SuzAnn Kletzien Design Brings Coastal Appeal into Traditional Spaces

a dining room with life plants centerpiece and nearby is a buffet holding blue vases

a living room in coastal style shows uniqueness with its crest-like table
We love it when home designing meets the client's expectation and translated beautifully by interior designer. That is exactly what this Chicago interior designer, SuzAnn Kletzien created and we have the pleasure to share it with you. Inspired by "Something's Gotta Give", the firm takes on an exploration of living room and dining room design. To capture the client's wish, and even surpass it, is the ultimate goal for the firm. Reaching for a home with a coastal appeal, today we featured SuzAnn's nautical blue stripes, sandy hues, and delightful details. Join the tour through this coastal home and note the 'ocean' illustration all over:
viewing the living room area from the crest table's angle shows a beautiful fireplace along with details
Ranging from unique furnishings, variation of spaces, as well as soothing environment, this room takes all your attention. A chest table doubles as coffee table and storage space and rather sensational to have in this coastal themed room. Wooden frames on the crest and chairs create a resembling appeal to the carpet. Both painting and Wall of China -- China style ceramic plates -- elevate the aesthetics in their own different style. Meanwhile, stripes and light blue hues provides a soothing ambiance in this living room.
the living room area looks complete and furnished with each unique accessories
Beautiful ambiance lighting added with natural lights create a zen feel to the space.
another angle to the dining room reveals ceramic plates wall decoration and view to the living room area
SuzAnn Kletzien's designs takes another level of interior design when they successfully customized the space to fit the client's expectation.
the dining chair is upholstered and looks comfortable, while the wood dining table looks modern
White tufted nail head dining chairs create a gorgeous contrast to the floor and the dining table, while life greens refresh the space beautifully.  The round elements, including the Wall of China, lighting fixtures and accessories really help the space to improve. Combining the fresh coastal theme into its interior while making the best of the space, "Something's Gotta Give" made a transitional space and several contrasts to accentuate the room.
closer look to the buffet reveals two patterned vases in blue and another white one reflected by big rectangular mirrors for more dramatic look
Vloser look to the buffet reveals a beautiful contrast between blue China inspired vases and pure white vase reflected by rectangular mirrors for more dramatic look.

Extremely Unique Wordly House Design

cultural scheme of a bedroom design shown by unique decorations
It is unbelievable how many variation and exploration in inventing gorgeous interior designs you can get. Every elements you combine makes a unique look and strikingly different when you connect it with another. This unique house design has just that, resulting in contemporary and natural ambiance home environment. Besides, true personality of who made this one, the one designer company Newton Concepts Furniture & Interior Design.

back to nature bathroom design with stones carefully and uniquely stacked to make an inspiring bathroom look 
Inspired by raw organic materials, natural stones and wood in this bathroom works in complete harmony with the real greens. Vibrant in natural lights, the falling of water through these natural materials create quite interesting focal points
 contemporary outdoor lounge area in modern fresh vibe with gorgeous lighting, modern sectional sofa and dark wood floor 
Have the ultimate pleasure in luxury inside this lovely outdoor lounge. The concept of open plan living brought out clearly by the rolling floor to ceiling windows. Be it beautiful lighting composition, modern acquisitions, and worldly natural dark wood floor, these makes a one of a kind main area inside home. In addition to that, Asian inspired wood door heading to another room with rather a traditional Japanese style room design.
uninhibited floor to ceiling windows for city view, a combination of dark wood floor and steel appliances
From another point of view is the metropolitan look on the city and the beautiful meet of wood and stainless materials.
 statues and animal rug inside modern living room

A meeting between world influences can be seen and felt in this lively living room area. Statues and traditional pieces decorate this area and finished with animal skin rugs. Not to forgetting, the infusion of modern approach by the sofa and the room design itself. Modern as seen by clean lines and rich worldly influences as seen by each of the statues here.

remarkable outdoor patio with lovely modern sofa, recessed lighting on the stairs and romantic spot
We are sure that you love this outdoor area. Stunning and unique rooftop layout design set the base for modern furnishings to fill the space. An outdoor with a view to the city surrounds with natural feel is desirable to have. Beautiful steps lighting take your step into another level of beauty, the area which can initiates closeness and openness between friends or loved one.

Unforgettable Getaway to Buckinghamshire County Home

country bunckinghamshire retreat view from outside
Buckinghamshire, the county of England is known for its awe-inspiring view of the nature and its various historic house used as a private homes. We can put aside our stress and pressure from our daily activities from this tranquil country style getaway. The site has quite a remarkable stories behind and thus make this country residence as an unforgettable getaway to get the feel of the past.
antique historical statue and foyer table accompanied by dramatic painting
Staffan Tollgard Design Group is the one behind today's review of remarkable country style home design. Based on UK, this company has major success in keeping the old traditional along with historical value while making a modern home. The moment you walk inside the house, you immediately see a strong Asian influences shown by statues and art that can also be seen throughout the home.
elegant living room showing beige lounge area and duo traditional cuboards and gucci vase
This impressive living room area has unique wooden furniture, Asian style Gucci vase, and traditional upholstery. Muted color palette here makes a soothing room environment while every now and then you could be taken aback by the serene of this county style home. Notice that the greens outside can be enjoyed here, giving a vibrant pops of color look.
stunning corridor showing impressive exposed brick ceiling
Walk through this corridor and have yourself the journey of historic past while being shone by natural sun light. Cool wooden furniture, stunning ceiling design, and elegant cream floor makes quite the extraordinary corridor. Just walk and relive the past stories, ones which gives you picture of England struggles through the time.
classic work desk surrounded by windows
Some literature reading can give you a clear picture of what was actually happening in that site during the past. And that's what Staffan Tollgard Design Group knows exactly how to provide the clients with that. Classic wooden furniture, a number of statues and painting as well as modest entertainment to get more feel of the history.
cool bedroom with beautiful flower motifs and elephant statue in the corner
cool bedroom with beautiful flower motifs and elephant statue in the corner