room is not forgotten as the essence to make it beautiful. They includes accent pops cushions, traditional accessories, and golden accents.
luxurious and stunning round room of dining room which includes round dining table and comfy chairs, stunning gold finished chandeliers, accent soft curtains and view to the city
This is Jessica's interior design that we love most. This here is where the architectural details and high sense of interior design meet. A luxury and elegant dining room is so enviable with its view to the city. And of course, the eyes-drawing-attention eclectic golden chandelier. 

Stunning Painting-Like Home by Room Resolution, Inc.

desirable entryway with classic candle holders and dcenery painting
This time we are excited to show you this fabulous house, designed by Room Resolution, Inc. This blue home displayed reasonably awe-inspiring scenery and floral paintings, with smooth transition between elements. Forget about the ordinary house, because this one is guaranteed to give a soothing scene in its attractive way of serving as more than a home. This is what we may want to call as the stunning painting-like home. Take a moment for each photos, for each can give more amusement with longer gaze.
blue and white is like the canvass for artistic details in this entryway
Attractive entryway in blue welcome every guest with its calming color as well as the stunning shelf which looks as natural as the scenery painting.
 Starting from the entrance, a scheme of soothing nuance welcome you with its attractive pieces. Smooth wall painted with artistic process, with reflective surfaces blend with the wood floors. The painting is not just an addition, it is in fact the soul of the room, adding a scene of beautiful castle in the middle of gardenia stretch.
fresh and lively reading corner with art pieces and striking motifs
The 'meeting' of soft and hard texture in this room is tied together with lovely green paintings, which give a natural twist to this corner.
The meeting of line and circular elements in this special reading corner is tied together by the stylish cushions, rugs, and of course, gorgeous floral paintings. Though not wide in space, the presence of patterns in several colors make a lovely area without being too noisy in visual.
gorgeous book rags design in accordance with the rest of the home interiors
Taking this point of view, the beautiful book rags become the center of attention.

stylish modern bathroom with marble shower box, wood floors, and beautiful lavender flower
Textured wall, clean white fixtures, and wood patterned floors makes a simple and elegant bathroom.
This house interior design is really worth the praise should we call it as a painting-like. That is not only because it has plenty of paintings displayed every where in the house. But rather, because the unity of elements here and there, which is beautifully and focused to make a dramatic look in every rooms. This include this modern bathroom. The transition from the smooth wooden floor into patterned wall in blue, to marble and white porcelain materials are barely noticeable. This, at once, make a stunning bathroom design.
closer look to the vanity showing double mirrors and counter design
Blue and muted floor color are like the canvass to this bathroom. Meanwhile, lavender and stunning painting makes a peaceful and soothing bathroom scheme.
marble material shows luxury and modern twist in this master bathroom
Smooth transition from the dark wood into raw-look wood marks the entrance of this lovely bathroom design.
a simple bathroom in blue and white
A simple bathroom design, yet complete and enough to serve your purpose.
a private toilet room that is not lacking in arts
How about another private toilet room?
Unique table upholstered with leather with attractive rug makes an eye-catchy living room. That is, without stepping aside the art pieces as well. Meanwhile, modern electrical fireplace is built-in to the wall create a luxurious look to the area.
a scheme of living room area filled with arts and enjoyable environment
Every section in this living room is accompanied by dramatic paintings.
Soft and smooth surfaces are far from boring impression thanks to the patterns, simply by adding attractive cushions and covering on the windows. The lights are invited in from the window glass, but allowing only enough light and heat to keep the area cool and serene.
beautiful blue sofa in the corner accompanied by unique rugs and modern electrics
The entire living room is painting-like, with every pieces are carefully placed to create a lovely room. The sectional rugs make an invisible boundaries between areas. They all tied together with the touch of wood tone and the serene painting.

Once again, the bringing out theme of a painting-like home as well as natural environment is this time's Room Resolution, Inc. featured interior design. The use of blue, green and neutral colors works great for a basic for the interiors, just like a canvass. Flowers, whether in picture or real forms can provide such a big difference in creating beautiful room scheme. Styles and twists are displayed here and there, with unique art pieces as well as motifs and patterns.
 So, what do you think?
minimalist kitchen design with U kitchen counter and marble countertop
A simple yet modern kitchen with built in high-end appliances.
simple dining for four surrounded with wood windows that creates fresh room environment
This dining area is surrounded by white wooden door and windows, that provide fresh air when opened.
another angle of the dining and kitchen area
Pale blues and greens draws attention to the center of the dining area, while a pendant light works great to style up the area.
comfortable bedroom in purple and blue in beautiful combination
Big comfy bed in purple makes a stylish basic, while dark wood furnishings support the idea of an enjoyable bedroom.
comfortable bed accompanied by stylish end tables and beautiful pendant lights
Another angle of the master bedroom which draws attention to the bed, thanks to these stylish end tables and pendant lights!