From Dine to Lounge: Room Renovation Project by Beckwith Interiors

a cozy living room area in generally soft gray hue and muted color palette with pops of pink and green colors by Beckwith interiors
 Do you ever think of eliminating one of your room completely, or in this case, making its function change completely? Before you answer that question, let us swoon your imagination how wonderful would that idea be. Well, as long as the idea is reasonable enough. This project undergone by Beckwith Interiors is a green historical residence in Memphis, Tennessee. The team transform the home's former dining room into a lounge area for the guests and an additional room in the house to relax. The team includes soft gray hue, custom iron light chandelier and coffee table, and a surprisingly smoking pops of pink and green. 
dine to lounge room renovation project with a touch of elegance
Modern and timeless is this lounge area's essence. The team created a room that exudes the up-to-date style of fashion, while blending in the charming old charm into the space. Here, the iron materials team up with antique decoration.
rustic iron fireplace and custom light chandelier is enhanced inside a muted color scheme
Without being too prominent, the fireplace remains the classic look on this space. Both classic and modern, the fireplace is in between mirrors that expands the space's broadness.
green hues balance out the magenta flowers and present a much fresh ambiance into the space
Green hues balance out the magenta flowers and present a much fresh ambiance into the space.
classic style architectural including custom windows and molding wall is enhanced by the iron and antiques in the space.
This modern lounge area brings in the lush greenery landscape inside. Thanks to the already classic style architectural, the custom windows with the molding wall is able to enhaced with the thick curtains.
dining room into modern and cozy lounge in this project embrace the uniqueness of shapes and elements and resulted a sophisticated space.

refreshing vibes on resembling colors between life and objects

beautiful light enhances the lounge room and compliment all the elements inside
So, are you thinking about renovating your room and making it a new favorite area in the house? Here in Interiornity, we have more to offers you. From home renovation project, contemporary spaces, house tours, and inspirational ideas to help you decide. If you want a space that truly reflects your personality, but maybe not really interested in investing on these interior designer services, you can always browse for our fabulous space collection.

Urrutia Design Promotes Wonderful Natural into Spaces

the living room is filled with natural lights and looks gorgeous with its black and white theme
Happy weekend! If you start the day searching for inspiration or if you have a plan to redecorate your house, this is the perfect timing for us to give you even more designs! Today, we're highlighting the wonderful work of Urrutia Design. With over 15 years of experience in the field of home renovation, Urrutia Design has worked on numerous projects in California and San Fransisco. The company has given their magic in renovation ranging from 1845 historical house until building up new homes from scratch. The firm has specialties in magnifying details and precises, creating a beautiful and comfortable house to live for.

Let's take a closer look to this lovely home located in Greenbra, CA. This is definitely one of our favorite designed by Urrutia Design, a lovely home that promotes wonderful natural environment in every spaces inside:
modern kitchen islands that doubles as preparation and breakfast table
This Au-natural kitchen includes black and white furnishing to stand out the branch decor and wood materials here. Stainless steel pops up the modern style, while as supportive as the cool black cabinetry here for a style.
closer look to the kitchen island that doubles as breakfast table
Closer look to the breakfast table shows astounding details of material and textures as seen from the chairs.
the work space provides a room for working as well as big mirror in its backdrop to open up more space
Urrutia Design make the best of every space in the house. This workspace, for example, is one to note about with its clear function that able to mount computer and office work. Eclectic table lamp is a fine addition to the space, just as the green to refresh the area. With a textured wall, mirror is just the right thing to have in opening up space and providing quick rejuvenation when working.
extra cabinetry with style that provides more storage spaces for the kitchen
An extra storage space that contains all the kitchen essentials. It's wonderful in black and simple in design. Not to mention that built-in wine refrigerator!
a comfy single sofa for reading
A lovely sunny day outside enhance this nook into a great spot for reading. With a beautiful pieces and that stainless light, both reading during day and night can really amuse your soul from words and literature.
close look to the coffee table in the living room revealing its wood details
Urrutia Design have a specialization in details and that's what exactly to note for. This wood console table match wonderfully to the beige rug. With accents, both enhance wonderful natural environment in the house.
wonderful vanity with dark wood material and granite vanity top
The bathroom features a zebra wallpaper and beautiful marble vanity top. And of course, greens to add even more naturals!
Well, tell us what you like from this design. Reading this post, you may even want to make your home a renovation project. Ready for the next design?

Subtle Traditional Style Blends with Modern Touches

neutral living room color palette that includes piano for entertainment
 How would you go about creating your own dream house? If you're careful enough not to make a costly mistake and wasted energy, you might be delaying your plan for home renovation. Well, lucky for us to have this chance to take a closer look to today's Interiornity spotlighted design, the Van Wicklen Design. As an Austin Interior designer, Jeanette Van Wicklen of Van Wicklen design has the technique and keen eye for details to create this subtle traditional style that smoothly blends with modern touches. This house is located on Harbor Hill, displaying Jeanette's gift for mixing modern and classic style into the home interior. The clients have their wishes fulfilled, and even way beyond their expectation:
comfortable powder room with seatings and its accent throws, filled with unique decorations
 This is not your a common rest room. Fully equipped with comfy bench and lovely environment, this rest room can really provide relaxing sensation. With modern furnishings and unique accessories, we can say this is a one of a kind powder room. Sandy hues reflects the beach which is quite nearby to have.
a classic study room includes cool wood desk, animal inspired furnishings, and classic chandelier hovering above the desk
 Note the collaboration and smooth mix of modern into this traditional style space. Dark wood accents make a calm earthly tone, while allowing another elements to fill in. Classic chandelier and modern silver chairs enrich the space feast with their presence to draw attention. Also, we can't help but notice the stag head and cowhide rug that blends yet another style into the space -- that is rustic style.
the guest bedroom has double single beds and wide windows for natural lights
The guest bedroom has double single beds and wide windows for natural lights and unforgettable night.
traditional and ocean inspired dining room with unique wooden pendant lights
This dining room combines modern accents with countryside details. Rattan chairs, natural fibers, weathered wood finish, and an animal hide rug creates a wonderful mix within the space.
room for creativity, this one has a wide white desk to provide the art creating and a special minimalist rack for storage
This room is meant to surround you with country feels when being inside. Note how the center of focus is the modern minimalist table, while weathered furnishings and natural fibers works great with the table.
a wide kitchen area for easy movement is furnished with stainless steel and gorgeous granite counter top, while further by the window is the dining
This modern kitchen is completely in a mix with the traditional. Stainless steel create a modern look, while contrasting with the traditional wooden cabinetry. Some unique rustic styles is inserted to the space with that locally sourced material table. Lighting fixtures compliments them into a wonderful, bright room that enhance mood in cooking.
We have featured this firm before on Interiornity. If you want to see how Van Wicklen Design  remodeling house project that turns out with a personal style, this is our Review. Tell us what you think on the comments below.

Superb House Recunstruction

a view of the front house which shows strikingly unique house structure and design
There's a Chinese saying that a house should apply appropriate methods according to its surrounding conditions. It means that when building a house, you should always consider it's sustainability in the far future. This is what exactly been adopted to a house in the Chinese mountains that originates from a 40 year old building reconstructed into modern residence. 
wide open plan living scheme with modern furnishings
Shiny patterned floor, modern furniture, and gorgeous home ceiling are the things to create this beautiful open plan space.
 You won't recognize any old design in this building, except if you are very careful, you will see that only the primary structure is retained. That's if you know what the old building looks like. This home renovation design is strictly based on the Chinese principle of surviving in nature, which means the place is well designed to withstand the surrounding nature, in this case the mountains.
peeking the house from the modern yet traditional front gate
The thick wood in traditional Chinese style and design clues the theme of the house outside.
As you can see, the windows of the building has a double pane, as well as the thick walls covering the primary structure. This is intended to insulate the building from the cold, and prolonging the integrity because weather in high places is fairly unpredictable. 
the fence of the house having similar design as the building exterior
The entire house structure is minimalist and modern and look strikingly different with its green surroundings.
 While the design follows a modern standard, the home renovation idea still retains its traditional characteristic, as seen from the front gates which is quite traditional and quite Chinese-looking in general. Not to mention the warm ambient caused by the lamps and wooden materials.
feng shui filled entertainment area with calm yellow lighting effects
The combination of smart room layout as well as light proportion sets a Feng Shui room nuance.
Here, egg white and beige colors are picked for the walls, in order to nicely combine with the wooden windows pane and to make it less artificial. The colors chosen are also good for a building in the cold, as it reflects heat, instead of absorbing it. It will prove to be useful when the weather goes bad. Although it displays many large windows as well, it is well insulated by an extra pane hiding below each windows. If you are looking for more home renovation information such as this one, feel free to visit other sites.

House Remodeling Project: A Stunning House with a Personal Style

a perfect combination between space and spatial illusion to create a modern living room
If you are one to search for an inspirational house remodeling project, then you won't miss this stunning house. Built in Lakeway, Texas, by Van Wicklen design, this house takes your heart away with its stunning details, the combination between classic and modern touches, and unique home accessories selections. A muted color scheme as well as creamy colored tone sets a warm nuance, which is comfortable for living.
Even the guest bedroom is not lack in taste, with muted color scheme and interesting pillows add a personal style.
built home in Lakeway, Texas is one to
Dark wood materials sets an even warm tone, while dark furniture stand gorgeously against the light colored furniture, including those turquoise details. With thin framed glass windows and door which occupy wide space of the wall, this room has the benefit of natural sun light and dramatic with the lighting. Different textures complete the scheme, and works great with the shiny surfaces all around the house.
beautiful and striking kitchen and dining design with a mix of classic and modern style
Wood details warm up this white dining area, and the concept of open floor plan gives of an even bigger space.
That stunning chandeliers above and up the dining table showed the classic, as well as the chairs and some of the accessories in this room. This dining area, however, have the infusion of modern twist by the existence of high end kitchen appliances. The open floor plan is perfect for satisfying bigger illusion as well as displaying the entire area gorgeously.
fine kitchen island which doubles as breakfast table
High end appliances fit perfectly with the kitchen counters and racks, while kitchen island doubles as breakfast table makes a beautiful modern kitchen scheme.
Sets on the corner of the entire kitchen and dining area, this stunning little kitchen gourmet have its own unique style with the visible old wood door on the back.
stylish bedroom with dramatic lighting for maximum sleeping comfort
This magnificent master bedroom sets the soul of the house, with carefully chosen accessories, just like in any other rooms in the house.
Turquoise is apparently pops here and there in the house, including this master bedroom. With the rest of unique pieces seen, it can be said every details are carefully planned and every accessories are considered before filling the rooms. In this master bedroom, the accessories are chosen to create an elegant bedroom design, rich in taste and fashionable at once.
double bathroom design centered in round rugs
Double arrangements in balanced proportion, circle rug and a gorgeous bathtub makes this master bathroom a sanctuary of peace and relaxation.
The house remodeling project also shown major success in creating a room with Feng Shui, especially creating a warm living scheme for a peaceful and comfortable living space. Balanced proportion between elements are what the essence of the world of interior design tried to say, and this time successfully carried out by the Van Wicklen Design.

enviable outdoor livings that is complete with grills and high-end fire pit and electronic media
Comfortable seating, stunning fireplace and of course, grilling appliances. This haven is perfect for outdoor activities, and that big plasma is quite entertaining too!
Exposed brick walls makes a suitable outdoor look, mirrored with the fireplace inside. This modern house design makes no mistake in room proportion, as well as maximizing for a happy and loving house inside and out.