Inspirational Dream House by Benning Design

this wide landscape garden is benning design exterior
If you want to have your own dream house, this one might be what you have in mind. Having an inviting house entrance, as well as rejuvenating fun rooms, these are at best depend on what you really love and passionate about. Lucky for us, today we are taking a closer look at the Rio Bonito remodel project. As we said earlier, this house has the "dream house" illustration all over. Having modern and contemporary style with lively splash of color, we are sure you'd love it too.
fresh and lively living room design with attractive wall art in this contemporary home design
Fun and entertainment is far from impossible if you have this living area. Contemporary style is applied in another level with the colorful wall art, gorgeous living area layout, and big pillows rich in colors.
open plan space covering black circular lounge by the fireplace, white lounge area and view to the lush garden
Exclusive and modern, this lounge area offers you another way of spending time in the house. The design shows it all when it comes to aesthetic, ranging from beautiful lush view, wide and free movement around, and of course, tempting living room design with some details. 
light hues bathroom having cool elegant vanities with large glass mirror wall and cool animal skin rug
Have a bath in style with this Rio Bonito contemporary bathroom. Mirrors really open up the space while contrast colors against the light hues create seamless boundary. Not to mention, the adorable animal skin rug in the center. We are sure this can be one inspirational bathroom design that you want to see for your dream house design.
contemporary kitchen design occupying wide space area having stylish marble counter top and stainless steel appliances
How about a dream kitchen design? Custom built, this contemporary kitchen occupy enough space that encourage free movement while cooking and fresh air circulation around the area. Gorgeous marble material counter top shows its exclusive look, which look as daring as the stainless steel appliances. And of course, TV for entertainment.
wide spaces that offer the view to the pool area filled with contemporary accessories
People would think of a dream house differently from another. From Benning Design, a dream house is one which fulfill the passion as well as enjoyment being around. Contemporary design illustrates the free, flowing movement of expressions, and thus it is becoming more and more popular. Abstract pieces and different way of space make-use and its uniqueness is the essence of contemporary style.
contemporary entertainment area with groovy ceiling attractive entertainment wall and racks as well as comfortable floor mounted sofa
This Rio Bonito design focuses not only on function, yet rather to style and act 'perfectionist' to aesthetics. Using maximum use of every space, including ceiling, has successfully makes a relaxing feel. Don't take our word for it. Just have a look at that gorgeous family room design. Is that a mini bar in the corner?