Extravagant Style Feast in Marie Burgos Design Revealed

 Our initial impression of someone is essentially their way of presenting themselves, especially what we literally see on them. That includes the way they represent their personal space. That is why interior designer are perched to understand and visualize what their client wants and personality. Marie Burgos interior design is one of designers that specializes in luxurious spaces that combines elegance and harmony together. Founded in 2007, Marie Burgos has been certified as a Feng Shui designer. One of her famous award was being chosen individually by HGTV to design "The Unsellables".
Today Interiornity are spotlighting some of our favorites on Marie Burgos' design. These spaces have one thing in common. That is the idea of luxurious meet the elements of rich complexions. Note that they are also unique as each tells a different story about the owner of the space itself.
vintage as the center of visual pleasure in this space. a painting of a happy woman is placed on the living room, while the cushions matching color to it. 

canvass white interior is styled up by sparks of purple inside this modern living area

blue gives a calm atmosphere for a nice sleep. This bedroom is simple with mostly white and blue color tones

penthouse kitchen and dining room design by marie burgos design

tropical home design in fresh vibrant ambiance

Youthful San Fransisco Home by LOCZIdesign

unbelievably fresh living room rich in colors and attractive carpet motives, unique geometrical table to center the attention"Creating spaces that balance and inspire". You may heard it before, but if you haven't, that is what LOCZIdesign focuses in providing interior design services. Having San Fransisco / bay area sourced furniture, they provide Eco-friendly and sustainable materials while supporting their community. This professional team dedicated themselves to listen close to the clients and inserting friendly approach to the environment.
another angle of the living room reveals cozy nook with modern chairs along with silver and red hexagonal tables
Today, we have the pleasure to take a tour into one of LOCZIdesign's latest interior project, a home in San Fransisco that belongs to Vineet. He is a modern Indian man who has a request to start a brand new life with this house-to-be. The project is done wonderfully suit Vineet's personal taste and style. In order to create the interior, comes Vineet's clothes, including with his John Varvatos shoes are taken for the basis of inventing this youthful space.
the bedroom has grey furnishings, cold blue wall, and white to neutralize them
No room in the house left unfold by the collaboration of Vineet's personality visualized by LOCZIdesign. This master bedroom has bold blue walls that looks stunning under lights with the gray furnishings here. White neutralizes them all into this comfortable, soothing bedroom.
various living greens that are placed in the house
Various living greens that are placed in the house adds yet another freshness in a natural way.
fresh and youthful dining chairs surrounded by wood materials in minimalist style
Vineet's home design is definitely a one of a kind, certainly by free flowing moods and subtlety inside. The illustration of personality is shown, this time by fresh colors, which clues his open mind. Clean lines boast on minimalist style, while wood patterns compliment the muted palette. To surprise him, some contemporary and luxury details are placed in this room, just like the entire house.
closer look to the kitchen reveals almost hidden kitchen island because of the minimalist style
Closer look to the kitchen reveals almost hidden kitchen island and contemporary center pieces.
dream outdoor space in the top floor with comfy flat sofa and sun bathing patio
A San Fransisco city view, complete with fresh air in this outdoor patio. Geometrical tables draw attention and illustrate just the same style as in the rest of the house. And wow, a bright blue sky and residence on top of the hill is too beautiful not to be taken advantage of! Tell us which room is your favorite and leave comments below. We'd love to see what you think about these youthful space.