Makeover 1960's Home Transformation into Full Indoor and Outdoor Living Experience

an addition of pool area, green garden to the house renovation , and the overview of the new house design from outside
A dream house that ensure you living experiences that goes beyond its function. Refreshing mind and rejuvenating energy as well as providing more satisfaction than you already get from your home. Introducing, a 1960's house which went through a tremendous transformation from the outdated home design into a house that provides full indoor and outdoor living experience. Roshington Architecture is the mind master behind the home renovation project, creating a brand new home that has an East Coast feel, an open space plan and stunning landscape design to provide the clients both indoor and outdoor experiences.
attractive curving entry way to the house
Attractive curving entry way to the house shows a welcoming sensation.
gorgeous display of a kitchen and dining area in modern style filled with high end appliances, beautiful furniture, and lamps
Not your everyday kind of modern kitchen, this one have you surrounded by calm lighting arrangement in line with the natural lights. Modern white kitchen furniture in the area makes just as soothing look, great for cooking or simply just the place to hang out with the family.
master bedroom in bright light thanks to the glass roof on the center of the room
Keeping with the rest of the house, this bathroom has a neutral color hues, simple clean lines on the design, and natural sun lights filling the area. Marble counter top makes a modern look, while giving a slight combination to the neutral tone color. Coming from at least two different directions, the light makes this bathroom an interesting scheme.
modern outdoor patio design with beautiful furniture and gorgeous fireplace
This great outdoor lounge area must be your favorite too, cause we just can't resist the charm of this area. The landscape view is amazing, and the fireplace is too good to be missed when having family gathering or a party. Modern patio also looks perfect with its materials and color to mix blend with the rest of the garden.
special room for the grand piano
Even this area is not lacking in inviting look. Wood floor creates a warm and comfortable scene, in contrast with the neutral wall. Calm lights as provided by the round lamp makes the grand piano focused in visual. Elegant and gorgeous, the exclusive area carpet completes the aesthetics.

A 100 Year Old House Project Combining Modern Furnishings and Neutral Palette

modern traditional living room area with cute chocolate sofa 
Old and new, neutral and modern, gorgeous home remodeling project has once again come into us to compliment. This 100 year old house project was Maggie Rose's newest house project. Combining modern furnishings into neutral palette, the result is remarkable and not disappointing. With keen eyes for elements, Maggie Rose made an unforgettable journey of house transformation. One which was outdated, into a brand new and rebirth house. Don't take our word for it, and see it for yourself.  
seat corner perfect for reading with furniture doubles as the seating base and book rack
Perfect spot for reading with a modern furniture doubles as book shelf and seating.
unique ladder-like dark wood material book shelf
How about a unique and specially built book shelf for a surprising elements of the house transformation?

attractive and unique book shelf in the dining room
That simple and modern book shelf is placed by the dining area. Doubles as dining and reading area, the room is completed with lovely splash of colors and neutral palette.
white elegant bedroom with sweet brown on the bed as attractive visual
White is perfect for another soft palette in creating an elegant room scheme. Muted color palette, then, seems like a blank canvass that is ready to be filled with another elements. They transfer light well, and shows more of a striking color inside the house. Without adding to many furniture or fussy accessories, the house remodeling has successfully created a modern and elegant interior design.

feminine office design
Grey makes a calm environment and suitable for a working space. This feminine work space has a pleasant company of zig zag patterned lounge wooden chair. Natural lights penetrates the corner of the room compliments the air and light travels to make a comfortable living.
closer look to the office
Closer look to the work desk reveals a simplicity in focus. Clean lines are adjusted not only by resembling shape elements, but grounded by colors and variation on the wall. The transformation from a 100 year old house into this modern elegant house interiors shows the beauty in changes, flexibility in design, which were carried out successfully.
bar cart for serving drinks
Bar cart for serving drinks.

1960's Ranch House Remodeling: Traditional home Renovation

sectional grey sofa and round ottoman for a comfortable and fun entertainment area for the family
We have tons of tours and reviews into beautiful home remodeling in modern style. Today, we are excited to show this amazing home renovation project which is carried out by a company specializing in eco-friendly design, promoting traditional and fresh home design in close connection to the nature, the Niche Interiors' 1960's ranch house remodeling located in Marin, California.
cute corner in front of the remodeled fireplace designed into venetian plaster and built in walnut shelving 
The original state of the outdated fireplace was brick fireplace. What was looking rough and old, now has been re-birthed by the furnishing of grey Venetian plaster and this time looks beautiful with smooth pattern. Creamy white makes a calm living environment while shone by natural lights. Unique structure round table makes a modern addition to the space, just like the abstract reds present quite a fun twists. 
marin backsplash with stunning silver stainless steel home kitchen equipments
Attractive spot indicating modernity and style.
dining area in elegant style and having a classic round lamps
Creamy colored dining chairs and modern thick dining table shows a remarkable elegant style, still in natural theme interior supported by other elements as well. Beige wall painting, cute green centerpiece, and unique shape decorations complete this beautiful dining room area.
open plan living combining kitchen and living room area
This 1960's ranch remodeling is not only by the brain of the Niche Interiors', in which they apply also what the family need and of course, personal taste. This open plan living scheme makes no boundary between everyone in the house and persuades more social interaction between house holds.
walnut shelvings containing books, accessories and logs for the marin fireplace
A traditional style still apparent in this now modern house, shows a reminder of the state of origins. Or in other words, the real identity of the house is not left forgotten. That is quite the remarkable house remodeling project ideas. And this time, not disappointing.

Stunning Painting-Like Home by Room Resolution, Inc.

desirable entryway with classic candle holders and dcenery painting
This time we are excited to show you this fabulous house, designed by Room Resolution, Inc. This blue home displayed reasonably awe-inspiring scenery and floral paintings, with smooth transition between elements. Forget about the ordinary house, because this one is guaranteed to give a soothing scene in its attractive way of serving as more than a home. This is what we may want to call as the stunning painting-like home. Take a moment for each photos, for each can give more amusement with longer gaze.
blue and white is like the canvass for artistic details in this entryway
Attractive entryway in blue welcome every guest with its calming color as well as the stunning shelf which looks as natural as the scenery painting.
 Starting from the entrance, a scheme of soothing nuance welcome you with its attractive pieces. Smooth wall painted with artistic process, with reflective surfaces blend with the wood floors. The painting is not just an addition, it is in fact the soul of the room, adding a scene of beautiful castle in the middle of gardenia stretch.
fresh and lively reading corner with art pieces and striking motifs
The 'meeting' of soft and hard texture in this room is tied together with lovely green paintings, which give a natural twist to this corner.
The meeting of line and circular elements in this special reading corner is tied together by the stylish cushions, rugs, and of course, gorgeous floral paintings. Though not wide in space, the presence of patterns in several colors make a lovely area without being too noisy in visual.
gorgeous book rags design in accordance with the rest of the home interiors
Taking this point of view, the beautiful book rags become the center of attention.

stylish modern bathroom with marble shower box, wood floors, and beautiful lavender flower
Textured wall, clean white fixtures, and wood patterned floors makes a simple and elegant bathroom.
This house interior design is really worth the praise should we call it as a painting-like. That is not only because it has plenty of paintings displayed every where in the house. But rather, because the unity of elements here and there, which is beautifully and focused to make a dramatic look in every rooms. This include this modern bathroom. The transition from the smooth wooden floor into patterned wall in blue, to marble and white porcelain materials are barely noticeable. This, at once, make a stunning bathroom design.
closer look to the vanity showing double mirrors and counter design
Blue and muted floor color are like the canvass to this bathroom. Meanwhile, lavender and stunning painting makes a peaceful and soothing bathroom scheme.
marble material shows luxury and modern twist in this master bathroom
Smooth transition from the dark wood into raw-look wood marks the entrance of this lovely bathroom design.
a simple bathroom in blue and white
A simple bathroom design, yet complete and enough to serve your purpose.
a private toilet room that is not lacking in arts
How about another private toilet room?
Unique table upholstered with leather with attractive rug makes an eye-catchy living room. That is, without stepping aside the art pieces as well. Meanwhile, modern electrical fireplace is built-in to the wall create a luxurious look to the area.
a scheme of living room area filled with arts and enjoyable environment
Every section in this living room is accompanied by dramatic paintings.
Soft and smooth surfaces are far from boring impression thanks to the patterns, simply by adding attractive cushions and covering on the windows. The lights are invited in from the window glass, but allowing only enough light and heat to keep the area cool and serene.
beautiful blue sofa in the corner accompanied by unique rugs and modern electrics
The entire living room is painting-like, with every pieces are carefully placed to create a lovely room. The sectional rugs make an invisible boundaries between areas. They all tied together with the touch of wood tone and the serene painting.

Once again, the bringing out theme of a painting-like home as well as natural environment is this time's Room Resolution, Inc. featured interior design. The use of blue, green and neutral colors works great for a basic for the interiors, just like a canvass. Flowers, whether in picture or real forms can provide such a big difference in creating beautiful room scheme. Styles and twists are displayed here and there, with unique art pieces as well as motifs and patterns.
 So, what do you think?
minimalist kitchen design with U kitchen counter and marble countertop
A simple yet modern kitchen with built in high-end appliances.
simple dining for four surrounded with wood windows that creates fresh room environment
This dining area is surrounded by white wooden door and windows, that provide fresh air when opened.
another angle of the dining and kitchen area
Pale blues and greens draws attention to the center of the dining area, while a pendant light works great to style up the area.
comfortable bedroom in purple and blue in beautiful combination
Big comfy bed in purple makes a stylish basic, while dark wood furnishings support the idea of an enjoyable bedroom.
comfortable bed accompanied by stylish end tables and beautiful pendant lights
Another angle of the master bedroom which draws attention to the bed, thanks to these stylish end tables and pendant lights!

House Remodeling Project: A Stunning House with a Personal Style

a perfect combination between space and spatial illusion to create a modern living room
If you are one to search for an inspirational house remodeling project, then you won't miss this stunning house. Built in Lakeway, Texas, by Van Wicklen design, this house takes your heart away with its stunning details, the combination between classic and modern touches, and unique home accessories selections. A muted color scheme as well as creamy colored tone sets a warm nuance, which is comfortable for living.
Even the guest bedroom is not lack in taste, with muted color scheme and interesting pillows add a personal style.
built home in Lakeway, Texas is one to
Dark wood materials sets an even warm tone, while dark furniture stand gorgeously against the light colored furniture, including those turquoise details. With thin framed glass windows and door which occupy wide space of the wall, this room has the benefit of natural sun light and dramatic with the lighting. Different textures complete the scheme, and works great with the shiny surfaces all around the house.
beautiful and striking kitchen and dining design with a mix of classic and modern style
Wood details warm up this white dining area, and the concept of open floor plan gives of an even bigger space.
That stunning chandeliers above and up the dining table showed the classic, as well as the chairs and some of the accessories in this room. This dining area, however, have the infusion of modern twist by the existence of high end kitchen appliances. The open floor plan is perfect for satisfying bigger illusion as well as displaying the entire area gorgeously.
fine kitchen island which doubles as breakfast table
High end appliances fit perfectly with the kitchen counters and racks, while kitchen island doubles as breakfast table makes a beautiful modern kitchen scheme.
Sets on the corner of the entire kitchen and dining area, this stunning little kitchen gourmet have its own unique style with the visible old wood door on the back.
stylish bedroom with dramatic lighting for maximum sleeping comfort
This magnificent master bedroom sets the soul of the house, with carefully chosen accessories, just like in any other rooms in the house.
Turquoise is apparently pops here and there in the house, including this master bedroom. With the rest of unique pieces seen, it can be said every details are carefully planned and every accessories are considered before filling the rooms. In this master bedroom, the accessories are chosen to create an elegant bedroom design, rich in taste and fashionable at once.
double bathroom design centered in round rugs
Double arrangements in balanced proportion, circle rug and a gorgeous bathtub makes this master bathroom a sanctuary of peace and relaxation.
The house remodeling project also shown major success in creating a room with Feng Shui, especially creating a warm living scheme for a peaceful and comfortable living space. Balanced proportion between elements are what the essence of the world of interior design tried to say, and this time successfully carried out by the Van Wicklen Design.

enviable outdoor livings that is complete with grills and high-end fire pit and electronic media
Comfortable seating, stunning fireplace and of course, grilling appliances. This haven is perfect for outdoor activities, and that big plasma is quite entertaining too!
Exposed brick walls makes a suitable outdoor look, mirrored with the fireplace inside. This modern house design makes no mistake in room proportion, as well as maximizing for a happy and loving house inside and out.

A Charming Mid Century House with a Modern Twist

the central area of the home design by Cure design group
A comfortable living space, added with beauty in every corner. If you are one who like that first sentence, then you might want to have a look at this charming mid century house. Designed by the Cure Design Group, which cleverly place attractive details, fine combination of elements, as well as bring joy to those who see, feel and live here. Have a look.
Cure Design Group modern kitchen design, unique kitchen design
The lighting in this room perfectly balance the clean and straight lines in the house.
It's not your ordinary kitchen and breakfast space. You may not realize it at first, but it's thanks to those lighting which carefully join the elements of clean and straight lines. With rigid feel aside, this modern kitchen design can create efficient time preparing food as well as nice to have dine on that comfortable chairs.
A scheme of well lighted living room showing a healthy and serene house
A scheme of well lighted living room creates a healthy as well as serene house, added with some of the carefully crafted accessories.
A modern twist can be felt so strong in this house's dining area, stating a high level of aesthetics for a person with high sense of art. This mid century house has the sentiment for valuable arts from the past, and works great as it is combined with modern accessories of nowadays. Just like in the kitchen area, the line element is carefully combined with circular element.

charming interior designs, foyer design
A foyer has never been so welcoming with this unique entryway table carved with eagle and a statement mirror.
I'm sure you can't miss the beauty the second you walk inside. Be welcomed with the charming interior designs on this foyer.

Cure Design home office design, stunning living scheme
Dark colored palette is perfect for white painted wall and looks great with exposed brick wall.
How about a relaxing, yet can also be a perfect spot where you want to work on your home office work?
misterious bathroom illusion, stunning plumbing fixtures, charming golden framed mirror
A bathroom with a sense of mistery, decorated with unique wallpaper and stunning plumbing fixtures. Also, you won't miss that charming golden framed mirror.
living room scheme with striking wall decoration and silver framed mirror
No space is left wasted in this house and taken advantage with attractive figures of wall decoration, huge silver framed mirror, and small details in the center of this relaxing area.