Contemporary Chic and Stylish Home by John Robert Wiltgen Design, Inc

outstanding round dining with hovering contemporary lighting above and city view by the glass walls
What would you think if you can have a magnificent collaboration of architecture, art and design? That is exactly what John Robert Wiltgen Design, Inc. have in their vision of creating beautiful interiors. The approach is applied on "a residence being designed from the ground up, the ingenious restyling and updating of an existing home and the selection and installation of finishes and furnishings". Known for its reputation for excellence and quality, the principal designer claim their work as "dramatic" and work their best to incorporate residence that is unique for each clients.
contemporary space layout design by john robert wiltgen design
Contemporary style is highly adorned by unique architectural, surprising combination of colors, and modern furnishings in the interior. The kitchen is an area that enhance the high-end luxury style with its stunning lighting fixtures, one of a kind layout and clean designs.
cool black accent wall and sofa to contrast beautifully with yellow rugs and white furniture and accessories
The contrasting yellow and black gives this space a relaxing and cool zen. In addition to the already astounding combination, white tree, yellow rug and accent pillows adds rich textures and touchable elements.
inviting entryway with abstract art and luring view by the glass windows on the end of the space
The entryway itself is artistic, daring you to take another steps further inside. Not to mention, the beautiful city lights and skyscrapers by the glass walls.
chic and cool study room in modern style embraced by pops of color
A fine home that is stylish and artistic. The ultimate goal of giving client dramatic feel really does proven in this house design. The study is a modern and chic, as seen by the furnishings, layout, unique accessories and pops of radiant colors. Working will never get too boring in this contemporary workspace design!
the living room area combines white, black and red in style and enhanced by lighting fixture
We love how the white, red and black incorporate the space into a vibrant, rich space in aesthetic feast. With such an extraordinary architectural design, lighting fixtures are then included to enhance the dramatic and stylish environment.
elegant bedroom in muted color palette and calming painting
Neutral color palette and the apparent dark creates an elegant and personalized feel to it. Soft accent curtains, furry accent blanket and painting finish the space into an adorable bedroom scheme.
patterned tiles, minimalist vanity and wide mirror to open up this bathroom space 
The bathroom is quite fashionable with accent tiles, granite minimalist vanity, and big mirror to open up the space. We sure wouldn't mind to say, that this house is one of our favorite by John Robert Wilgent.
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Inspirational Open Plan that brings out Modernity in Style

luxurious nook perfect for reading, shone by enormous light and beautiful scenery outside seen
Simplicity and beauty, are what one may expect from a modern home design. In addition to that, a home that serves more than a home -- a home that fulfill both physical and psychological. 3 Fold Design Studio have a more precise idea -- a sustainable home that is universal and modern -- to completes the two concept. That is, creating an inspirational open plan that brings out modernity in style. This latest 3 Fold Studio Design promotes modern style with a refreshing color, and inserting clean lines with Eco-friendly materials. So, let's take a closer look!
an open plan space conveyed with landscape wall art and glass wall
The illusion of open space is brought by the landscape painting and glass wall that reveals the scenery of the real nature outside. The raw wood materials create a slight difference to the one outside, thus makes a natural feel inside. Exposed beamed ceiling creates a sense of precise modern and works great with the rough stone wall. To complete the modern, lovely thin white dining chairs for the dining and lovely table centerpiece make interesting focal points.
natural wood furniture, exposed white brick makes an elegant and soothing dining area
Another angle of the dining area shows the open plan --  smooth transition between the dining area and the family room. And look at that stunning two dimension fireplace!
rectangular neutral tone tiles tie together the dark and light tones in this modern kitchen
Rectangular neutral tone tiles tie together the dark and light tones in this modern kitchen.

simple living room promoting comfort and well balanced room proportion
Living in a modern house with such a beautiful spacial look then, makes a comfortable living scheme. Or in this case, a happy and healthy psychological. Complimented by enormous wide space as done by the concept and the open view outside, as well as filled with luxury furniture to provide the comfort. Not just that, a sense of comfortableness is fulfilled when one have their personal style applied in their own home decoration.
refreshing environment brought out by the ample natural sun lights and comfortable furnishing and a view
Lively and rejuvenating, this area is the favorite area for the family for happy chit and chat.
stunning meets of different materials inside living room area in contemporary style
See the beautiful elements proportion meets in this area -- wood, stone, steel and glass -- added with fresh greens to complete the aesthetics.

Eclectic Factory Outlet known as the Birdhouse

bird house shaped loft shows a unique home design with its tilting and wide block entrances
Are you planning to build a craft store, but looking for some design insight that will be unique and stands on top of the others? Well, that is a tall order. But nobody says that it is impossible. A craft store design needs to be in par with what is sold inside. If you are selling used items like in a thrift shop, you probably won't need to do much about the store. But if you are displaying rare and antique collections that is probably way more expensive than an average person's yearly salary, you'll need something else.
unique open window design against the tilting wall design
Here is a craft store design idea that might be useful for your reference. Dubbed the birdhouse, this building is nowhere near an actual 'birdhouse' but still is extraordinary in terms of design and value. The one and only architect who built this, Takato Tamagami, design the entire place to make it almost look like a factory, combined with eclectic furniture and pedestals to display the items. The ceiling even look as if we're in some kind of basement, yet there are hints of classy features such as rugs, luxurious tables and so on. It is as if the place is an art installment.

chrome table and luxury carpet in factory outlet style loft

stunning loft interior design in factory outlet style promoting bird house shape room
But its apparently not everything, at least not yet. The most prominent design displayed here is the slanted walls that divide some of the spaces into several sections, where one spot is much more open and free to roam, and the other is confined, closed space, perfect for resting. It is probably a very brilliant idea for a store to have one. A spot to show the items, and another perfect spot to take a break. While a craft store rarely gets popular for an average person, but for those with certain interests might find this design pleasing.

unique wall and floor materials and wide cubic loft entrance
In summary, having a place such as this one to display your rare items will be quite nice and worth every penny. I really recommend looking at this particular craft store design more thoroughly and make your own to be better.
tilting wall shows a unique design by takato tamagami

takato tamagami unique loft design site plan