When Modern Minimalism Design Meets MacDougal Manor in a Natural Vibrant

cozy lounge with neutral color palette and earthly tone furnishings
Every spaces is unique, be it the owner's personal style or a distinction between interior designer characteristics. Today, Interiornity are pleased to bring you the wonderful work of Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd. Founded in 1996 by Betty herself, Betty had the knowledge and creativity to provide her clients warm and refreshing spaces. Not only an interior designer, Betty is also a furniture designer. She established her own custom furniture on 2002. As an expert of modern minimalism design, you'll see her signature style in almost every spaces she innovated.
We can't wait to show one of our featured interior design; when modern minimalism design meets MacDougal Manor in natural Vibrant:
unique and innovative room divider displaying wood intervals
This MacDougal Manor features natural ambiance inside its space. Plentiful of fine wood materials are found in the furnishing. Natural and modern, this house has a unique and innovative room divider displaying wood intervals. The muted color palette on the upholstery are kept neutral, thus highlighting the darker scheme naturally.
wood kitchen furnishing that brings in natural ambiance in modern style
This kitchen features clean lines and textured wood patterns. White provides a neutral palette and works great to show cleanliness inside cooking space. This way, the kitchen gives natural ambiance in modern style that match the rest of the home.
a coffee table made out of entirely wood blocks that features originality in nature elements
A coffee table made out of entirely wood blocks that features originality in nature elements.
ample family room with vibrant pops of color and large sectional sofa
Ample family room with vibrant pops of color and large sectional sofa.
The family room is wide enough to gather the entire family. Large sectional sofa provides a comfort and a great company during movie night. Big windows brings in the sun, and functional to give the entire home a light air circulation.
The master bedroom looks astounding in its luxury style, matching to that of a hotel room layout. Wide and beautifully furnished, the bedroom is a relaxing sleep transitional and gives a clear hint of perfect night sleep.
modern master bedroom in monochromatic palette and a lovely accent wicker board wall
Do you like Betty's signature inside these spaces? Interiornity would be glad to give you more, if you like. All the while, if you love personalized space that reflects your own personality, you can see our other designs. One of our most Favorited design of the year is this "Transitional Space to Live For". Also, our recent interior design favored style is this contemporary pop art style. Check it out.

Victor-Raul Garcia brings Space an Inspirational Art Displays

Victor-Raul Garcia's Camuflage abstract modern painting
If you happen to be a design enthusiast and at the same time has a passion of arts, lucky for you to read today's Interiornity's featured Artist. Born in Lima, Peru, Victor-Raul Garcia immigrated to the United States at the age of 8 with his maternal mother. His life begin as he has the curiosity for art and thus lead him into an autodidact, self-teaching artist. Resulting from countless of trial and error, passion to create, and all-compasing necessity to communicate through art, Victor-Raul Garcia is now a well known, talented contemporary abstract artist.
Victor-Raul Garcia's Circo abstract modern painting by the bed
Victor-Raul Garcia's impressive arts has been regarded as "a subtle romance between Cubism, Abstract Impressionism, and Brutalism". He has a collective respect for the calue of color, depth, texture, motion, and architecture. Until today, he has become a featured artist at Mecox Gardens, Raul Carrasco (Soho and Miami), Nest Interiors NYC, Reinboth Design, A. Rudin Showroom, among others.Victor-Raul Garcia's biography tell us how his story, seemingly easy but actually full of struggle and unbelievably fight to be a professional artist we known today. His inspirational art displays has appeared in New York Spaces, The Examiner, and Style Shout Out, and is collected by many, including architects, CEOs and t.v. celebrities from around the world.
Victor-Raul Garcia's Dilemma Abstract contemporary painting
What we note from his inspirational contemporary abstract is his impressive way of using multi-layering process. The elements within the art intertwines into a narrative, a story that unfold itself as we sink into his expressive approach. Take your time and satisfy your soul as he brings space an inspirational art displays.
Victor-Raul Garcia's El Miro abstract contemporary painting
El Miro, a festive colors to illustrate the people of Peru and an attribute to the artist, Miro.
Victor-Raul Garcia's Gotham abstract contemporary painting
Victor-Raul Garcia's Gotham portrays Macchu Picchu and Brutalist architecture.
Victor-Raul Garcia's Lago abstract contemporary painting
Lago illustrates the Lake of Titicaca, and the colors of the Kravet shown before us.
Victor-Raul Garcia's Laguna abstract contemporary painting
Laguna is a Marchesa runway show and an imagery of Atlantis.
Victor-Raul Garcia's Melocoton abstract contemporary painting
Victor-Raul Garcia's Melocoton is a subtle description of Peaches at a Farmer's Market on a bright blue Summer day in Hampton.
Victor-Raul Garcia's Shallows abstract contemporary painting
Shallows -- which in contrary rich in composition -- draws the Nazca lines and the observation of the Neversink River after a snowstorm.

Victor-Raul Garcia's Soho abstract contemporary painting
Soho portrays yet another display of Nasca lines of Peru, a street art, and the strata layers of the earth.
Victor-Raul Garcia's T-Rex abstract contemporary painting
T-Rex is a homage to the Gerard Richter, Gilbert and George, and a visit to Las Venus in Soho.
Victor-Raul Garcia's Water Under the Brigde abstract contemporary painting
Water Under the Bridge complies La Virgen Milagrosa Church from Victor's neighborhood, Miraflores in Lima, an Isaac Mizrahi dress, and Blenko glassware.
We hope you enjoy our special treat today and we personally thank Victor-Raul Garcia for letting us close to his wonderful work that we surely love to have in our own homes. Let us know what you think on the comment below.