Extremely Unique Wordly House Design

cultural scheme of a bedroom design shown by unique decorations
It is unbelievable how many variation and exploration in inventing gorgeous interior designs you can get. Every elements you combine makes a unique look and strikingly different when you connect it with another. This unique house design has just that, resulting in contemporary and natural ambiance home environment. Besides, true personality of who made this one, the one designer company Newton Concepts Furniture & Interior Design.

back to nature bathroom design with stones carefully and uniquely stacked to make an inspiring bathroom look 
Inspired by raw organic materials, natural stones and wood in this bathroom works in complete harmony with the real greens. Vibrant in natural lights, the falling of water through these natural materials create quite interesting focal points
 contemporary outdoor lounge area in modern fresh vibe with gorgeous lighting, modern sectional sofa and dark wood floor 
Have the ultimate pleasure in luxury inside this lovely outdoor lounge. The concept of open plan living brought out clearly by the rolling floor to ceiling windows. Be it beautiful lighting composition, modern acquisitions, and worldly natural dark wood floor, these makes a one of a kind main area inside home. In addition to that, Asian inspired wood door heading to another room with rather a traditional Japanese style room design.
uninhibited floor to ceiling windows for city view, a combination of dark wood floor and steel appliances
From another point of view is the metropolitan look on the city and the beautiful meet of wood and stainless materials.
 statues and animal rug inside modern living room

A meeting between world influences can be seen and felt in this lively living room area. Statues and traditional pieces decorate this area and finished with animal skin rugs. Not to forgetting, the infusion of modern approach by the sofa and the room design itself. Modern as seen by clean lines and rich worldly influences as seen by each of the statues here.

remarkable outdoor patio with lovely modern sofa, recessed lighting on the stairs and romantic spot
We are sure that you love this outdoor area. Stunning and unique rooftop layout design set the base for modern furnishings to fill the space. An outdoor with a view to the city surrounds with natural feel is desirable to have. Beautiful steps lighting take your step into another level of beauty, the area which can initiates closeness and openness between friends or loved one.

A Charming Mid Century House with a Modern Twist

the central area of the home design by Cure design group
A comfortable living space, added with beauty in every corner. If you are one who like that first sentence, then you might want to have a look at this charming mid century house. Designed by the Cure Design Group, which cleverly place attractive details, fine combination of elements, as well as bring joy to those who see, feel and live here. Have a look.
Cure Design Group modern kitchen design, unique kitchen design
The lighting in this room perfectly balance the clean and straight lines in the house.
It's not your ordinary kitchen and breakfast space. You may not realize it at first, but it's thanks to those lighting which carefully join the elements of clean and straight lines. With rigid feel aside, this modern kitchen design can create efficient time preparing food as well as nice to have dine on that comfortable chairs.
A scheme of well lighted living room showing a healthy and serene house
A scheme of well lighted living room creates a healthy as well as serene house, added with some of the carefully crafted accessories.
A modern twist can be felt so strong in this house's dining area, stating a high level of aesthetics for a person with high sense of art. This mid century house has the sentiment for valuable arts from the past, and works great as it is combined with modern accessories of nowadays. Just like in the kitchen area, the line element is carefully combined with circular element.

charming interior designs, foyer design
A foyer has never been so welcoming with this unique entryway table carved with eagle and a statement mirror.
I'm sure you can't miss the beauty the second you walk inside. Be welcomed with the charming interior designs on this foyer.

Cure Design home office design, stunning living scheme
Dark colored palette is perfect for white painted wall and looks great with exposed brick wall.
How about a relaxing, yet can also be a perfect spot where you want to work on your home office work?
misterious bathroom illusion, stunning plumbing fixtures, charming golden framed mirror
A bathroom with a sense of mistery, decorated with unique wallpaper and stunning plumbing fixtures. Also, you won't miss that charming golden framed mirror.
living room scheme with striking wall decoration and silver framed mirror
No space is left wasted in this house and taken advantage with attractive figures of wall decoration, huge silver framed mirror, and small details in the center of this relaxing area.