AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc. Embrace House with Inspirational Outdoor Environments

beautiful scenery of the backyard area with infinity pool
The first impression we give comes from our first glance. This house has it all when it comes to beautiful landscape and stunning view, at once from its exterior. This time our house tour set our feet to this wonderful home designed on its exterior by AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc. Working primarily with clients in Orange County, California, the firm teams up with architects, civil engineers, soil scientists and other professionals to create a unique and creative environments.

The AMS Landscape Design Studios have created this amazing first impression, that just surprise us. From infinity pool, lively feast of live greens, and high-level of outdoor living pleasure, these are the extension of the homeowner's taste and lifestyle:

the infinity pool has greens all around the side
AMS provide this house exterior with expert gardeners, landscape maintenance firms, and arborists to reassure healthy environment. And even more than expectation, a beautiful plantings to complete the exterior.
a fine addition to the outdoor activity in the house is infinity jacuzzi and casual hanging out dining
A various options to enjoy the outdoor living experiences includes infinity jacuzzi and casual lounges for dining or hanging out. This landscape encourage the homeowner with beautiful natural environment and means to enjoy it. This is what we love to call as inspirational outdoor environments.
nice relaxing outdoor daybed facing the pool
Square steps maintain the health of the carpet landscape while creating a neat, modern style to the garden. The plantings are also carefully maintained tidy, creating a rich yet not fussy environment. A special elevated  platform highlight the function as relaxing outdoor daybed.
dramatic transitional infinity pool become one to the ocean
This house has Mediterranean style, elaborated by row of columns and huge vases to make it appeal. Natural sun lights make a dramatic look on the tiles. Also, see how gorgeous the view from this point of view. Transitional infinity pool looks as if it become one with the ocean.
So, interested to decorate your own home with beauty and natural? How about this transitional indoor and outdoor home? Well, Interiornity still have more!

Designing Your Perfect Home Office

perfect home design, office design
Building a house, especially in a crowded place where there are many houses built nearby, is not an easy task to do. There are many things to consider when creating a perfect home design and the process usually takes a long time. A creative, situational and balanced aspect should be taken into account, as well as putting the right proportion of the structure, the walls, the windows, doors, and many more. This is one example of how a logical process works in constructing a building, in this case, a house.
perfect home design, home office design

Creating a building as a living space is way more complicated than other buildings, as it should always stick to the economic conditions of the person who built it, the characteristic of the site, and not to mention the comfort factor for the residents when it is actually occupied. The perfect home design idea, unlike those preferred by large companies, is only based on a budget of the owner, which is far more limited. 
fresh green and stony surface
In this house, you can see that the variation of stone clads are combined with wooden panels, making the place look more natural and of course cheaper in cost. The position of windows and lookouts are also located in a strategic manner, so that it would give the best view for the residents. A few plants are elaborated to give shrouds and privacy, as any house should be.
wide space home office
In building a house this size, the height of the walls should be two or three times the height of a person, so that it gives more airflow and freedom of view in the interior, and it is encouraged to use bright colors for the paint, as it gives positive vibe to the entire building, despite the exterior. 
Wide height of the building allows circular air movement to avoid damp room effect.

Glass walls should also be installed carefully so that it wouldn't impair the privacy, but gives enough sunlight and more airflow. I hope this perfect home design information is useful for you who wants to build a house that fits your preference. 
Glass panels to invite lights, wooden panels to invite fresh air, these works great in home office design.
Wood patterned panels, rough stony wall and green plants are in balance combination.

Closer look to the plants show clover. Maybe for good luck?
Pots are placed by the window in order for them to gain sunlight as well as producing fresh air inside.
A shallow pool works great to complete the natural environment and avoiding hot and dry weather feels.
Gorgeous display of the building shows the harmony of stony edge and wooden surface.