Marc-Michaels Interior Design invites Charming Old World into Abode

the work space invites charming elegance in strong wood accent while contemporary lighting gives a stunning twist
 Good day, Interiornity readers! It seems like the old world charm inside interior design has become the new norm in presenting elegance and high life style. So, today Interiornity highlights Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc. spaces. This full service interior design company uses their specialty in creating spaces that suits the clients desire for luxury spaces. Through their innovation of wide range of styles, the firm exudes brilliance in every details, visualizing the client's fine taste in their abode.
One of Marc-Michaels' project is a private Florida residences visually represents a fine finished furnishing in collaboration within a rustic space. This project invites charming old world charm into abode:
ample living room in neutral color with striking old world charm
Huge classic fireplace proposed the rough edges and surface of stones, while its exposed wood beam is supported calmly by the existence of muted color furniture and even more stronger wood accents.
classic pantry elements makes a rustic kitchen look
 This kitchen features classic pantry elements to brings out the best in traditional kitchen style. Meanwhile, accent lighting fixtures joins them with modern twist.
greek column and regal arches highlight the focal points in this joined room
 The Greek column blends the space easily with its refined furnish and act as the room divider. The soft and shiny wood surfaces in the space shows a classic yet still kept at best in its luxurious look. This ample modern home also showcase regal arches holding up the ceiling, making a solid and strong features of the heritage of styles inside space.
stone detailing on the wall and classic light chandelier celebrates the ancient history in this lounge area
Stone detailing on the wall and classic light chandelier celebrates the ancient history in this lounge area.
two spherical chandelier and track line lighting exudes the old style charm inside this classic kitchen
Two spherical chandelier and track line lighting exudes the old style charm inside this classic kitchen.
tuscan influenced kitchen interior teams up with exposed brickwork and stony textures by marc-Michaels
Tuscan influenced kitchen interior teams up with exposed brickwork and stony textures by Marc-Michaels Interior Design.
stunning exterior design with a decorative pool and green garden

Extravagant Style Feast in Marie Burgos Design Revealed

 Our initial impression of someone is essentially their way of presenting themselves, especially what we literally see on them. That includes the way they represent their personal space. That is why interior designer are perched to understand and visualize what their client wants and personality. Marie Burgos interior design is one of designers that specializes in luxurious spaces that combines elegance and harmony together. Founded in 2007, Marie Burgos has been certified as a Feng Shui designer. One of her famous award was being chosen individually by HGTV to design "The Unsellables".
Today Interiornity are spotlighting some of our favorites on Marie Burgos' design. These spaces have one thing in common. That is the idea of luxurious meet the elements of rich complexions. Note that they are also unique as each tells a different story about the owner of the space itself.
vintage as the center of visual pleasure in this space. a painting of a happy woman is placed on the living room, while the cushions matching color to it. 

canvass white interior is styled up by sparks of purple inside this modern living area

blue gives a calm atmosphere for a nice sleep. This bedroom is simple with mostly white and blue color tones

penthouse kitchen and dining room design by marie burgos design

tropical home design in fresh vibrant ambiance

Night Club Sensation inside "Karu and Y" Restaurant and Lounge

exclusive karu and y restaurant miami nightclub by pepe calderin entrance
 You might heard about the good and bad part of this Karu and Y Restaurant and Lounge. Yes, it is high-priced and the host might demand more than you expected. But it sure give another option and sensation as restaurant, which we excitedly suspected as an exclusive night club. Despite the bad experiences that people told about this place, this place actually offers you with good food, served by hot waitress, smoking VIP bottle girls and cute bouncer. But here in Interiornity, we are not about to compliment about them, and rather about its Miami style sexy interior!
stunning spotlight and light sparks on the entryway
 Pepe Calderin Design -- New York and Miami-based interior design firm -- is known for their dedication in creating high-end residential and commercial spaces. This Karu and Y restaurant and lounge is one of their fresh and energetic approach to a modern dining room design.
eye grabbing dining area with vibrant ambiance and dash of styles
 Glass sculptures are all around this extravagant spaces, some of which never fail to catch any eyes the second the walk inside the area. You can have an exclusive, even romantic yet sexy, dine sensation while surrounded by luxurious room setting and ambiance.
ample dining room setting with accent glass lighting fixtures

relaxing recessed lighting combines with refreshing room vibes
 Located in the heart of Miami, this modern dining can be sometimes be cold on their price. Though,it seems somehow worth it considering how high and exclusive this place is. Celebrity such as P Diddy and Paris Hilton even has been spotted at this very restaurant. Well, if you finally decide to have a taste of night club sensation in this restaurant, just be sure to have enough, or even more on the budget.
recessed and cove lighting technique enhance the cozy lounge

extravagant lounge area with striking light effects